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If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Wear It Anyway

If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Wear It Anyway

Er, no. Ixnay ill-fitting shoes, because your pinchy feet will drive you mad. Same for squeezy clothes, right? But maybe not for brilliant squeezy clothes?

I’ve had this secondhand dress since The Absent-Minded Professor treated me to a long Mother’s Day weekend earlier this year, visiting The Costume Technician in NYC. On the day she had to work, I visited every single thrift and consignment store within walking distance of her apartment. Because that’s how I roll when I travel.

The Deets: ROGAN dress (designer label made in NYC, $13 thrifted; vintage rhinestone brooch (purchased in 1980s); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon last year); tights (Marshalls last year, I think)

I fell in love with this dress, but it was a wee bit snug in the hips – so snug that the cool gingham lining of the pockets puffed out like small party balloons on my hips. Sigh. Too small. I was puzzled and bummed because the dress fit my broad shoulders with room to spare, and I don’t actually have much in the hip department, being built like a pencil.

That didn’t prevent me from trying the dress on a second time before leaving the store, because I thought it was the best dress ever and that I would gladly throw all my other dresses away if this one would just stretcccccccchhhhhh and fit me. Dammit and waaaaah. Still too small. I reluctantly put on my Big Gurl Panties and left it.

Until I came back later in the afternoon, tried it on again, mooned over myself in the dressing room mirror, and still couldn’t deny the gingham pocket linings pooching out on both sides of my hips.

And bought it anyway. I had to because the label said:

I love you because you are beautiful and smart and in control of your life and finances your business acumen astonishes me and makes me want to arrange your flowers.

Well, hells to the yeah. Oh, and I’ve lost a little weight, so it fits me now. The pockets only pooch out when I sit down.

I guess I could just sew them shut…

P.S. I’m excited to link up with Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday. I hope you’ll check out all the participants rockin’ their style at any age.

26 Responses to If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Wear It Anyway

  1. I did just what you did in NYC – hit up every thrift store in walking distance (and that's a lot!) I can see why you love this dress, and esp the message inside. You look great and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xox

    • Pam, it's the same blog…sorta. Just a name change (again, while I find myself at age 50 :P) and the need to move it over to the same domain name. Big career change in progress, and of course, deeply without funds while not working and getting The Teen through the rest of the transplant process, so Goodwill is now really the only place I can afford to shop. Thankfully, I love Goodwill's wonders more every day 😀 But yes, we will be Goodwill girls together!

  2. I can see why you couldn't say no – that's a great dress! Classic, but fun. As for the poochy pockets, maybe you can make a feature of them. Make them look like they're supposed to pooch. Or just sew them shut.

    • You made me smile – and then realize I might be a designer idiot. Maybe there's SUPPOSED to be a peek at the contrasting gray and white gingham lining. Oops. Will be stylin' and photographin' this dress in the future, with ma pockets hangin' out…lol.

  3. Awww!! Or depending on the pockets, you could completely remove them, freeing up that last little bit inside the dress?

    However that is a mega-mega cute dress!! And I'm glad you went back for it. It's very special.

    Btw, I'm hoping to finally get this other dress out to you soon. I'm so behind on my mailing.

  4. Very cute dress. And you're talking to a gal whose clothes never fit right. My shoulders are huge compared to the rest of me, so I know what you're describing. I'm glad you bought the dress.

  5. That is a fantastic dress, and I love it with your tights and shoes and shiny things – you look fantastic! These kinds of fluctuations are exactly why I have so many clothes, lol. So glad to see you too!!!

  6. Well, your dress is amazing! People that can't handle pocket pooches when there's this much other awesomeness going on are sissies anyway. 😀 Love the pretty brooch you added.

  7. OMG…I just bought myself a skirt and it said the same dang thing to me! I'm a sucker for a compliment. Those clothes are wickedly charming and difficult to refuse.

    This dress does look great on you though. It's very unique and quirky and goes perfectly with your new punk'd out do.

    So happy you are back at the blogging : ) I've missed you.


  8. I love this outfit and I love this post. If you worry about popping pockets, wear some of that wicked shapewear. OOoo, yeah. Sometimes I love that restriction. I'm glad you bought this dress.

  9. The dress looks like it was made for you! I'm glad you went for it. Sometimes vintage fit is odd- I'm built like a Y as well, and some vintage things fit my big shoulders and not my waist. (?) Maybe they're intended for cinchers.

  10. You look absolutely adorable–the dress is cute cute cute.
    Sew the pockets SHUT–sometimes it's just how they are positioned in the garmet that makes em poof!!

  11. Perfect now! So good to see your face … you're getting so skinny! Know it's not the easiest way to lose, but you guys are all such winners in ways that are so much better! You look beautiful.
    And if you put on a pound or so, I say this to you: "Spanx!" Yes.

  12. It's a fab frock, and big old suck-it-all-in undies and sewing up the pockets will solve its issues perfectly! Charity/thrift shopping in a new place is always so exciting, I don't blame you for being on a mission to visit every last shop you could!
    Oh it's good to see you, Lynne! xxxx

  13. Haha!! I loved your title and was almost disappointed when it became apparent you were talking about the dress. Good thing you got it!! It's totally great. I did the same thing in NY when I was there…hit every freakin' thrift store I could find, even changing into a purchase in a Housingworks dressing room because it got hot outside. You look fab!!!!

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