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Gray Fuzzies

Gray Fuzzies

I did have gray on today, but instead of pictures, all I got was a snoot full of paint fumes at work and a splitting headache.

So I thought I’d share a few more pics of Sasha Jane, who feels as luxurious in her blue gray coat as she looks. Oh, someone asked if she is a Russian Blue. She is an American domestic short hair from Megan Mae’s kittens (well, her cat’s) litter born earlier this year (baby pics!), but she does look and act like royalty.

Happy weekend, guys, and thanks so much for reading Practical Paralegalism, and for just being there.

17 Responses to Gray Fuzzies

  1. Awww what a beautiful lady she's become! Hopefully smarter than her dingy brothers. She may not be a bred Russian Blue, but she looks like one.

    Gosh I do miss them at that little age when they're so trusting they'll fall asleep on their back in my arms. I'm sad they grow out of that. I miss them all so much.

  2. Sorry to hear about the poison fumes, urgh! Hope your headache eases and the weekend away from the building will allow you to detox.

    Sasha Jane does make a wonderful stand-in in her super-luxe grey coat and I noticed that I happen to be making the same face as her in my own Fashion Challenge finale post, lol! Feel better soon, xo

  3. Oh that profile shot of SJ is just as regal and beautiful as can be. I think ALL cats think they are supermodels, but only a few really are. And your girl is one of 'em!
    Are you OK? You sound just a little… I dunno, off? Down hearted? Fed up? Hope the weekend, clears the paint fumes and the headache and recharges the oomph meter and is generally good! xxxxxx

  4. Oh, sorry about the paint-induced headache. I hope it clears up very quick (and that you then get to benefit from a good background for photos!). What a beautiful cat-she knows it, but she owns it 🙂

  5. Lynne, I hope your headache is all better! And that cat!! Wow, does look like royalty! In your previous post, the mustard pants look great!! I just cannot do yellow. Wish I could! I did make a feeble attempt at a yellow brooch. We have to meet up!


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