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I’ma Dress Gal

I’ma Dress Gal

I’ve been thinking about the development of my style, such that it is, since my blog slowly moved from irreverent paralegal news reporting (nobody cared or maybe I was the only one who thought I was funny) to affordable career dressing. I don’t know if it’s the aging process, the changes in the shape of my body, or just pure laziness, but I really prefer to wear a dress.

The Deets: Dress (Loft Flash Sale); Cropped cardi (Target); Riding boots (Target clearance); Sweater clasp (gift from Bella); Floral cuff bracelet (under $2 Steinmart clearance)

The perfect dress makes a woman look elegant, but feel like she is wearing her most beloved nightgown. Coco Chanel said this.

You can always tell when the Absent Minded Professor takes the pics.

No she didn’t. It was Anna Wintour.

No she didn’t.

Hey, we could do this all night, right? No?

Bella read my mind. I did already own one sweater clasp, but boy did I want more.

As I struggle to whittle my wardrobe down to one tiny closet, albeit well-edited, I have to admit I’m a dress gal, pure and simple.

What’s your fave wardrobe basic? Dress, skirt, jeans, cardis – what is the one item you find yourself buying most frequently?

37 Responses to I’ma Dress Gal

  1. I enjoy wearing dresses in the winter when I can break out the tights
    My legs are so white in the summer, it's kind of embarrassing.
    What do you do for your legs in the summer?
    Or are you one of those naturally tan people?
    🙂 Brett

  2. GORGEOUS dress. That color is supremely perfect on you. I buy a lot of shoes. I also shop a lot in skirts and dresses, but I tend to wear a pretty even amount of everything.

    I totally WON'T talk about the frye boots I just ebay'd or the laundry list of sandals I've bought over the winter, but suffice to say I could stop buying shoes now and still be okay for years.

  3. Sweater clasps! Cool!

    I like both dresses and pants. I usually think I need more jackets and cardis because they're easy to layer for work, or going out. I'd like more vests, too, for the same reason. And then I need more tops under them. And then the right shoes…

  4. I really teeter between the love and effortless chic of a dress and the freedom and warmth of pants. You however my dear look fabulous in this dress and your photos are so absolutely gorgeous in these. Your hair is so pretty!

  5. What a great quote. I bet anything you write about would be hilarious, you've got a wicked sense of humour! Love that cute dress on you, you look like a teenager.
    I do love a maxi dress but sometimes find them too easy and challenge myself to do a skirt and top. xxx

  6. That last picture of you is stunning…with the clasp!! You are one of the bloggers which encourage me to wear dresses more often. I have grown to be a pants girl, but thanks for inspiring me to wear a dress or two. have a great weekend.

  7. You definitely are a dress gal!! I love dresses too and skirts – but find myself reaching for them more in the summer. In the winter it's more pants – especially colored and printed pants this year.

    I love the color of your dress and the tights you're wearing are awesome too!

  8. Me too! I'll join the dress club!
    I prefer wearing a dress too. They just look and feel so much better than pants, and they are much easier to style. You almost can't go wrong. Plus, I just feel more put together, more attractive, more at ease.

  9. Dress dress dress!
    (Though a skirt and cardigan is good too…)
    You look so beautiful in these photos, Lynne, the AMP definitely photographs you with Real Love! Or is it being snapped by the man you love that makes you glowingly radiant? (THAT'S where I'm going wrong – my tripod doesn't love me!)
    The cornflower blue of the dress and the shape is adorable on you. And cardi clips – yay!
    Have delightful weekend, my friend. xxxxx

  10. Most dresses hit me funny but I am a skirt girl, pure and simple. To me, skirts are the perfect combo of feeling comfortable yet looking professional.

  11. I'm definitely a dress girl too. There are so many flattering styles out there, and with my high waist, pants always seem to fit me funny. your Karina dress below is up my alley – it's gorg on you. I love the blue of the frock in this post too. Xo

  12. You look natural and beautiful in dresses. I admire that. I love dresses for the same reason. Not having been allowed to wear them most of my life built a lot of pent-up desire in me which is only slowly being dissipated.

  13. Yes, you are a dress girl! This one is a beauty – cornflower blue? Whatever blue, it is a great colour on you. I don't know that I had seen a sweater clasp before, but now I want one.

    As you know, I am a hands-down cardigan/sweater girl. Cannot stop buying them.

  14. Beautiful color dress. Love that sweater clasp.
    A couple of years ago I was wearing almost all skirts, but I've now switched to mainly pants and jeans of various colors. The item I seem to have loaded up on in the last several months has got to be button down shirts. They're a new discovery of mine and I'm enjoying the layering process with them.

  15. Super lovely dress Lynne! I'm totally a dress girl too, and I also wear a lot of cropped cardigans.

    The blue colour is fantastic on you, and that sweater clasp is brilliant – Bella is brilliant!

  16. Dresses seem to like you as much as you like them! I too, am a dress gal, and regardless of who said it, that quote is so true- nothing feels so good a feeling comfortable while looking beautiful.

  17. Lynn, you look AMAZING in that color!! The close up shot is gorgeous. The dress suits you to a T, and with the boots, tights, and sweater, it's glorious.

    Favorite item? Probably long skirts, all year round. They're comfortable, versatile, and easy to make. XXOO

  18. I'm a dress gal too (if skirts count). i much prefer throwing on a skirt than a pair of jeans on any given day. So glad to hear that I'm not just being lazy. You make being a 'dress gal' look fabulous, fun, and classy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. This blue dress is amazing, the color and the shape and the bolero jacket is a perfecct addition. The complete outfit suits you so well!
    Some days I prefer a dress, some days a skirt, but not so often pants. A dress can be as versatile as a skirt, there are so many options with jewelry and scarfs and cardigans.

  20. Hi Lynne, I'm not a dress girl … I think I prefer skirts, although I seldomly get them where they fit correctly.

    This colour looks as though it were created with you in mind and you look stunning … but then you always do.

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend

  21. Beautiful dress; the colour looks fab with your hair. And I love a good dress, but I am definitely a skirt gal, mainly because I have both a long torso and long legs, and I'm likeliest to get a good fit with a skirt. Also, I just love them.

  22. I have discovered I love maxi dresses, but other dresses not so much. Jeans are my go to item of clothing.

    I do love this dress on you. the seams make it so chic and it fits you so perfectly. The sweater clasp is tres chic too. I love them.

  23. The package came! Thank you so much. I love the scarf…but sadly, the pin didn't make it. 🙁 The leaf was all cracked, with bits of resin (?) flaking off it. So sad – but thank you so much for thinking of me. 🙂

    My size is 6 or 8 current new (eg. Mexx or Club Monaco), 10-12 vintage, or 38-40 Euro. I wear 9-9.5 shoes (40 Euro). What sizes are you?? I see slightly small stuff all the time that I think might fit you! Let me know!

  24. The close up is spectacular! Really shows off you beautiful features, hair and eyes. The cropped sweater with your blue dress is stunning as well. Looks like the come back of the sweater clasp. I remember them well from the 50's and have some to this day.

    No big surprise, but my wardrobe basic is the hat.

  25. I guess I never "got" how dresses are more comfortable than pants. Then again, I've always had "thigh rub" issues… I even wore capri leggings under my wedding dress so I wouldn't chafe!

    I guess Coco never took the chafing that into account… and the binding horror of pantyhose/tights has not come into use at that time.

    You look gorgeous in dress, though… especially this one!

  26. That dress looks great on you, and that is one of my favorite colors. Love your quote, too…how true is that??? I have a hard time fitting in dresses. Most dresses only fit me on the top or bottom, but not both. I can tailor the fitted ones to me, though. I don't like to HAVE to do that.

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