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I Am Truly Blessed

I Am Truly Blessed

to Have Such Awesome Friends

We’ve just returned from a quick trip to Washington DC because The Teen expressed a wish to visit The Smithsonian. Having never been to DC before, I assumed The Smithsonian was two or three large buildings. Nope. Try 19 large buildings and a zoo.

We wanted to make this happen for The Teen because she has decided to undergo an unrelated donor bone marrow transplant. We’re not sure when, but she’s hoping to have her wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation first.

Francis Raymond Polk, Esq. (a knight, not a lawyer) was purchased at the Eastern Market to be a friend on the upcoming medical journey, along with a killer cloche hat from a lovely Nigerian lady’s stall.

It was a great trip, and it was awesome not to think about the challenges we’re facing this year for a few days. We’ve had some unexpected bad news on the employment front, and I’ve been struggling with low back pain that just won’t quit. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been doing more lurking than commenting recently – I use up my sitting tolerance at work. To be honest, I am feeling barely able to get through most days.

Winter is also not a great time of year for me, and as I commented on Alison’s recent post at Wardrobe Oxygen, “Lesson Learned“, I admitted feeling similarly burned out on blogging, maybe even not feeling quite like I liked myself for awhile:

To help with the Bloggin’ Blahs, I finally accepted that I did not need to post every day, or take a picture of every outfit. I was starting to feel weird, and honestly, even ugly when I compared myself to other bloggers. I want to focus more on secondhand clothes, and not just because the budget will only allow for secondhand clothes ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I need to keep blogging because it’s fun, and because I dearly love other bloggers and readers. I’ve learned so much from personal style blogs and want to continue to do so, but only as long as I’m not feeling pressured to post. When it stops being fun, there is nothing wrong with taking a break for a while.

From a day I was feelin’ sassy with my WendyB swear necklace.

So when I opened two surprise blogger buddy packages tonight (those who know me know I rather save them up than open boxes immediately), I was reminded of how much blogging has enriched my world, especially in the areas of friendship and generosity. I’ve met so many terrific people that have become good friends. Sheila sent me a fantastically beautiful pair of Escada pleated culottes that I’d wear tomorrow if they weren’t wool and it wasn’t supposed to be 70 degrees. Megan, Amber, and Patti sent me a box full of the most beautiful skirts, blouses, and that killer J. Peterman dress I always covet when Megan wears it on the blog. 

Sasha Jane adores the tissue from the packages ๐Ÿ™‚

All of you raise my spirits, and I love your blogs, your comments, and the constant inspiration I get from you guys. I am going to continue to blog because it’s fun. I need to remember not to compare myself to my gorgeous blogger friends, and just be who I am. I started blogging because I didn’t see many style blogs by women of a certain age, dressing for jobs in conservative offices. (And because readers who saw me at conferences wanted to know if I was wearing secondhand clothes.) I always intended to be a regular Joe, a middle-aged working woman,  demonstrating that you can get dressed for work and have fun with your wardrobe, even on a seriously limited budget. 

Thank you, guys – you help keep me going.

18 Responses to I Am Truly Blessed

  1. Oh Lynne! I hope I can be the first to say that I love this post for all of your thoughts and how you have said so eloquently, I am sure, how many of us feel! My life has been so busy lately, I feel guilty for not being in blog world enough, and yet real life carries on. I have been so touched, though, that my friends are still there and genuine when I get back. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be thinking of you and your family as your sweet girl faces the possibility of a transplant. I hope your back gets better as well! Oh, and you are beautiful!

    Your NC Pal,

  2. Hugs to you, hon. Take a breather and deal with your family situation. If you're not feeling it, then a rest is called for. Glad you got the culottes!

    The Teen is seriously adorbs in the cloche hat.

  3. I'm always comparing myself to my other gorgeous blogger friends, you included. You guys really help me crawl out of the hole sometimes, but then sometimes I like my hole. I understand well about the sitting quota…and the need to be free of pressure.

    I'm very sorry to hear about your back pain and Big Life.

    So I'm glad you were able to have a getaway. What a huge grin on The Teen – no wonder, dazzling in the cloche! With her Esquire pal. Now you need a me-time getaway too, into a Lazyboy with Miz Bagg's cabana man, and a fruity drink with an umbrella. Take care, Lynne. hugs.

  4. The Teen is adorable!! I'll be keeping her in my prayers!!
    You do what you need to do for you and your family!!
    I seriously loved Alison's post, too. I've had to learn to not compare myself to other bloggers and do this for ME.

  5. You are such a beautiful and amazing person inside and out Lynne. And you are an inspiration to me. But, you need to take care of yourself and your family, so you need to do what is best and if a break is what it is, then so be it.

    I'm glad you were able to take a nice trip! I know what you mean about the Smithsonian – I went there in high school and we barely scratched the surface of all there is to see.

    And as always, the Teen continues to be in my thoughts and prayers. She seems pretty much amazing just like her mama. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I had a wee bit of a blogging slump too. Sometimes it does feel as though other bloggers are having all the fun and looking way better doing it than I do! I feel pretty ordinary most of the time. BUT your words about the friendships and support and kindness are what keep me here too. We all lead different lives with different pressures and responsibilities, and comparing one with another is apples/oranges territory.
    You have a huge amount on your plate right now, Lynne. I am so sorry your back is painful, and I can only imagine the anxiety you are all facing regarding the Teen's health. Look at he gorgeous she is! Beautiful cloche hat, even more beautiful smile.
    I say do what feels right. Blog if you can and you want to. Posting every day has never been my goal, and if less frequent posts or a break is required, that's fine. We'll be here when you're ready. It's clear you have made some great friends through blogging, who send care packages and also much love! Here's a big smooch from me too, if that helps at all! xxxxxx

  7. I am so sorry to hear that on top of everything else you aren't feeling well…mind you that almost can be expected when you are so busy and have all the additional stresses that come with a sick person in the house.

    I too have taken a step back from my previous blogging ideas after our cancer scare. It made me rethink everything. I used to feel that I needed to comment on every blog I visited and that I needed to blog daily and have great photos of myself and fabulous ideas all the time and amazing over-the-top DIYs, lose 10 lbs, become 20 year younger etc etc etc. As women we are constantly comparing ourselves with others and have personal expectations that are unrealistic even for SuperWoman. We need to let ourselves feel okay about letting go of those expectations and just be content with what we are able to do with what we have at that moment.

    It's okay to be down, it's okay not to want to comment, it's okay not to have photos all the time, it's okay just to take a moment for yourself. Give yourself the freedom to accept yourself as you are right now. Letting go of who you expected to be and accepting who you really are right now is emotionally freeing.

    The reason I come back to your blog time and time again isn't because of the outfits ( although I do love those too). It's because of your wit. You always manage to put a smile on my face. That is a talent Lynne. We all need to capitalize on our own unique skills.

    Okay…I just wrote a novel : ) but your post inspired me.


  8. Oh Lynne, it is lovely to see the Teen smiling. And what an owl! She is so beautiful in her new hat. You are right that blogging is something special, I miss it when I haven't checked in with everybody, or posted, for a few days. But if blog-time is pressurising IRL time, or you just don't feel like it, then have a rest. There have been days when I have taken pics then deleted them as I look tired, grouchy, not-put-up-on-the-net-able. I come to your blog for your style, but also for your great writing and your spirit. I find you an inspiration. But I only want to see you on your blog when you want to be there, missus!

    And self-esteem, isn't it funny? Some pictures I see – quite differently from the mirror- how some outfits work, and others … Don't. But equally sometimes your eyes will just look at the bits of you that you don't like. But no one else sees that xxx

  9. I'm surprised you ever find the time to blog. We love you and won't forget you if you want to take a break and are behind you all the way.
    Your teen is absolutely gorgeous, her smile brightened up my Facebook page this morning. I'm sorry your back is troubling you, too. I hope the parcels of joy bring some cheer! xxx

  10. Aw, those pictures are so cute. You know we've got your back no matter what–if you need to take time off, if you think your pictures are less than stellar (you always look like Lynne to me!), or whatever happens–but you know you've got friends here who just want to support you in good times and bad.

    (I've been commenting less frequently as well, for more mundane reasons–my laptop at home likes to eat the comments these days, and I haven't had the time on my lunch breaks at work to catch up with everybody recently! It's always something.)

  11. Ah, Lynne – I wish I could have a cup of tea with you right now (as if you have a ton of free time). So many troubles have piled up on you and your family! We love you and support you and hey, if we're going to start comparing, I'd give a digit or something to have your fabulous hair : >

  12. I am very touched by your post and how eloquently you shared your struggles. With your job, the serious health issues of your beautiful Teen, your back pain and all the stress that goes along with even one of these issues, how could you not be feeling anxious and vulnerable.

    Your are right when you state that blogging needs to be fun and not more pressure during difficult times. I will follow you now matter how frequently you post, and send you support and best wishes during your journey. You are a talented, vibrant, beautiful and very stylish woman who I admire. Take care of yourself in every way possible.

  13. I get it, and love you for being real- and take your breather- this is about community and having fun. Not a job. So take your time but I can't wait to see you in your blogger buddy frocks!

  14. Oh Lynne, you're the greatest Lynne paralegal blogger I know. And no one does that better than you. No one. Do whatever you want with your blog, whenever you want. We like you as you are. Take care of yourself however you need to. Everything is okay in the bloghood. But I would like to see you around every now and then…if it's okay with you, that is.

  15. Dear Lynne … you're facing your challenges with amazing strenghth and dignity. I'm thrilled to hear that your spirits have bene lifted by the awesome gifts you've been sent.

    I hope the "unexpected bad news on the employment front" is quickly remedied.

    Keep strong and positive.


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