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Guest Blogger: Do you Twitter? Smitty does! by Jeffrey L. Smith a/k/a “Smitty”

Guest Blogger:  Do you Twitter? Smitty does! by Jeffrey L. Smith a/k/a “Smitty”

Many of you are connected on a number of social networking sites. One of the biggest draws on these is the “status” feature, which allows you to keep up with your friends in real time. Now you can take it up a notch by using a site that has really taken off in the last year: Twitter. It is a microblog in which you and your friends can track each other by text messaging from your cell phones or smartphones; the messages relating to your whereabouts and what you are up to during the day are called “tweets.”

It’s pretty entertaining to read not only what people are up to, but also the playful musings among Twitter users. There’s a bit of gamesmanship as to who can top whom with creative tweets. But Twitter has its serious side, too. Users often Twitter at major events and deliver breaking news or firsthand accounts of what’s happening at a given place or time. I enjoyed reading many tweets from friends who were at the Inauguration of President Obama and getting a real-time sense of what was happening on that historic day. Twitter has about 5 million users that include the news media, government officials, athletes and housewives.

Twitter integrates with Facebook so you can stay connected with friends on that site as well as your Twitter site followers. I joined Twitter last fall and really enjoy using it. I plan to connect with more people via Twitter in the coming weeks at events in the community. You can sign up for this cool social networking tool at To follow me go to Hey! I just might follow you too;-)

Reprinted by permission of Jeffrey L. Smith from Smitty’s Notes – January 2009 Update.

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