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Horrible Poor Grandma Style!

Maybe it means you’ve made it as a style blogger when you receive your first really negative comment about your appearance and/or style? 

I thought I’d be devastated, but I actually find it funny, and wanted to make sure that everyone gets to see it.

So here’s what Anonymous commented on my last post (and I did publish the comment because I don’t subscribe to the concept that everyone likes me):

My goodness!I’m here by mistake and I’m in shock!!!! HORRIBLE UGLY MODEL, HORRIBLE POOR GRANDMA STYLE! Ladies if you are in your mind, please don’t ever dress like her. She needs to bleach her teeth #1, loose 30-40lbs, and she has NO style whatsoever. She has no business to run any blog especially FASHION….. run run away from here. Go to or something like that. SCARY HERE…..

I’m a big believer in the concept of owning what you publish. If you put it out there, sign your name to it. I do understand Anonymous gets around in the blogosphere, but is afraid to show his or her face.
Plus, I own my grandma style, peeps.
But lose (yes, I did take the liberty of correcting A’s grammar) 30-40 pounds? I am a size 2. Helloooooo.
Y’all run away now, there’s nothing to see here.
P.S. I’ve always wanted to be scary. Seriously.

67 Responses to Horrible Poor Grandma Style!

  1. Wow – how idiotic! Some people….

    Keep doing what you're doing. "Fashion" doesn't always mean the same thing to the same people. You are helping professional women, and I think your regular readers appreciate that!


  2. seriously? lol. i'm a new subscriber to your blog, having recently subscribed to several "real people" fashion blogs. i like yours.

    and, besides, there's a corgi over there in the sidebar. sweet πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for bringing attention to the Anon. I don't understand why trolls must go around hatin'. I got an Anon comment saying that my "body and style were cute, but [my] face wasn't". THANKS,ANON.

    But really, I do hope you didn't take anything to heart because you're teeny tiny and beautiful. And there is a whole list of bloggers who know you and love you, as evidenced by the other comments on the same post and many many previous posts. Some people just can't let a good community flourish.

    Vogue is full of photoshopped models. I'd much rather see real fashion on a real person. Not something edited into "art".

    I hope Anon DID run run away from here, because he or she or zhe does not belong in this space. Quick let's all turn and growl~~ Be Scary!

    • Megan, your face is very beautiful, just like the rest of you. You're even more gorgeous in person. I wonder if this was the same A.?

      When I used to cover paralegal news stories, I received some seriously mean comments. I figured I've had a long run of good luck with no A. attacks on my appearance.

      That's what I like best about you and many of my fave style bloggers – you're authentic and unique and diverse – and every single one lovely.

  4. Also, if you have "grandma style" then I guess I do too because I have the top you wore in your last post in two colors and have already worn them multiple times. Oops!

    • That top is my fave! I think it will look great with a track suit on my morning mall walks…lol.

      I always think about you every time I see J. Crew on a thrift rack. You have great taste and gorgeous clothes.

  5. I just don't understand being mean on the Internet. Or anywhere, for that matter. It's a little idiotic. But I am so glad that you remain true to yourself and your style. Part of a style blog is defining "fashion" for yourself. Reading Vouge instead of real, honest fashion blogs? I'd much rather spend my time with real blogs by real women.


  6. Oooooooooh. Myyyyyyyyy. Goooooooodness. Lynne, I am so very sorry that you had to receive such a hateful comment. It's true. All the rude commenters are always too chicken shit to use their real name, always as anonymous. I've actually received several rude comments like this on my blog too and even though you try to not give them too much credit and not take them seriously, it can still sting. And we are not alone. I know majority of bloggers have dealt with this before. Please believe that this person is a) bored–who spends their time visiting and commenting on blogs in such a negative way?, b)chicken shit–see above, anyone with legitimate criticism would be able to offer it in a much more tactful way AND be able to sign their own name to it, and c) sad–just sad, they clearly have no self esteem of their own and this is their way of making themselves feel better. You are an extremely stylish woman, a very generous and thoughtful fellow blogger and an established paralegal. Beauty, brains and heart–can't get a better combo than that no matter anyone's age, weight (ps–that person is INSANE to even suggest that you need to lose–LOSE, ahem–weight!!!), class, budget, style or anything else. In short, don't take it personally and please keep up with your blogging. Fuck 'em.

  7. Are you kidding? You are awesome in your style and you are gorgeous!! And I suppose your wit and smarts and leadership are easy to overlook if you don't READ the posts too. Good one to post this for us all to see.

  8. Good grief! First of all, please do not run away! Your blog is one of my very favorites! You are always beautiful and I love your sense of humor. Second of all, thank you for the biggest laugh of the day. Anon seems confused about some things, to say the least.


  9. This anonymous comment would be laughable if it weren't so pathetic. I mean really.?
    We are fortunate to be surrounded by such a nurturing group of real ladies. You just get a sad little commenter on occasion that has "issues". I had one on my blog a while back and thought the same as you…that I'd just be devastated if anyone was ever rude to me. But, surprisingly, it didn't really phase me. Probably because it wasn't really that nasty. ha But I'm pretty sensitive…or have always thought I was. Maybe I'm growing up and gaining confidence in myself. There's a wonderful thought! πŸ™‚
    p.s. Feel free to correct my spelling/grammar any time. My husband just let me know I've been misspelling caramel as carmel. Doh!

  10. Well, I am no where near a size 2. Let me say I love your fashion having only recently discovered your blog, count me as a fan. Anon needs a new job because wardrobe/blog critiques is not working for them.

  11. What do you want to bet that person has never worked in an office, has the figure of a bamboo tree, and has fake teeth. Anyway, I read your blog and look at your pics because you are a real person, albeit a little tiny. You aren't one of the crowd of blondes or brunettes with the long hair center part ripped jeans boyfriend watch name brand wearing follow the crowd thing going on. I find you much more interesting.

  12. I'm just imagining a rancid, spotty 14-year boy furiously typing that load of drivel in his bedroom. What a waste of time and energy and LIES! Anonymous will always remain anonymous and you shall stay fabulous, end of! xxx

  13. Idiots should be ignored. I'm glad this one didn't upset you. Every so often we're reminded that we're in a public space; there are nuts out there and occasionally we come across them.

    • Ally, you are more right than you know. My biggest "nut" is a felon and last I heard, a fugitive from the law. Yep. I need to get around to writing about that πŸ˜›

  14. Awesome attitude with this one! Glad you know not to take it to heart. And if you have grandma style, I can't wait to be a grandma!

    • Thanks, Cara. You know, now that I think on it, I thought both of my grandmothers were beautiful women. One lived into her 80s, and the other to be 101. I do somethings pick clothes and accessories that remind me of them. Yea, grandmas rock!

  15. I'm a new reader, too; I just recently found all these blogs by real people my age who like to wear fun clothes, and I'm so excited to see and read them. I am not exactly shocked that people say mean things on the internet, but it's kind of pathetic that someone would take the time to write all that nasty stuff. Clearly not part of the audience to which these blogs appeal. (Good point from Vix that this is probably a 14 year old boy.) I would never, personally, waste my time reading or whatever. I prefer to see real people with personality and creativity and life in them. (And not created by a corporation.) Visiting Lynne's blog (and the other bloggers) makes me feel like I'm getting a little slice of a fun girl party for just a little bit every day. What a crummy jerk Anon is to come crash it with a spoilsport attitude.

    And yes, the corgi is a sweet touch. Won't see any of those on Vogue!

    • Tea, I'm so glad that you're enjoying this blog, and others by real women. That's the reason I even started sharing pictures of my budget career wear I-work-in-a-law-office style. I didn't see very many women my age in the blogosphere. Now, I see lots, and consider many of them to be role models – and friends.

      The Corginator has fabulous style, rocking the same coat every day…lol.

    • Incidentally, I also love that your style is within the context of your career. I'm currently in law school and working as a law clerk at a small firm after having had a career in publishing. I gotta say, in my old life, I could (and did) wear whatever I wanted. I made a lot of dresses out of novelty fabrics. I wear eclectic color combinations. I make jewelry. I do not look like a TV lawyer by a long stretch. I've had to change my wardrobe, however, to make it a little more conservative. Well, a lot more conservative, but still not within the confines of cookie-cutter looks. So I'm very happy to see your style on your blog (as well as all your handy legal links!) It's great to see how you pull it all together.

  16. Wow – someone has issues aplenty, and, Lynne, it isn't you! It's too bad April first is so far away that this will be forgotten by then. It would be hilarious to have someone take jokey pictures as you "run run away" from the camera…

    I hope Anon is enjoying all the attention. (And learns to tell the difference between 'lose' and 'loose'. Doofus.)

  17. That is such a ridiculous and rude comment. The funny thing is that it is not true at all. People should know when to shut up. Also when you talk like that – own up to it. Your style is darling, sohpisticated but with an edge and girl you are tiny at a size 2!!!

  18. You always look fan-freaking tastic. If I looked half as good as you 25% of the time, I'd be ecstatic. (Why do I feel like I'm channeling the characters in Ron Burgundy?) But seriously, you look great! πŸ˜€

  19. It's actually too funny I think to be offended by it. Maybe it's a spam type thing. Yeah, maybe we'll all be getting that same message soon. Watch out, anyone that comments on that horrible poor grandma site will be at risk now!

  20. I think there is some poor bugger who selectively goes around and deals out these comments. this one for example couldn't possibly be related to you–it's almost like its a boilerplate comment.

    you've dealt with it gracefully, I'd say.

    Did you read about the troll that was exposed at Reddit recently? Violencrantz…

  21. A perfect example of bullying, which has nothing to do with you. Sorry to hear that you had to read these abusive and untrue words. More importantly, you are part of a vibrant and supportive community, so haters like this have no impact. Keep dazzling with your sense of style, humor, warmth and intelligence.

  22. I wouldn't take anyone who can't be bothered to use proper grammar or spelling seriously. And really, Anonymous? I don't allow anonymous commenters on my blog. If someone wants to critique me, they better be able to do it to my face. (Well, you know what I mean.)

    Ahhhh well I'm glad you are able to sit back and laugh at Anonymous and keep doing what you are doing, which is great.

    Chic on the Cheap

  23. The more I think about it, the more I feel it was an ugly, stupid prank. I can envision someone going around and doing that, sad but true. I know one thing: it's definitely not a match anyway. Clearly they're not too bright or kind, and they're way off target style-wise too. Sorry Anon, three strikes you're out. Go play somewhere else.

  24. yeah, i was going to say – you are TINY. if you lost weight, i don't think there would be any of you left! people are cowardly – i always think it's someone who is jealous. probably someone else who is around your age who gained weight and hasn't kept up with their style and is jealous. it's not you – it's definitely them. obviously we all keep coming back,

    ugh, sometimes people are the worst

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  25. There are so many issues with this ridiculous comment that I barely know where to begin…your style is far from grandma and as others have pointed out, you are a size 2?!? This comment was posted by a poor, pathetic soul looking for attention….but all the while hiding behind an anonymous moniker.

    I, for one, am a relatively new reader, and enjoy your blog and your style very muc

  26. There are so many issues with this ridiculous comment that I barely know where to begin…your style is far from grandma and as others have pointed out, you are a size 2?!? This comment was posted by a poor, pathetic soul looking for attention….but all the while hiding behind an anonymous moniker.

    I, for one, am a relatively new reader, and enjoy your blog and your style very muc

  27. Anonymous is a bit thick, isn't s/he? So maybe it's best to feel a little sorry for her/him, probably a bit of a social inadequate with low ability and poor communication skills, fewer friends, and zero empathy or kindness. So I don't think we need waste any more time and energy on that little fucker. Ooh, that's me after my favourite Grandma has been insulted!
    Come over here, Anonymous, if you want to see what scary look like, grrrrr!

  28. What a ridiculous comment to leave on a blog, and on top of that, doing so anonymously!

    I always imagine these people to be someone like ourselves, who haven't had the guts to start a blog herself, or to dress stylishly in beautiful and outstanding outfits.

    In other words, you look gorgeous and anonymous is just jealous!

  29. Oh Anon. I've been visited by that lovely Anonymous fairy too and unlike you I did kind of feel bad about the comment that was made for a little bit until I realized, it was likely a person who needed to feel better about themselves and what they said wasn't really true. I'm glad you aren't going to let this person bring you down and you do NOT have Grandma style, says the proud wearer of several of your hand me downs! πŸ™‚

  30. Anonymous needs to get a life. I mean, seriously, how pathetic do you have to be to do something like that? How is that fun? (I will NEVER understand that.)

    You are, of course, lovely. πŸ™‚

  31. Don’t let the anonymous troll change a single thing you do. Yours is the first blog I check every morning. I love your style and your wit. I like seeing real women wearing real clothes. Frankly, I find the Vogue models scary. I loved one of your outfits this week so much, the one with the Clarks booties, that I just finished ordering myself a pair. Hope they look as good on me as they do on you. Your posts always leave with me with a smile on my face. Thank you, from another NC paralegal!

  32. Seriously, Anon?? What a lot of crap!! I hope you dont take anything to heart from Anon here, he/she is just being a mean troll. I have yet to receive a mean comment from Anon, but when the day comes I will have a laugh. πŸ™‚ You are an amazing style blogger, never mind stupid anons.

  33. People are cowards when they write comments like this! Good for you not letting it get to you. I usually say when people do this they have low self esteem anyways. I love your style and your witty posts πŸ™‚ Heather

  34. Yep, my dear…that comment only means you have gotten to the point of success in this blogsphere…so to you I say congratulations!

    The fact that so many of the statements have no relevance to you makes me think it was a copy and paste type of comment…which still means you are a success…Kudos my dear!

    So enjoyed your public handling of this silliness!

  35. I am a new reader who stumbled upon your blog while searching for REAL women's fashion. I love your humor and straight-forward posts…NEVER change. P.S. my name is Barb but I had to comment as Anonymous because I still don't have this blog stuff figured out yet πŸ˜›

  36. Oh geez, don't people get that not all fashion blogs are supposed to be Vogue? Most fashion blogs are actually personal style blogs and represent what real people look like and dress like. Why do people insist on being so mean to strangers? All I can say is KARMA. πŸ˜›

  37. oh my gosh, i know what she said was mean and horrible, but it was also funny because it is so not true
    i agree…if you are gonna make a statement, own up to it baby

  38. I love you more than ever for your cool attitude towards this dopey idiot. They must have been really drunk or stoned to right such a ridiculous comment. Really, truly off their tits. I'm not even going to respond any further, it's all been said in earlier comments. All I can say is: send Anonymous over to me … I love my granny gear and that'll get their knickers in right twist! Love ya baby!! xoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

  39. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? That is such a nasty comment and what a coward for making that anonymous! Wow Lynne I hope you take that comment with a grain of salt because you have a great fashion sense (don't they know, vintage is in?) and an even better physique! My negative comment was someone telling me I was an awful role model for women, people can be awful!

  40. Hmm I don't think my last comment published properly so here we go again. What a nasty, cowardly comment with not a grain of salt in it. Not only do you have a great fashion sense (don't they know vintage is in?) but you have an even better physique! Someone sent me an anonymous comment saying I was a bad role model for women, people can be awful!

  41. I have no idea what anonymous is referring to as 'granny' or you needing to lose weight. What a totally crazy comment. You always look fabulous, and besides, Vogue is not for real women and no one dresses like the models in Vogue anyway… LOL Ridiculous comment on the part of Anonymous.

  42. I'm glad you posted this and laugh about it. How terribly ignorant for a person to write this and not own up to it. Obviously, ANON was hoping to be hurtful. Of course you are absolutely gorgeous and your outfits are wonderful.

  43. Thanks for publishing that post. Anon obviously does not have a day job. It's making me laugh at the thought of a law office full of people dressed like they stepped out of Vogue. Laughable at best. I guess if you have grandma style, then we all do. Legal staff members unite! Continue to rock that grannie style because you do it well and those of us in the same field really do need inspiration when it comes to getting dressed for a professional life.

  44. Sigh…blogging trolls…you gotta love 'em. NOT! I'm so glad you didn't allow this mean spirited person's comment to in any way steal your spirit, Lynne. If you lost 30-40 pounds, we'd have to lifeline you vats of chocolate and hospitalize you!!! Keep up the great modeling and blogging. Don't let this troll put a hitch in your giddy up, "grandma." ha ha. πŸ™‚

    Spoken with love.

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