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Geisha Girl

Geisha Girl

This BCBG Max Azria cardigan, scored from a Marshall clearance rack years ago, goes in and out of my clothing donation bag.

The Deets: BCBG Max Azria cardi (old Marshalls); Banana Republic stretch shirt (clearance); Easy Spirit booties (clearance); a.n.a skinny jeans (jcp not clearance but this is my fave brand o’ skinnies); two necklaces like $2 each from different places over the years

Out: It is the most beautiful blue cashmere mix, and I watched it like a hawk until it slowly dropped into a price range I felt was reasonable, like under $15.

In: I cannot figure out how to tie the dang thing. It’s short in the back, really long in the front, and has a belt firmly attached to a gathered waist in the back. If you know how, please, please, please tell me.

Out: It makes me eyes look really, really blue. bats eyes. ridiculously blue, seriously.

In: I mistakenly wore royal blue tights with it once on the blog, and my sister has still not stopped calling me Smurfette. I conveniently cannot locate that post.

Out:  I adore it, even if I do look like Smurfette or a Japanese lady of the evening. see below.

I included this pic because my fat chubby shadow is totes adorable.

In: I just discovered that tying it in front like I did today is the same way a prostitute masquerading as a geisha signals her real career, by tying her obi in front.

I’d credit this image found in my learned research, 
but someone like maybe an English teacher said other peeps’ blogs aren’t reliable source materials 
for said learned research or identifying prostitutes.

I asked a co-worker if she knew how it should be tied. Then we went through all the possible ways, like six, which I should have photographed. She said keep it.

But I don’t think I’ll be tying it again like this in the future…

22 Responses to Geisha Girl

  1. LOL…okay now I know how NOT to tie my high low hem sweater as to avoid looking like a prostitute. I'm putting this onto my list of "things I learned on the internet today".

    I say it is a stunning colour on you. Also I have a hard time getting rid of anything that is cashmere.


  2. I have some things that go in and out too. Usually though if it's gone in to the bag more than once, I'm done. I think you may be more drawn to the color than anything. Is there a way to alter it so it's a bit more simplified?

  3. Holy moly, Batgirl!! I thought I was the only one with things that went in and out of the donation bag!!! Now, about that blue cashmere! You are stunning in blue. You really are. I love that on you. Could it be wrapped around like a belt and pinned with a large flower? xoxo Lynn PS — we gotta meet up!!

  4. I say keep it. Any chance at cutting the belt off? How does it look open? I think the color is incredible and c'mon cashmere!?! Girl, you betta keep that!

    As for the not-geisha, that would be closer to an Oiran ( which were prostitutes. Geisha were high paid entertainers of traditional Japanese culture, Tayu falling somewhere in between the two. Oiran are only superficially "geisha" and are probably closer in what Americans would identify as being a 'geisha' look (war time, etc).

    Maiko (apprentice geisha) are the ones who are all done up with the face paint, hair pieces, etc, while older geiko often wear less elaborate get-ups, but more refined kimono, and a difference in collars and hair styles as they progress through their training.

    I got really interested in the differences when the books/movies came out awhile back and did research. ;P

  5. It is a gorgeous color. Anything that makes your eyes look that blue needs to stay OUT of the donation basket! Its beautiful.

  6. I have one of those just like that and I've tied it all kinds of ways too–left it open, a short slouchy knot, a big one in the front like this. Personally, I liked just letting it hang best, but I do think you should keep it out of the donation bag because you look GORGEOUS in this color! Look at your beautiful eyes!!!

  7. It IS a beautiful colour. It DOES make your eyes look super-blue. It IS cashmere. But there is just too much of it! Too much tie/drapeyness/belt/stuff at the front on your gorgeous petite frame. If you can find a way to streamline it, then keep; if not, I say it has to go! Ooh, that's me after a beer, suddenly I'm Stylist Extraordinaire! Feel free to completely ignore me! xxx

  8. I like the way it totally matches the stairway railing. Don't bother putting it back in the bag for donation, it'll probably just come back to you anyway (like my doc martens). Wear it like you want it, girl!

  9. I like the way you have it tied too. Could you have the front long pieces shortened? Could we get a picture of the back to see what the business is there?

  10. Oh, how beautiful! I love the blues and your coordinating railing accessory, and your necklace and adorable shadow too. I have a couple of sweaters with front edge / hem like this, but none with gathers and belt.

    As a non-fancy tie-er of things, I wear mine just like you are, or where the front edges are longer / more substantial and stay in place, I let one side hang and drape the other across to fling over my shoulder as I did here:

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