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Got Reading Glasses?

Got Reading Glasses?

I confess. I collect reading glasses. And I lose reading glasses. And then I buy more.

I love reading glasses. The more colorful, the better. The more they embarrass my children, the more likely I am to love them. But red’s my favorite.

And I’m not afraid to admit that 2.0 magnification is my preferred strength, even if I do look like a myopic owl.

Paralegals depend on their eyes, because no matter how much technology facilitates document storage and review — real people still have to read them.

My favorite documents are medical records. I love to wheedle the story out of the abbreviations, hen-scratchings and numbers, but wheedling all day is real hard on the aging eyes.

Reading glasses are a soothing balm for burning, exhausted eyes. All of a sudden, those abbreviations, hen-scratchings and numbers look eight feet high.

So I have reading glasses EVERYWHERE: in my purse, in the car, on my night stand, in my laptop case, in the loo, on the kitchen table, in the kitchen drawers, on the coffee table and often, on top of my head.

And, yes, before my kids rat me out, I’ve been known to wear reading glasses on top of my regular glasses – but only in the privacy of my home.

Some people like earbobs. I like “eyebobs”. I really like the pair pictured with this post, courtesy of, aptly called “No Doubt“, as in no doubt my children would not be seen with me if I were wearing them. (They are a bit pricier than the Walmart deals I usually buy.)

Got reading glasses?

2 Responses to Got Reading Glasses?

  1. I couldn’t live without my progressive lens eyeglasses with matching magnetic sunglass clip. I think I’m on my fourth pair since I turned 40. I’m not crazy about my current pair, but it was the best available choice last December: They’re a little too big for my face.

    I found 3 rimless styles I like much better, all in mauve, but can’t find them locally:

    I could order them online, but the return/exchange policy is very limited. I did the “virtual try-on” but I’m not 100% sure which one I like best. Nor am I sure all would accommodate progressive lenses.

    I emailed the manufacturer at every email address I could find, but most of them were bounced back. How rude!

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