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Hot Date

Hot Date
Megan Mae Daily & Practical Paralegalism Have a Hot Date!

You want to know how to get a date with one of the hottest British
actors on the planet? Dye your hair seriously red, preferably a hue not
seen in nature. Works every time. We are barfing with excitement about
our pending dinner and theater date with….oh, it’s a surprise. There
will be shocking pictures. A tell-all interview with one of those rags
you pretend you don’t read in the grocery store aisle. Mad, mad style,
and seriously fabo shoes (Megan Mae’s). Lynne is even going to shave her
legs for this event.

Stay tuned for the deets on one of the most insane and hotly
anticipated (by us) blogger meet-ups of the year, as we agree to share
the company of one mysterious, crazy-sexy star for a bloody glamorous
night on the town!

The Lucky and Married gasp! Faux Gingers

Megan Mae, Megan Mae Daily 

4 Responses to Hot Date

  1. AHHH!!! If you are going to be thrifting in Nashville I want to go! I feel like I've hit a rut. I am trying to figure out the whole dressing for a paralegal things since I will graduate in Aug. here in Nashville 🙂 Your blog is a god send!!!!

  2. I was getting excited… PP coming to Nashville?!? Why that's in my neck of the woods. I would have been on the fast track to Music City, but alas, I'm not part of the weekend activities. Dear Lynne, You should visit Memphis and Elvis and ME!!

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