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Help! My Attorney Wants Me to Prepare Her Curriculum Vitae!

One of the exciting aspects of the paralegal profession is that you never know what you might get asked to do when you get to work. I was once asked to draft an employment contract for a motorcycle stuntman — and the firm I worked for at the time did not specialize in employment law. (That assignment occurred “B.C.” or “Before Computers” had Internet access and E-mail, so I trekked to the local law library and located sample contracts, which I found by using the good old card catalog.)

A fellow member of a professional association found herself in a bind when she was asked to draft her supervising attorney’s curriculum vitae or “CV”, including sections for publications and awards. A CV is very similar to a resume, but focuses more on academic accomplishments. Because her attorney needed it quickly, she posted a request to our professional association’s legal assistant listserv, asking if anyone had a go-by. (If you think your own resume is a challenge, wait until you try drafting a detailed CV for someone else.)

Fortunately, there are many CV go-bys online. I sent my colleague several templates to consider, including a simple CV template at Microsoft Office Online and an academic CV template from Job Searching, which includes a listing of articles and book publications. There are also sample CVs for almost any specific professional field available online.

I still view the Internet as a miracle. I am continually grateful that I no longer have to make frequent trips to the library, although I believe that using a card catalog was character-building.

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  1. I found myself in a similar situation when asked to serve as an expert witness in a legal malpractice case. I had to produce a CV to prove that I had the credentials and expertise needed for this job. The Internet is a fabulous resource. My CV is available for review at Since a CV is so different from a resume, I found myself sifting through years and years of files professional journals to gather all the information. My advice to everyone is to keep a running list of awards, articles you’ve written or preentations you’ve given, as well offices you’ve held and continuing education. You never know when you might need your own CV! Vicki Voisin ACP(

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