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Happy, Happy Birthday, Megan!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Megan!

The lovely Megan of Megan Mae Daily has a birthday today! If you’re not already subscribing to her very stylish, thrifty, Good Will and eBay hunting blog, I encourage you to do so.

Megan is having an eParty to celebrate her birthday. Attendees were supposed to submit a picture of themselves dressed for a birthday celebration, and the wearing of MMD button flowers and obi belts was encouraged.

Oh, and Megan and I have similar shoe sizes, and when we met last summer for the first time, immediately did what all grown-up women do, and tried on each other’s shoes. And plan to do it again next time we meet. I also left the visit with a small gray kitten, Sasha Jane, in my car. Did I mention that I was afraid to tell The Absent-Minded Professor that a new family member was on her way until I was about four hours from home? Luckily, he took the startling news like the cool fellow he is.

Here’s my birthday party outfit (because I’m sure we’re going someplace super-fun):

Ya need comfy shoes to seriously party.
The Deets: Poof mini dress (GoodWill); Eject shoes (gift from Megan); MMD button flowers (get some now)

It hopefully goes without saying you cannot wear this outfit to most law offices. When I thrifted the striped dress, I thought it was a long shirt. Whoops.

But I am wearing it to the law office on more casual days like this:

Skinny pants are crazy in. Add one pair of Loft black skinny jeans, and I’m very business casual ready.
I can’t wait to see all the other party goers at Megan Mae Daily. Megan, I hope you have the most rockin’ birthday – and eParty celebration ever!

P.S. I can’t not share these purple tights at Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday πŸ™‚

27 Responses to Happy, Happy Birthday, Megan!

  1. Good to see you at the party! Let's drink a toast to our favorite gal!

    You can wear this striped dress to MY law office. My dress-code is unconventional. πŸ™‚

  2. WUT…you can't wear that work?? πŸ˜‰

    Very cute outfit and looks great dressed down for the office. I have a few sweater dresses that I'm all, "Seriously, people wear these as DRESSES??" Nope, not me. I prefer to keep my underwear a secret and not show it to the world.

  3. hello Lynne! I didn't know this was your blog. I kept saying I don't know this blog, as I was reading my blog list. Then I decided to click on it and it is you with a slightly different name. hmmmmmm. ok.

    Those shoes are so cute and I want all of them, ok?

  4. I love the look both ways! The tights are perfect for a night out, but the jeans and ejects make a perfect (and warmer!) daily look.

    It's been the best birthday yet!

    PS you betta bring one of those pairs of Miz Mooz for me to try on next time!

  5. What a fun tunic – top – dress. I'm so confused! Anyway, it looks great both ways! Some of those shoes look pretty special, too.

    I like the new name, and it is just a tiny bit more appropriate, isn't it?

  6. So cool!!! You and Megan got a chance to meet? (Ummm, and what shoe size might that be?) I missed all the fun but I'm so happy to see you looking snazzy and glowing. I have been enjoying my buttonflowers as well. I adore her, and you!! Hope all's well. XXOO

  7. Ha, look at you all stripey and showing off your fabulous legs! You look ready for anything that party could throw at you – dancing, cocktails, karaoke, and the drunken "I really really love yous" at the end!
    I like the more conservative version too, smart but funky. xxxx

  8. Love, love the party outfit and all the stripey goodness. And yes, let's try on shoes — for a couple of hours : > Thanks for sharing all the fabulous-ness with Visible Monday!

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