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Goodwill Goldmine Party!

Goodwill Goldmine Party!

In response to my invite to a virtual Goodwill Goldmine Party, the following lovely, talented – and super thrifty – style bloggers kindly shared some of their fashion finds from Goodwill or other charity-non-profit store.

I’m sharing the submissions in the order received, and including links to the charitable organization, including Goodwill, when possible. Please check out these fashionable, creative, and thoughtful bloggers – they are some of my most fave peeps I have never met in the world.

Also, if some of you saw this post for ten minutes in your RSS feed readers earlier today, I had a perfect and beautiful post in Blogger Preview – but not on th’ Internetz! Some of the gorgeous pics were missing from the published post, and I was seriously mortified. But I think I know where I went wrong trying to sort out the different sizes and types of images submitted, and this will never happen again. Or if it does, I will simply just be mortified again.

Megan from Megan Mae Daily

Megan is wearing her thrifted Vintage orange dress and Diy’d vest. I actually have met Megan in person ๐Ÿ™‚ But she’s a relative. Yep, per her DH, we are “sisters-in-cat”.

Curtise from The Secondhand Years

Curtise’s outfit is what she likes to think of as Parisian Schoolgirl Chic – and is entirely thrifted, from head to toe, even the underwear! (Yes, the tights and shapewear knickers were new in their packets, and the bra looked unworn and was in her very odd size). Jacket, beret, silk blouse, vintage skirt, shoes, bangles, all bought in charity shops. Only Curtise’s watch, rings, and earrings were bought elsewhere or given as gifts.

I am eternally grateful to Curtise for mentioning what I have been hesitant to broach here on the ol’ paralegal budget career wear blog. And that is shapewear. I have some, some of it works so well I can barely breathe, but I don’t have knickers. Note to self: Get shapewear knickers!

Pam from over50feeling40

Pam is wearing a brand new orange tweed Talbots jacket which still had all the tags on it when she discovered it at Goodwill. The original price was $169, and she paid $12.

Gracey from Fashion for Giants

Both Gracey’s top and pants are thrifted. The top was $2.49 at a Portland-area Goodwill. The pants were a mere quarter (!) at her local Human Society thrift store (which always has a $0.25 rack).

Beth at The Fashionable Adventures of Bethie the Boo

Beth’s striped button front shirt came from Savers, which is similar to a Goodwill, helping out Disabled American Veterans among other charities.

Sheila from ephemera

Sheila thrifted her dress for $9.00 at the local Women in Need Thrift Boutique.

Lynn from Dylan’s Dress

Lynn thrifted this gorgeous, high-end designer dress by Marithe Francois Girbaud, for a price that easily fits her budget. Her favorite things about Goodwill (or G.W. Boutique, as she calls it, and I now call it) are: 1) She can get a good deal. 2) It’s a smorgasbord of labels, and she gets exposed to brands she’s never heard of before. 3) It’s a place where she can give back.

Secret Squirrel (I don’t have permission to reveal her secret identity to the world ๐Ÿ™‚ of fashion maths

Secret Squirrel’s top (that I covet) came from a charity shop in Bath, England, and her jeans were purchased on consignment. There is also an awesome studded belt under there, too, from the same charity shop.

She added her shoes are not thrifted, but they were not required to be for this post. But wow, oh wow, I just like looking at them!

Mia from Reading in Skirts

Mia’s blouse, skirt (NY&Co), and floral flats are from Goodwill.

Mia sent me two images ’cause she couldn’t pick, and I couldn’t either:

Mia’s blazer (BCBG Max Azria) and skirt (Target) are from Goodwill. She added, “So is the camisole, although that’s kind of negligible.”

Nope, Mia, in that amazing color, that camisole is definitely not negligible.

Amber from Butane Anvil

Amber’s charity shop scores include her THX thanx collection jacket ($14) and belt ($3) from Talize, where every purchase and donation benefits the Children’s Wish Foundation; and her purse ($2, DIY drapery cord strap added) from the Humane Society thrift store (affectionately a.k.a. “The Kitty Cat Store”) on South Pole Island, Texas.

Robin of FranniePantz

Robin did a great post to go with this amazing outfit, “Goodwill Hunting“, sharing the many reasons she loves th’ Goodwill. Her J. Crew orange tweed blazer (should I host an Orange Party next? ๐Ÿ™‚ cost $12 from her local Goodwill.
Finally, I figured I’d include a pic of one of my fave Goodwill scores, in no small part because it would be rude not to attend my own party, even if everyone else is better dressed than me ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
I thrifted this Etcetera skirt while Goodwill-ing in Nashville, Tennessee, with Megan. This skirt, which may look deceptively boring, is fully lined with a snakeskin print fabric so beautiful it’s a cryin’ shame not to wear it inside out, and has a unique kick pleat.
Many thanks to Megan, Curtise, Pam, Gracey, Beth, Sheila, Lynn, “Secret Squirrel” (see I can keep a secret!), Mia, Robin, and Amber for helping make this post happen, and showing that it’s possible to rock your style, while saving money for more important things like auto repairs, mortgage payments, teenage wallet vampires, and/or breakfast biscuits – and supporting community charities. Also, visiting these guys and going thrifting with them is on my Bucket List, even higher up than visiting Tuscany and painting plein air there. And that’s really, really high up.

14 Responses to Goodwill Goldmine Party!

  1. Wow I love this post- as you know I am a huge thriftaholic and really appreciate the great looks one can pull together on a dime (or quarter in the case of Gracey's pants!) ๐Ÿ™‚ Thrifting is such a great way to bargain hunt and look creative! PS I totally think you could pull off bangs!

  2. Thank you so much for putting this gathering together, Lynne. I'm going to bookmark it to show to those people who say, .."but can you get good stuff second-hand/at charity shops?" Oh yes, see the evidence.

  3. Hi everybody, HI!!!! Thanks for the invite, gorgeous hostess (*mwah!* "mwah!*) – turn around, let me see that fabulous detailing! Holy crap, Secret Squirrel, you look awesome! Great to meet you, Robin, Pam, Mia, and Bethie – fantastic outfits! Oh man, just lookit these killer ensembles. Ooh, let me at you! (*squeezes Gracey, Lynn, Megan, Sheila, and Curtise until they wrinkle*)

  4. Oh, so cool to see all these awesome outfits with so much thrifted content. Thank you so much, Lynne, for putting this all together!

  5. I love your blog. I find that at GW, depending where you live has a lot to do with what they carry. I found a Chico's faux suede jacket for 3.99 and a Jones t shirt that is embellished, tastefully, for 2.99. This is from a GW that is 20 miles away from my house, that is the closest one, plus in a more affluent area. I am all over separates as they give us so many choices. I have a hard time with pants. I have a difficult time finding pants, I think I will go to Lane Bryant. You seem to have luck with them.

  6. Ahh, I'm in such stylish company! Thanks for putting this on, Lynne, and for introducing me to some awesome new-to-me bloggers! It's amazing what turns up at the thrift store–on my last Goodwill excursion I found a beautiful blue Pendleton wool skirt that looked pretty much brand new besides a small hole in the waistband. Too bad I have to wait for the weather to get cold enough to wear it…

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