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Goodwill Career Wear Challenge: Lynne

Goodwill Career Wear Challenge: Lynne

What can I say? Easy-peasy dress $5.00 from a local Goodwill.

Dressing for work doesn’t get any easier – or much less expensive – than this.

 The Deets: Maggy L dress (Goodwill); Liz Claiborne Faux Snakeskin Flex Pumps (old);
Pendent (Jewel Box, old); Ankle bracelet (rebellious streak, free)
What’s your go-to easy outfit for the job?

21 Responses to Goodwill Career Wear Challenge: Lynne

  1. Very nice. I had an outfit yesterday that was a total of $10. Sadly, those $10 were retail. Only the shoes were purchased – everything else was hand-me-downs from friends and family! I thought of you when I realized it'

  2. Nice outfit! I had on an outfit that made me think of you yesterday. Total cost:$10, and that was only for the shoes! (Sadly those were a retail not thrift purchase). Everything else was a hand-me-down from friends or family!

  3. CUTE dress- and you can put a cardigan of almost any color over it!!

    i just snagged a black and white print dress that I believe will be a go-to look!! I've been meaning ot get a career challenge submission based on it done!!

  4. That dress suits you beautifully–I love the gray with your hair, and the piping (?) is a neat detail!

    One of my go-to dresses for work might be a little casual for a stricter office, but I lu-hu-huuuuve my striped sleeveless maxi dress for days when I just can't put together something complicated or even mildly uncomfortable. I'm wearing it today, actually. Can you tell I want to curl up under my desk and nap until the end of the workday?

  5. Or more fabulous!?! Seriously a well cut dress on you, lady! My calvin klein dresses are similar. I paid about $7 for each, but they're dead easy, look amazing, feel like pajamas.

  6. Ya know what's crazy? This post shows absolutely how good you can look if you shop at Goodwill. You look fabulous in this dress and totally ready to knock 'em dead at work. This is a post that the retail stores don't want ANYONE to see! They'd be out of business.

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