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I’m Poppen Tagz for Halloween

I’m Poppen Tagz for Halloween

Halloween is my absolute fave holiday. Historically, I’ve always taken any opportunity to party on Halloween as an excuse to have a few drinks, boogie down, and bring my sexy back. This year I’m blessed to be living near a major research hospital while my youngest daughter recovers from a curative stem cell transplant for Sickle Cell Disease. There aren’t so many opportunities to party ’round here, so I leapt at the opportunity to attend the virtual Halloween party thrown by my fabulous friend, Ally, the thoughtful and stylish blogger at Shybiker.

Because this is a style blog about mostly secondhand fashion, I decided I wanted to be an extra in the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Thrift Shop song video. I had about 20 minutes to put something together at Goodwill. I snagged a brilliantly hideous purple frock with giant balloon sleeves bigger than a dorm refrigerator, which would have made me look exactly like Violet Beaureguarde – but when I saw this vintage halter formal, I tried it on and knew I wanted to wear it to every future party I go to. I upgraded to the sexy-Grandma-slash-much-older-model-girlfriend-of-the-lead-singer in the video.

On my way to pay, I got distracted by a big box of animal scarf mitt hat thingies. When I tried this one on, and it fit my large head, I knew I could wear thrifted fur like Ben, and also channel the most frightening woman I’ve ever seen, Megumi from What Not to Wear, Season 10.

Plus, I can wear it to walk my dogs. The faux fur, not the formal. It’s a win-win all ’round.

Did you dress up on your blog for the Halloween holidaze? Please feel free to add your costume link if you comment!

9 Responses to I’m Poppen Tagz for Halloween

  1. oh yeah! the halter plus the hat is so Halloween-awesome (not that it wouldn't work for weekend errands too!). You rule the holiday. xox

  2. Fantastic "sexy grandma…the video" look and best descriptor ever. Laugh. I'm glad you're partying on the holiday. Great quick scores on the thrifting scene. I hope you wear this stuff even when Halloween is over. They are great pieces. That dress is va-voom.

  3. Even more than your inventive costume, I love your energy. You're radiating warmth and goodness into the world. You're a special person, Lynne!

  4. Awwwww, love your costume! I love that song. It's the perfect song for thrifters.

    I did my traditional crazy cat costume – with REAL fur (vintage).

  5. Love that song–so true!!
    You look so very slutty and fabulous!! Love the hat thingy–you'll be tres stylish walking the Corginator!!

    Oh yeah–Megumi was HEINOUS!!! I will miss WNTW!!

  6. I love the idea of using Halloween as a time to get your sexy back. I've been feeling like it's totally unretrievable so maybe NEXT year!!! I haven't had the time or energy to do much of anything. You inspire, as always. Sending you and yours much love!!!!!

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