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I’d Like to Thank the Following for My Bloggy Award:

I’d Like to Thank the Following for My Bloggy Award:

1. My beloved hairdresser, Betsy Jeannie Jo, who is responsible for maintaining my extensions and fake-o hair color;
2. My entourage and body guards, Darryl, Darryl, and Larry, who follow me around and break things that I don’t have to pay for because I am an F-list celebrity;

 The Deets: Banana Republic cable sweater (Goodwill); Square floral scarf (Goodwill $1); Loft skirt (Loft Outlet clearance); Bjorndal booties (Rack Room sale $20); blue rhinestone bracelets (very old); navy blue tights (one can never own too many navy blue tights); Corgi print from CalligramORama

3. My housekeeper and cook, Edmund, who makes a mean Pop Tart, but refuses to wash dishes, sweep up, or dust, much like the rest of my family;
4.  My banker and manager, our cat, whose expression never changes when I add my profits from style blogging to our change jar;
5. My dogs and cats for making sure I’m always wearing real fur;

6. My stylist, Ellerton, who made me stop wearing those Smurf tights, and is a little too shoe-happy; 
7. The paparazzi who respect my privacy so much that I never see them; and
DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. My wonderful friend and fellow style blogger, Ally at Shybiker, whose team of judges, similar to jury members after twelve days of a contract law trial, was having a lively discussion about the merits and demerits of nominated blogs, until the candy bribes ran out, and then they just closed their eyes, and pointed to the blog names on the list. The one with the most fingers won The Bloggy Award! Yay me!
Oh, in addition to my first trophy for blogging, the award included a fresh $100 bill. Awesomes. I honestly couldn’t figure out the coolest thing to do with it (like buy groceries), but then decided it should be spent on style blogger things inspired by Ally, like a vintage or vintage reproduction dress.
What’s your favorite online source for vintage dresses and/or vintage reproduction dresses? I know some of y’all have eBay and/or Etsy shops with lots of vintage stuff, so point me and other readers of this blog to ’em! 🙂

25 Responses to I’d Like to Thank the Following for My Bloggy Award:

  1. Woo! Congrats Lynne! You deserve it! As for what to do with the prize money, I do suggest hunting around ebay… but if you want some eye candy, might I suggest I only bought one thing from them before, but I loved it. I still like to slink around there every once and awhile and dream.

  2. " My dogs and cats for making sure I'm always wearing real fur;" – this made me laugh out loud. I think I just saw a tumbleweed of animal hair blow by…

    • The Corginator is shedding her winter undercoat. I think I have enough of her hair to make furry cropped jackets for everyone I know and some peeps I don't know 😛

  3. You're so sweet to mention my shop, thank you!!
    I love to browse Bella's Etsy shop called CitizenRosebud and the Ebay shop for Elegant Bohemian. Other then that I don't shop vintage often because things don't seem to fit me well. I'm sure you'll find something wonderful to use your well deserved winnings on and we can't wait to see!

  4. Congratulations! I hope you won't forget your old mates now you're a celeb! The cats and dogs ensuring you always wear fur made me spit my tea out! xxx

  5. Congrats Lynee on the award!! cute outfit!!

    I consider pet fur as a texture element to my outfits!!

    Our Queen Misty-Cat knows she is stunning covered in silver fur so wouldn't everything be fabulous covered in her hair??

  6. Ahh, how lovely to be chosen for an award, Lynne, and thoroughly well-deserved.
    Yes, all the best fashionistas need their entourage, and their constant layer of pet hair, it's de rigueur, darling!
    That little skirt is lovely and the scarf is very pretty. So are you! xxxxx

  7. Congrats, Lynne! I love your idea for your winnings, and hope you find just the perfect thing. I haven't vintage-shopped online so don't have a solid rec, but etsy is packed with beautiful things. The place I got the dress you asked about is a new IRL store near-ish to me (thank goodness for the "ish" b/c by closet would explode, lol). Best acceptance speech ever!

  8. Yay! Your acceptance speech made me laugh.

    I recently had to buy a new computer and lost all my bookmarks. As a result, I need to find a new way to plug you into my daily reading. I've fallen a few days behind and that's just not good. I'll figure it out soon.

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