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How Do Ya Like Them Jeans, Visible Monday?

How Do Ya Like Them Jeans, Visible Monday?

I’ma be honest. These pictures are from the Friday before last.

The last time I wore my beloved Franco Sarto shooties.

The Deets: Franco Sarto shooties (bye! bye! oh, probs from Ross); a.n.a. black skinny jeans (jcp); asymmetrical button front blouse (Loft Outlet sale); cardigan (thrifted); rhinestone snake pin thrifted in college; assorted rings ’cause I like lots o’ rings I really do

I thought these shooties were my friends. But the nature of my job has changed. As an immigration paralegal working in a historic house, you walk up stairs, run down stairs, and scoot back and forth between clients and the copy machine, rather more like a nurse in the ER than a sedentary desk type.

By the time I got home on the last day I wore these shooties, I was experiencing nearly crippling left foot pain. Right across the ol’ big toe joint, home of our family’s genetic hallux valgus deformity (fancy word for bunion). I did the reading; I know many experts attribute bunions to women wearing too high heels, and too small shoes (word on the street is a lot of women don’t wear their correct shoe size). But my mom has hallux valgus deformity, and she’s rarely worn high heels for long periods of time.

I was also workin’ the partial tuck, which I forgot to re-tuck in later in the day. And was not pretty.

Is it time to mourn my formerly pretty feet? Not yet, because you can’t really see much of a bunion, but wow, the pain is enough to make you beg for mercy. Or a Vicodin. The Vicodin would probably work better.

Seriously, I’ma Rhinestone Cowgirl.

That weekend, I limped through several shoe stores, and discovered Clarks and Easy Spirits, and other well-padded shoes with big toe boxes that will be kinder to my feet, and aid me in my frantic sprints around the office.

How do ya like them jeans, Middle Age?

I am mourning the loss of the Franco Sartos.

Any of you guys experiencing, er, changing feet? Watcha doin’ about it? What budget-priced comfort shoes for the office do you recommend?

P.S. I am linking up to Not Yet Dead Style’s wonderful weekly feature, Visible Monday, celebrating the vibrancy and visibility of women of all ages – even those with bunions.

34 Responses to How Do Ya Like Them Jeans, Visible Monday?

  1. First….that ring is GORGEOUS! I would love to have one exactly like it.

    Second, I bought a pair of Franco S's a couple of years ago and they were absolute torture on my feet…really, just horrid. However, I have a pair of FS boots that I love and are very comfortable, so go figure!

    I like Clarks and Tsubo for comfort shoes. And I have a pair of Born oxfords that are like wearing slippers.

    Good luck finding some comfy shoes for the office that look stylish!

  2. Uh-oh… My perception of your blog has changed. Now, when I see your outfit-photos, I see the entirety of you and not just some two-dimensional image. You have transformed into a real person. Which is good, since you're stunningly beautiful, inside and out.

    • Aw, thanks, Ally. You made me blush, which of course is wasted on the Internetz. And ditto on the stunningly beautiful comment, plus you are very, very cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Your butt looks amazing in those jeans! Am I allowed to say that?

    I skip the budget shoes. Save for pricey but well-made. It's worth it for your feet.

    • Yes! Thank you! And now for my one piece of style advice: Every woman should have one pair of jeans that makes her butt look amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

      Oh, and one pair of hot, sexy boots that are sneakily comfortable. Those I am still workin' on…

    • I'm glad Sheila complimented your bum first! Your rear looks great! (and the jeans are good from the front too). They fit well.

      i had a knee problem last year -all fixed now, but I am off wobbly heels and all about flat boots (as you know). They need to hold a heel lift thing to counteract the new. Not nec budget, but I am all about Camper – Spanish brand, but you can get from Amazon. They do styles for boots wide and narrow feet (though they don't say expressly, you can just see some styles are wider-cut. I have very narrow feet and have great lunch with the pseu range. They run true to size and last me forever (I walk a helluva lot).

  4. Lynn, you look HOT (to borrow my daughter's word) in them jeans!! Middle aged, whatever!! The shooties are also hot, and it's unfortunate that shoes have to be modified to be comfortable. I limped around this weekend in a pair of fabulous pumps, swearing I'd never succumb to the temptation again. I might, but probably for VERY short stints. Sounds like you need some comfy "get-over" shoes for work and save the other ones for photo-shoots and thangs. But you do look good!!!

    • I know, Jean, how many times have I sworn to give up painful heels, yet still found myself sort of hobbling around at the end of a swank event, all to "complete the line" – or whatever it is I tell myself when it must be heels. Of course, lack of height is an issue here, so sometimes I tell myself I'm just tryin' to get some respect ๐Ÿ˜› Lame, definitely!

  5. Holy crap, look at you rock those jeans, lady! Your rhinestones and partial-tuck are excellent too. Bye, dear shooties! Bye!

    So sorry to hear of your pain in the bunion. Seconding Sheila with the go-for-quality advice, though it's even harder when you have to do a sudden switch. Perhaps keep an eye on the Amazon Warehouse open box shoe section by brand for amazing footwear at better prices – it's where I found my Arche shoes. Think! are also a very-kind-to-feet company, as are Earthies and El Naturalista, all super-styley as well but unfortunately not at all kind on the budget. ๐Ÿ™

    • Amber, thanks for the recommendation. I will investigate this Amazon Warehouse thing STAT. Besides, Amazon kind of reads my mind via my shoe-surfing, and sends frighteningly accurate pop-up ads when I'm actually doing real work on the Internetz ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  6. Love your snakey pin. I'm sorry to hear about your feeties going south, but there are lots of comfy cute shoes out there. And what better excuse do you need to go shoe shopping.

    My knees have decided that high heels are out for me. Anything over a 2 inch difference between toes and heel is too high for me.

  7. I like them jeans, middle age! You look awesome, girl! About the shoes, er, yes and no. I went on for so long in flip-flops in my former life (long story) that I finally went numb between my first and second toes, so now heels feel good to me, but only comfortable ones. I digress. Badly. I guess my point is that my feet don't feel they have changed per se due to age, BUT I have worn bad-for-you shoes to the point that I have to be careful with them now!

    You are lovely! Franco Sartos or no!


  8. Your jewelry is awesome.
    I wore my black jeans and gray sweater today too. Well, I say too…but you didn't wear yours today so I guess we can't really be twinsies.

  9. Oh…hey, wait a minute. I didn't wear my gray sweater today. I'm so tired I'm not even remembering what I wore. Just looked at my blog and that sweater is burgundy. haha Oops.

  10. I had to come and tell you that I've always wanted purple streaks in my hair too! I work from home so I could get away with it too. Hmmmm, do you dare me?

    Your jewels are incredible today!

  11. You look hot in them jeans! And, hilarious!
    I've invested in shoe stretchers that's come in handy a few occasions. I wish more women would design shoes for women….I mean, come on! What do men know about walking around in high heels? All they care about it how sexy it looks…forget the toes! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. My feet are beyond deformed from my heels. Seriously. My pinky toe is permanently fricked. But does that stop me? No. But, it is not painful either. I'm sorry love! I am a big Franco Sarto fan too. Boo!

    I despise snakes, but this snake pin is really freaking cool! I love your sweater too!

    I loved the bit about a paralegal running around. My office has steps everywhere too and our office building has no elevator, so I quite literally feel your pain there. Today I had three different cases with financial disclosures to organize and photocopy and I thought I was gonna die of exhaustion. Luckily, I chose flats today.

    I have heard good things about Clark's but I personally refuse to wear them because it is my evil ex's last name. Weird and petty but seriously.

  13. I think I've gotten into the wedge sneakers partly because of foot change — but I can't deal with flats so this is my version of comfort!

    It's all in the toe box for all shoes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Goodness me, you're rocking those jeans! What a bod! all that running up and down stairs is a great advert for a fab figure! Loving the snake brooch!
    Clarks' do some fantastic shoes, comfy but not frumpy! There's a pair of suede ankle boots I'm currently loving (but the idea of a flight to India's winning!) xxx

  15. Ooh, that lovely bottom needs a squeeze! Is that inappropriate? I usually am. Anyway, in answer to the question in your post title – I like them very much!
    Oh your poor feet, I feel your pain. Literally – I have the same thing, and like you, there is a family history, though my mum has never worn high heels or narrow shoes in her whole life!
    I still wear heels on occasions, as long as I can kick 'em off or don't have to walk far. Day to day, I'm all about the comfort, though I just go by shape and fit rather than brand. Good luck! xxxx

  16. Those jeans are FIERCE! Great fit! I like Aerosoles and often find them at Ross and Marshalls. But, I have a pair of flats from Target that are my most comfortable shoes. I always try shoes on…I can't order them online…tried and had to return them. Have a great week.

  17. Who cares about shoes when you can rock your jeans like that?! yeah. I really never got into heels, just not my style. Platforms yes, kitten heels sometimes, wedgies if not too steep. As I've aged the comfort level has increased – but hey I'm still cool, man. No particular brands, just trying them on for feel.

  18. I've been going through that foot issue for the past few years. That drove me wearing Danskos 365/yr. I had a small break from the pain while I was pregnant, and, luckily, have been able to wear a few other styles since then as long as I wear arch support inserts. I've also been known to size up for a shoe that I love when it has smallish toe box. Or use shoe stretchers for the toes.

  19. Oh, I love that pin! I have something that is similar in shape only different colors. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry to hear of the demise of your fancy shoes. If I had to stand, walk, go up stairs, etc. in most of my shoes I would be DYING by the end of the day. I sit ensconced in my chair most of the day, so minimal sufferage.

    Side note: I was a gofer in high school at a law firm that was in a converted Victorian, so I understand your circumstances a bit.

    I am sure your comfy shoes are cute, though. Save the fancy ones for date night, right??

  20. You're looking fantastic in your jeans and the jewels deliver a special touch. I can relate to running around like an ER nurse because I was one, so you have me smiling.

    I can also relate to the issue of aging feet and shoes, a topic that we could talk about for days. I wear flats more frequently, but I still like to wear heels for short periods of time (car to bar is a phrase I laughed about recently). I don't have a favorite brand, but I know comfort when I feel it!

  21. So sorry about the Franco Sartos (I love that brand). Can't say I've had any foot problems yet. Have you noticed that Clarks and Easy Spirit have kind of stepped up their game? They don't all look so "old" any more.

    p.s. Your jeans are fitting mighty fine!

  22. Well-you look amazing for being in pain!!!

    I've had to pretty much give up all of my heels. It's flats now. I've been able to thrift several nearly new or new pairs of clarks and i've found Aerosoles and Easy spirits to be cute enough and comfortable.

  23. My poor Lynne! I've had bunions for years, and cannot remember the last time I wore high heels. I've had good luck with Naturalizers for the past few years. Try the outlet mall stores for great discounts. Don't forget the coupon books, and sign up for the Naturalizer eclub. Those save you even more.

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