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I Enter the Twitosphere, or Become One of the “Tweeple”

I Enter the Twitosphere, or Become One of the “Tweeple”

I wish I could have worked “Curious George” into the title of my blog – maybe “Curious George’s Big Blog of Curiosity”? I decided to join to find out why the newest Internet networking site is so popular (and because, yes, my curiosity IS killing me, Mom). Besides, Jeffrey Smith a/k/a “Smitty” recommends Twitter, and he is a really, really smart man. Plus, Twitter is free.

I also had to find out who Twitter user “Puglover27” is, and I did. She is a very resourceful business person and passionate advocate for the paralegal profession whom I had already met on LinkedIn. Boy, do I feel stupid that I called her a “student”. I am going to let myself off the hook though, because she coordinated my first web cast. I was such a web cast newbie that I kept calling it that “web-thing-a-ma-bob” right up until the time that I picked up the telephone to call in.

So I joined Twitter in under 60 seconds (which means Curious George could have joined in 10). It would have taken 45 seconds, except the Twitter name I wanted, “PracticalParalegal” had too many letters. I became “ExpertParalegal” and another “Tweet” in the flock of “Twitterers” or “Tweeple”. As a member of the massive “Twaggle” (gaggle of followers), the next question was obviously, “Who do I follow?” I was definitely a “Tweetard”.

Twitter does not make finding people easy if you do not know who your fellow Twitterers are – and I only actually know a half dozen people who use Twitter, including paralegal website owners and bloggers, Jeannie, Vicki and Christine. Since my goal is not to share my grocery list or doggy burbles (I burble over them a lot) via Twitter, but to see if the site is useful for professional networking and news updates, I promptly went to a national paralegal listserv and asked who was using Twitter. I got a single additional Twitterer to follow from that idea.

Then I decided to do my absolute most favorite activity in the world: Google. First, I wanted to see if anyone had published testimony from today’s N.C. State Bar disciplinary hearing in Raleigh. No. But the Raleigh News & Observer has a Twitterfeed, so I added it hoping to get a “tweet” about the status of the hearing. Then I Googled “Top Twitters” and got a hit for the “top 100 most followed” Twitters at (A tiny voice inside of me said, “Walk away now” — but then I asked myself, “What would George do?”)

After quickly surfing Internet articles about top Twitter users, I added Barack Obama (yes, I can!), CNN Breaking News and The New York Times (like Internet crack for a news junkie like me), Tina Fey (I passed on Britney), Rebecca Jacobs (an attorney specializing in employment and ERISA law), Lilly Hill (a paralegal and “social media evangelist” – who can resist that title?) and Heather Hildebrand (a legal assistant, dog owner and world traveler). For now, I am going to follow the Twitters and see where they lead me, and hope that The Man in the Yellow Hat does not have to rescue me from myself in Twitterdom.

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