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Goodwill Career Wear Challenge: Lydia

Goodwill Career Wear Challenge: Lydia

When I saw the super-chic and budget-conscious Lydia of Chic on the Cheap wearing this lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs dress last week, thrifted for under $10, I asked her if I could feature it in my Goodwill Career Wear Challenge, and she graciously said yes! I highly recommend her blog to new readers. Her photographs are beautiful, her personal style is modern and sleek, and she does a good job of intentionally shopping for economical items that re-mix well with her current wardrobe.

The Deets: Marc by Marc Jacobs (thrifted, $9); Sam Edelman Shoes (purchased with gift card); Tahari bag (courtesy of TJMaxx); Ray-Ban sunglasses (courtesy of TJMaxx)

The only article of clothing Lydia paid for is the thrifted dress. The rest of her outfit is a combination of blogger giveaways, company sponsorships, and gifts from people who love her.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs dress was found at a consignment store on the clearance rack; Lydia loves exposed zippers. The fun asymmetrical draping and the label attached to the price tag sold her. She had to hem it a few inches, and did a really “quick and dirty” job of it since she wanted to wear it right away.

Please, Please Play in my Goodwill Career Wear Challenge
so I don’t have to write my own blog posts lol

All you have to do is put together and photograph an outfit of secondhand thrifted clothes appropriate for the office, and email it to me at lynne.devenny@gmail with the deets (like above), and a few sentences about why you like the outfit and/or why it is appropriate for your work environment. The catch? The cost of the main outfit (not accessories, shoes, or delicate underpinnings) should be $10 or less. (I’d probably look the other way if it was $11). There’s no link-up; you get your very own guest blog post, and the opportunity to expose your blog to potential new readers (which is a fancy way of saying you get absolutely no compensation whatsoever except for my undying gratitude).

For those of my lovely thrifting friends who don’t have to dress for the office, you can still play. I know you like to play dress up. You could play the most stereotyped but fun female professional, The Sexy Secretary; Betty White playing Piper, the daffy but cannily accurate temp secretary for Alan Shore on Boston Legal (she once fondly called him a “douche bag”); go all in and dress as the most over-achieving and smoldering secretary on film, Miss Moneypenny, or even bring out your vintage suits and dresses to recreate the original office worker pioneers, like the 1940s secretaries shown in the Coke ad.

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14 Responses to Goodwill Career Wear Challenge: Lydia

  1. She is gorgeous, stylish, and I'll definitely be checking out her blog!! Thank you!! Also, did you get my package? It was supposed to arrive last Thursday (!!!) and I'm guessing you haven't gotten it. I emailed you at your gmail address, but haven't heard from you. 🙁 I'm hoping I can locate the tracking info because I REALLY want you to have the goodies.

    Let me know! XXOO

  2. She looks gorgeous, that dress fits like a dream and Lydia proves that office work doesn't mean that you have to stop being sexy. xxx

  3. She looks great! I will have to check out her blog – that dress is an amazing find.

    I am working on putting together an outfit for you! I promise! 🙂

  4. What an awesome find! That dress is amazing.

    I tried to do the $10 challenge this weekend at one of my usual thrift stores but came away with one single top that isn't even seasonally appropriate. Boo hiss. I might try again after work today–we'll see if my favorite Goodwill is more generous!

  5. Lydia look lovely, and she found a real bargain in that dress!
    Ooh, as a stay-at-home slacker, I am it eligible for your proper work wear challenge, but I can DEFINITELY have a go at your dress-up version, Lynne!

  6. I love Lyddie's Style & Blog. She looks FAB in the LBD above with the Fun Leopard Clogs. I would love a pair of clogs.

    How is your daughter doing Lynne? Let me know.

    Have a Great rest of the week, Ada. =)

  7. I love Lydia's blog! She really dresses to the nines inexpensively. It just goes to show that you don't have to spend a ton of money to look like a million bucks! Heather

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