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Hat Tease

Hat Tease

I’m working on a guest post for Kathleen at That’s a Pretty Hat. I’m overjoyed to have found two beautiful hats for my honkin’ big head (not as in ego, but size). I get some comfort by telling myself that my big brain needs a slightly larger than average cranium, but hell, the truth is, most of my immediate family members have large heads, high IQs, and can be slightly scary. Which explains a lot about me.

The Deets: Cloche hat by Your Dash of Panache; Beanie from Eastern Market in Washington D.C.; 
Lauren and Rita dresses from Karina Dresses
Blue obi tie belt by Megan Mae Daily;  Gold belt (GoodWill); 
Scarlet T-strap pumps (Ross, old); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon).

I’ve also been wearing my Karina Dresses a lot, including the navy blue one to a Social Security disability hearing last week (we won!). I wanted a pic on the federal courthouse steps, but it was very windy, plus you can’t take cell phones into federal courthouses.

At least I have good hair and little feet πŸ˜›

On the style front, I’ve discovered that hair colored with Ruby Rush Power Red by Feria is quite the fashion accessory in its own right. Even the sales associate at Sally’s Beauty Supply marveled over the brilliant red when I was purchasing the Riveting Red shampoo and conditioner that helps keep it this way.

My hair matches my shoes! (This is definitely not a Fashion Rule)

In other good news, got my taxes done on time, got a good start on setting up my long-neglected sewing machine, had a lovely Thai dinner with the hubby, and with two teen girls going to prom, am rather myself getting giddy by the prep. Shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone but The Teen received and accepted a hilarious “promposal” (their lingo) this week, and grandma rented the group a car service – yay! And Lancelot AMP and I are attending a formal event the same night, so we will all look extra cleaned up real good.

What was the highlight of your week?

Also, don’t forget to check out the beautiful style bloggers participating in Not Yet Dead Style’s Visible Monday – with many of us proving that turning 40, 50, 60, or even older, doesn’t mean automatic invisibility.

P.S. Google Reader has a terminal illness, with a scheduled demise of July 1. Actually, Google decided to end this free RSS reader service, probably because it works so well and millions of peeps use it. I moved all my blogs over to Bloglovin’ (so easy) and hope you’ll follow me there! See the Bloglovin’ button at the top right.

Photo credit: Lancelot The Absent-Minded Professor (a/k/a hubby, hubs, hubster, sweetie, baby, etc)

37 Responses to Hat Tease

  1. Oh goodness…these hats are both adorable. Love the way you styled them. I love your Karina dress. I was just looking at the Karina website trying to choose one.

  2. Oh you are a goddess in hats, Lynne! Love both of these, and of course I am mad for your Karina dresses. Congrats on the SS victory, and have fun with prom-prep! And thanks for linking up.

  3. Found you over at Visible Monday, and wanted to say I love your photos. I color my hair with Feria Cherry Crush, but sadly it fades so quickly. Oh, the joys of managing bottle red. Love the shoes (that match your hair)! 😊


    • I am envious, and would love to see your hats. My daughter, who sews for the NYC Ballet and excelled at millinery classes in her master's program, is encouraging me to make hats. My grandmother taught me to sew very well, and I've already got the book my daughter recommended and some simple starting patterns. I am excited!

  4. Oh Lynne! Oh I love both of these so much. You look so good in a hat. Your hair color looks beautiful, both color sets are gorgeous on you. This is totally a perfect style for you. Gosh, have I mentioned lately how gorgeous you are!

    The highlight of my week is finding Meghan to be a kindred writing spirit. We've bounced ideas off each other all weekend and I've been really inspired! I really really needed it to, I've been so blocked lately. Words have flowed from my fingers~

  5. Those hats are stunning on you, Lynne! You look amazing in these dresses too. Lovely red hair – and gods, yes, such a pain to keep it from fading.

  6. All the best people have got massive heads! You look gorgeous in your cloche hat and pretty dresses. Loving the paisley! xxx

  7. Love your hats Lynne and your dresses are to die for. This post had me giggling!
    I'll be adding you over at Bloglovin as well … just in case πŸ™‚
    Happy Monday to you

  8. I can definitely relate to the big head thing, ha ha! I can never find cute hats that fit my head. These look wonderful on you and your dresses are fabulous as well. How exciting about the prom πŸ™‚

  9. You look great in hats Lynne! I really like both of them! And I love your dress with the obi belt!

    Take tons of pictures of all of you all dressed up! I can't wait to see them!

  10. Oh, beautiful! My favourite hat is the one worn with your polka dot dress. I am loving your Prom gossip too. I hope your dress-up evening is as fun as The Teen's Prom xx

  11. Another HUGE head over here too. Can't vouch for it being full of brain though… Air space and sawdust and fluff mostly.
    Why haven't you worn hats before on your blog? (Apologies if you have and I've forgotten. See – sawdust!)
    You suit these two lovely hats sooooo well, Lynne. Wear more! xxxx

    • Your recall is excellent. I haven't worn hats hardly at all in my life, because they never fit me. All will be explained when Kathleen publishes my guest post for her, about my quest for ladies' hats in size, um, real large. These are my first two hats. And I have a plan to hatch more (hint sewing machine going back up πŸ™‚

  12. You Look STUNNING. Both of those Hats are Phenomenal WOW!! I like the Dresses too & the Fancy Mary Jane Shoes. =)

    How is your Daughter doing by the way? Thanks for all the compliments on my latest post. Will you Style a Dress for My Birthday? If so, send it to me via E-Mail by May 2nd. Thanks. =)

  13. You look absolutely ravishing in hats! A perfect way to top off two beautiful ensembles.

    When I had my hat shop in the 80's, we stretched hats for those with larger than average head sizes. You are not alone! You can find hat stretchers on Amazon.

    • I ordered a hat stretcher a couple of weeks ago from Amazon – so we are on the same wavelength. I am eager to try it, especially if I stumble upon that perfect secondhand cloche meant for me, even if is isn't sized for me πŸ™‚

  14. So you didn't make these hats, did you? They do look made for you though. And perfect with your lady dresses and shoes. Is there a transformation going on? hmmm.

    • I didn't make these – but I'm an above average seamstress (super strict Grandmother taught me) and The Costume Technician encouraged me to start a new creative project, which I will blab about all over the blog world once I've started it πŸ™‚

  15. Oh, Lynne, you look absolutely gorgeous! I love hats, and I think both of these are fabulous!! You wear them well. And be proud of that big brain!!!!


    PS — Keep thinking of when we can meet. One of these days…

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