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In this Episode I Get Yelled At

In this Episode I Get Yelled At

A lot.

I’ve already confessed I’m excruciatingly shy, and taking pictures of myself still feels weird. But self photography is not only helping my sartorial style, it’s helping my actual photography skills develop, too.

Can you see a car in this pic?
The Deets: Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress (GoodWill); Loft sweater (very old Rugged Wearhouse); Obi belt ($1 at The Limited); Naturalizer boots (Ross Dress for Less); Megan Mae Daily button flowers

This morning I felt really bold. Either my coffee was extra strong, or my anti-depressant dosage is getting just right, but I wanted to take some pictures in a more public setting, partly because I was intrigued by the yellow fog creeping ’round on little cat feet.

So there I am, camera set up, remote in hand, doofus-ly (no, that’s not a word) snapping pics of myself while reminding myself to stand up straight and not pose pigeon-toed, when a man in the adjoining parking lot starts yelling at me.

BTW, that’s not the subject vehicle.

I can’t hear what he’s yelling, so I walk to the edge of the parking lot, and say the equivalent of, “EH?”

And then he yells really loud, “STOP TAKING PICTURES OF MY CAR!!!!”

I am bum-effed. Well I was. I finally found speech, and yelled back, “I’M NOT TAKING PICTURES OF YOUR CAR!!!” I wish I’d thought to yell, “Your wife hired me to follow you!” but I never think of super witty retorts until it’s too late.

So he sez, “THAT’S A CAMERA ISN’T IT?”

This image was taken with a camera. Shoot, one pigeon toe.

I had to admit it was indeed a camera, and then politely said it was not pointed at his car, and I was in fact not taking photos of his nondescript black sedan. (As a legal professional, I’m cognizant of not including legible license plate and/or house numbers if they happen to be in photo settings.)

“Oh, it’s okay then,” he generously pronounces, and merrily waves as he walks off.

“Well thank you very effing much,” I mumbled, probably rather loudly. (Perhaps the anti-depressant dosage could be adjusted a tad).

I know, too many pics, but I’m the red Powerpuff Girl in this one.

I also got yelled at and then profusely apologized to at work today, which is fodder for a whole ‘nother post, but I’m going to sign off now and go back to reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower, based on The Teen’s recommendation. Nope, I haven’t seen the movie. I don’t do movies before books.

33 Responses to In this Episode I Get Yelled At

  1. I love this outfit – the top half reminds me a lot of one of the ones in my capsule last month!

    What a doofus that guy sounds! I am still too shy to go out and pose in public (well, there were those Hallowe'en costume pics).

    Hope your day tomorrow is less stressful!

  2. Geez, you've been through a lot today. I can't believe you're brave enough to take pictures in a parking lot. I can barely leave the backyard with my little camera. I may be a tad more shy than you, or just groggy all the time from my sleeping pills. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    You look better than Powerpuff Girls and more fun too.

    Hilarious comments in my thread about cremation. I've been doing that a lot lately. I've also been thinking for months that Krista's blog is called Peetee's Place until I read Palace! Something is wrong with my eyes. Do you think I can sue someone?

  3. "As a legal professional, I'm cognizant of not including legible license plate and/or house numbers"

    i didn't know that was a problem. i've always thought any car in public was fair game and have seen a lot of pictures of funny license plates. he was a bit touchy, imo.

    i like your red and gray, and i like those pins decorating the sweater.

  4. I like the belt, and the mix of red and gray. Taking blog pictures has helped my photography too, though I still feel weird about people seeing me take pictures.

  5. I love this outfit! I love the belt even more. I have to add an obi belt to my list of things I still need to add to the closet. As for the guy in the parking lot, he had something to hide. People usually get curious when they see a camera not get all irritated and bent out of shape. I would stick to a quiet spot for photographs to avoid curious people or paranoid people in the future.

  6. What a dweeboid (no, that's not a word either) man for yelling at you. So that is a deadly sin, taking photos of one's car? I never knew! Makes you wonder what was so alarming inside his car…

    What a day you've had – but looking fabulous the whole time I can assure you from these pics. I love the obi belt over the cardigan. I'm glad you're getting bold! The side effects of blogging are unexpected and often delightful.

  7. So much love for the red cardigan! I've been wearing so much blue lately that red feels fresh to my eyes. Also hooray for buttonflowers.

    Poo on that guy! What a jerk.

    I always read the book before the movie. I read the hunger games in a weekend because I wanted to see the movie.

  8. First of all kudos to you for venturing out to take your own photos! As a fellow self-photographer I can appreciate that. I swear I've never had weirder encounters in my LIFE than through taking my own pictures for the blog. And I've worked fast food and retail and I am a mother of three. Strange, strange people out there. I find that interesting though and challenging and often times the a-ha! moment in writer's block. I love the way your photos turned out Lynne! Seriously the best ever and I adore your outfit. I have to say, I think red is YOUR color girl. Also, I totally laughed to myself as I read your "as a paralegal, I make sure not to get license plate numbers or house numbers in my photos" because I am the EXACT SAME WAY for the exact same reason! LOL

  9. All the yelling… sounds like too many of my days, when my clients go off. *sigh* We hate full moon, the crazies always come out of the woodwork.

    I recognized those button flowers before I even scrolled down. Very cute with you outfit!

  10. First, I love the outfit! As a blogger, freelance writer, journalism teacher…I am unfortunately accustomed to being yelled at for the most mundane things. Just let it roll off you is his problem. And, yes, bloggers can get in legal trouble producing license plates. I am ever aware of that.

  11. Heh, I wish you'd made the wife-hired-me comment, but I am *just* like you – I have the best retorts minutes after the other person's left the scene : > You look fantastic, btw, I love the buttonflower accents and the obi belt.

  12. Why would anyone assume you were taking a photo of their car, of all things. Sounds suspicious. Perhaps you should leave an anonymous tip… Meanwhile back to important business, you look great in your red and grays with a dash of Megan Mae. Kudos for standing your ground!

  13. What a maroon!! Maybe parking-lot dude hadn't had his coffee yet. Or else he's paranoid……. LOLOLOL

    Well–at least you looked fantastic while getting yelled at!! love the red & grey combo!!

  14. The outfit is beautiful. Really nicely constructed.

    The world is full of jerks and any trip into public space exposes us to them. Try to slough it off. On the other hand, I also am shy, want to photograph outfits outdoors, and face equal (if not greater) risk of unwanted attention. So I hear ya, sister…

  15. I'm just like you, I always think of a perfect response an hour later! I'm very impressed with you going out on location and taking pictures and you look fabulous as well. Cheeky git, what had he got to hide anyway? xxx

  16. I'm a new reader–howdy! Like others, I find myself wondering why the man was so afraid that photographs were being taken of his car. The word "mafioso" springs to mind, but that's just me. Love the outfit! Hope no one else yells at you today!

  17. Aww, some people, I swear! I got yelled at yesterday too about the stupid headlight on my car – must have been a full moon or something!

    I must say, this is a lovely outfit, one of my favorites of yours! I just may try to copy it next week as I have a number of similar pieces!

    Kidding! Why would you want to take pics of a crappy boring car, when you can take pics of gorgeous stylish YOU? Strange chap indeed… But well done to you for being brave, not taking any shit, and doing a public photo shoot. I am still vaguely embarrassed about my neighbours seeing me taking my pics in my own garden! And location shots are courtesy of my daughter, I daren't take the tripod. Something to work on, perhaps…
    Red and grey look so good together, and I am in love with your boots.
    Keep drinking the coffee/taking the meds/blogging cos your friends here promise not to yell at you, apart from when they tell you HOW GREAT YOU ARE! xxxx

  19. Oh, what a grumpy guy! Why would you be taking pictures of his car?? That does sound like a sucky day, but at least you looked very cute in that outfit. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love how that obi belt looks. Wish I could wear one. I have a really hard time with belts. As all my weight settles around my midsection I tend to look like a sausage. I mistakenly bought a jacket that has a belt online and got it last night. Too bad I can't take it back…I'm going to try to figure out how to wear it effectively (i.e. so I don't look like a sausage).

  20. You look pretty kick a$$ in this outfit…I'm surprised anyone dared to mess with you today. No wallflower look here. Power red, obi samurai warrior belt, dominatrix boots (haha, just kidding)…. awwwww, but then look at that sweet face. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. You rock taking pictures out in public! We are both terrified of doing it, so major kudos. This outfit is absolutely fabulous! We are OSU Buckeye fans so this outfit reminds us of our team ๐Ÿ™‚ No movies before books for us either. Heather & Kayla

  22. Some people get so effing weird, don't they? I had a similar situation happen to me once when a boy told his dad that I was taking pictures of their house, and the man came out of his house, up to my car and knocked on my car window. Kind of scary, but I showed him the photos I had taken and that his house was not in any of them. What a country hick he was!

    What I really wanted to do was show him how tall my middle finger was!

    P.S. My feet tend to turn inward in photos too. What's up with that? LOL

  23. Oh my!! Lynne! Some people. I love this outfit! Looks really good on you. I need to get in gear and keep up with my blog life. Dang it, my real life keeps getting in the way!! ;D xoxo Lynn

  24. I reckon car-man was up to no good. Your 'thought-of later' reply made me laugh.

    Your outfit is just right for sassing strange man. The belt with the cardigan is perfect.

  25. No one should ever yell at my Lynne!!! At least there was one apology, and it was profuse. I love this outfit – the colours, the proportions! – and your photos are just beautiful. I'm always totally impressed by bloggers who do their thing in public.

    I also want to thank you so much for your kindness to me.

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