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Goodwill Career Wear Challenge: Tamera

Goodwill Career Wear Challenge: Tamera

I love that Tamera of The Menopausal Supermodel is the first beautiful contributor to my Goodwill Career Wear Challenge, which is simply a call for a photo and clothing deets (details for those that don’t live with teen girls) from fellow bloggers and non-bloggers to show off a thrifted outfit for the office that costs under $10 (not including the shoes, tank tops, accessories – just the main pieces). Yeah, we are so personally invasive that we are sharing what stuff costs, and I could probably be easily persuaded to look the other way if you spent $11.

The Deets: Jaclyn Smith skirt (Goodwill $2); Cardigan (Goodwill $3); 
 Maggie McNaughton Sleeveless Top (Goodwill $2); Belt (Goodwill 50 cents!);
 Bangles (part of a lot of 10 for $1); Vintage pin (from aunt); Shoes and undies (retail)

Those deets remind me to tell y’all that even though secondhand undies are a rather shivery taboo (though vintage delicate underpinnings are pretty damned gorgeous), alas, we cannot display them on the Goodwill Career Wear Challenge (nod to th’ office dress codes, dontcha know). Although now I recollect that some of our local Goodwills carry brand new underwear. Still, no pics, please.

Tamera works in a very conservative military and engineering environment. While in her head she’s sporting such awesomeness as Vix or Helga, her reality has to be a bit more toned down (me, too, Tamera, me, too). She pushes her boundaries by sticking to classic silhouettes in eye-searing prints and colors. Hence the commentary from co-workers that she looks like a bag of skittles exploded on her (bravo, Tamera, bravo!).

Her outfit reflects her love of bright colors, watercolor prints, and the swirl factor. She’s been thrifting short-sleeve cardigans to wear when it becomes satanically hot and humid later this summer. They get lots of play with sleeveless maxi dresses and tops to make them more business appropriate. All of the separates in this outfit were scored at different Goodwills at different times.

In this outfit, Tamera says the she feels like her true colorful self, but can also easily fit into a meeting with the Colonel and not look out of place in a sea of camo. If you’re not following the awesome and creative Tamera at The Menopausal Supermodel, I hope you will, because she’s a lovely friend and talented thrifter.

Now you see how my simple Goodwill Career Wear Challenge works? Easy as pie: email a photo, the outfit details, and a few sentences about why you like the outfit and/or how it suits your style yet meets your office requirements to me, Want to play? Yay!

P.S. Whew, finally a post that’s not all about me. Love it!

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12 Responses to Goodwill Career Wear Challenge: Tamera

  1. Tamera is one of the best in Blogland! Her colourful style and hilarious humour are always a joy. Bravo to a lady who wears colour at work, so many women play it safe and opt for neutrals. What a tremendous start to the challenge. xxx

  2. Tamera is such a sweetheart and a thrift queen!! Somehow, I missed this! I will send something your way. Since I work for Goodwill as a style blogger, I should be able to easily do this! Thanks for your focus on affordable fashion!!

  3. Tamera looks fabulous, and puts up with the comments of her co-workers with good grace and good humour!
    No undies photos? Ahh, that's a shame, I had my vintage slip all ready for ya! xxxx

  4. Here's a fashion statement we don't hear every day: "not look out of place in a sea of camo." : > I love everything about Tamera – her blog, her style and mainly, her huge heart. So glad to see here here.

  5. Tamera is always super lovely! I love how she dresses, even in the conservative environment she finds a way to flaunt her style. Plus she ROCKS her local thrift stores. I love anyone who will dig through the racks for good finds.

  6. A bag of skittles exploded? Ha! If only more people could have such compliments thrown their way. I love colour and Tamera wears hers beautifully with flair and grace. She is magnificent. Great beginning, Lynne.

  7. lovely idea for a series, I'll have a think about this, I'd love to participate in the challenge! I started a similar one recently but it's mostly about my inappropriate looks for the office. 🙂

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