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That’s what I’m supposed to be doing, instead of planning what I’m going to wear next week, and taking pics of outfits.

The Deets:  The Limited Striped Top (Salvation Army); T. Garment pleated maxi skirt (consignment store); NaturalSoul by Naturalizer Boots (Marshalls); Multi-chain (old); Corgi print by Joni James (check out her Esty shop, CalligramORama)
Total cost of outfit (not counting boots): $15

This process actually makes my week easier. Horrid combos are revealed by pics. Ixnay those. My clothes and accessories are all picked out, and I don’t have to think about clothes any more for the week.

But I’m supposed to be doing homework for my immigration law class. Now I know why our teen daughters prefer social media to reading an AP Chemistry book.

Am I wasting time, postponing the inevitable homework?

Nope. I’m hanging with you guys for a minute, and then I’m going to go do my homework – without the stress of what I’m going to wear to work hanging over my head.

Now what am I going to do about the stress of wondering what we’re having for dinner? What are you having for dinner?

27 Responses to Homework

  1. I love this look! And that you're procrastinating instead of doing homework!

    Hmm, dinner. It's icing/snowing here so we were going to grill hamburgers, but now I think we're going to probably heat up some leftovers!

  2. Ha ha, feel free to wag off your homework with us! You look lovely in that long skirt, the pleats are marvellous.

    Had tea (aka dinner, confusingly) a little earlier than you – beef & ale pie, steamed savoy cabbage, roasted carrots and tomatoes. Yum xx

  3. Gorgeous striped top! It looks amazing with that maxi skirt. I often try to loosely plan my outfits for the week, and have gotten in the habit of laying everything out the night before. Makes the next morning a lot easier.

    Thinking of what to fix for dinner is a bit harder task. I'm making roasted chicken wings and drumsticks tonight. Not sure about what sides yet.

    Balance is always best. Even if I'm super busy, I always try to spend a few minutes in the blog world, a few minutes reading something I enjoy, and a few minutes zoned out for 'me time'.

  4. Beautiful! Fit, proportions, structure, print + pleats, all of it!

    We are having all-day slow-cooker chili to recover from last night's full-moonlight-pond-skating which was fuelled only by hotdogs, marshmallows, and slushy red. Sore spots begone. 🙂

  5. The maxi is magnificent, as are you wearing it.

    I'm sure that your creative endeavor helped you study more effectively. Isn't that what the research states about art and the brain? Or did I just make that up?

  6. You are totally rocking that maxi! How fabulous to have your outfits sorted for the week ahead so whatever life chucks at you, you can rest assured that you'll look the part. Joni's picture is adorable.
    I'm making a Sicilian dish called Mazzamurru along with a green salad. Bon apetit! x

  7. I like this post!i understand your point, i prefer a bit of social media as well and i too have some homeworks!
    I thought you had a short skirt on but non! The longer version is very cute indeed
    Good to have your outfits planned for the week, it takes a load off our pretty shoulders
    I have more time these days for outfits and suppers, not working!

    Looking great!


  8. We had 14.00 hamburgers for dinner. I'll never go there again. 😉
    That little corgi on your wall sure looks familiar!
    I love that photo at the top. It looks brown rather than black which I really like on you.

  9. Cute outfit – the striped top is very flattering. In fact, the whole outfit is! Very long and graceful and pretty.

    We had a big Sunday lunch, then went to a movie later, so dinner was a bowl of cereal while watching Downton Abbey.

  10. Long black skirt-check
    striped top-check
    LOVING this look so much I may need to copy it soon!!

    I almost always plan my outfits for the week cuz I get up at 5am for work. The less i need to think the better!

    Supper is Hoppin John with collard greens (It's meatless Monday at my house)

  11. Well, you KNOW I am going to love this, having just worn my own black pleated maxi skirt! It looks gorgeous with stripes and heels.
    I can procrastinate for England, so I applaud your organisation of your week's wardrobe and your commitment to your homework. I would suddenly be finding the ironing in urgent need of attention – and that almost never happens….
    Joni's corgi is a cutie! xxxxx

  12. Fantastic look! Love, love the long skirt. Procrastination is very healthy! That thing we are putting off might not have to be done after all! : >

  13. Wow, what a stunning outfit for an amazing price. You've really turned into a fashion-pro: creating art at low cost. Proving it's our taste, not our pocketbook, that matters most.

  14. A little French, a little glam, a little je ne sais quoi. And there you have it, another stunning ensemble, Lynne. As for dinner…je ne sais pas.

  15. As much as the completely flattering outfit, I love how you treated your pics. So cute, and how clever to figure out your outfits in advance.
    Wow … immigration law. Bet that's become a hot topic class!
    Hope you and all yours are thriving and happy.

  16. what am I going to wear and what am I going to eat. I wonder how much of life is spent pondering those two questions. I bet someone will do a study and it will amount to years.

    I love the stripes and maxi, and totally get the procrastination.

    for dinner, I had one of those frozen stuffed chickens which was filled with cheese and apples and cranberries. it was accompanied by a salad with cheese, apples, and cranberries. It was a very balanced meal.

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