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Injured Paralegal’s Co-Workers Go Extra Mile to Investigate Accident

If I were found in the street, alone and severely injured, I’d want the police to make investigating the cause a priority. But if the police were not actively investigating the incident, then I’d count on the support, curiosity and experience of my co-workers at the law firm where I work, as happened in the case of Philadelphia paralegal Andre Steed.

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Steed, a paralegal employed for more than a decade at Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen & Pokotilow, a law firm specializing in intellectual property law and litigation, was found unconscious last week on a busy Center City street, not far from his office. The police were unable to locate any witnesses to the incident, and Steed has been in a medically-induced coma since being found.

Luckily for Steed, he is an employee of a law firm whose members personally undertook the investigation.

His coworkers went to 16th and Locust Streets, where Steed was hurt, and started asking around. They printed fliers with Steed’s photograph.

Within days, they had two eyewitnesses ready to tell the police that they heard a loud crash, then saw two men on the ground, one of whom had been riding a bicycle. The bicyclist, according to those witnesses, indicated that he had hit Steed, then vanished from the scene.

With those accounts, Steed’s colleagues went to the police this week and requested an investigation. The case is now being probed by the department’s accident-investigation division, police said yesterday.

“All of us are devastated by this,” said Sal Guerriero, a lawyer at the firm. “We have a family mentality here, and Andre is a big part of this place.”

I’m sending best wishes Steed’s way for a full recovery, and hoping that the police use the information obtained by his co-workers to locate the cyclist allegedly involved in this hit-and-run incident.

ADDENDUM: Although I have not been able to confirm it yet, according to comments left at the Inquirer article and here, Andre Steed did not survive his severe injuries. My heart goes out to his family, friends and co-workers during this extremely tragic and difficult time.

As for the cyclist allegedly involved in the incident, if he or she hasn’t already come forward, voluntarily meeting with the police is the right thing – the only thing – to do. This individual needs to help Andre’s family and friends determine what happened to him shortly after he left work and never made it safely home.

4 Responses to Injured Paralegal’s Co-Workers Go Extra Mile to Investigate Accident

  1. my mom has worked for Caesar Revise for 19 years now and is deeply saddened by her co-workers death. My parents have posted Andre's story out front and are helping in any way they can. My mom also has cancer and the firm has helped her enormously too. They are very caring and top notch lawyers.

    She spoke to Andre everyday and hopes that when she goes, she'll be seeing Andre again.

  2. I really appreciate your comment and sharing of your mother's experience. As of the time of this comment, I couldn't find an online update on Andre's condition but am saddened to hear that he may not have survived the accident. My thoughts and prayers go out both your family and his.

  3. I'm close to the firm as well, and Andre's loss is painful to everyone there. If there are any Philadelphia paralegals reading this, please do whatever you can to find the person responsible for this and bring him to justice.

  4. I agree – it is critical for the individual or individuals involved in the incident to either come forward or be located. This is a terrible tragedy for everyone involved, but if the witness accounts are accurate, and it was a bicycle collision, then someone out there knows exactly what happened and needs to be honest and accountable – even if it was a horrible accident.

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