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Inspired by Curtise

Inspired by Curtise

When I saw this 1970s maxi dress in a thrift store in June, marked down like crazy, I thought I would just try it on for grins and giggles. Because I’ve never bought anything remotely close to this orange or, er, this print, in my conservative office dressing little life.

In truth, I got the jacket stuck on the bracelet, and had to leave it on for the picture.

But when I tried it on, the empire waist made me feel like a princess, and I was suddenly reminded of how much I enjoy Curtise’s wildly beautiful vintage maxi dresses. So in it went with the rest of my amazing thrift haul. I didn’t know where I would wear it exactly – except probably certainly not to the law office. (Robin, all of the attorneys I work for are not as fashion forward as your boss πŸ™‚

I thought this dress would be a killer photo op on the beach, where my mom took me for a short getaway last week. (We got caught after two days and had to come home. I also discovered the world does not end with no WiFi signal.) But the wind was blowing so hard, and dear hubby had cautioned me so much about taking the Nikon out in the sand, that I chickened out. Plus, I was so chillaxed, I couldn’t be bothered with make-up or heels high enough to keep the dress from dragging.

Or even shampoo after swimming in the ocean. Because I forgot it. True story.

Instead, I decided to blow the minds of the three elderly people we’d likely see in the local restaurant, and trailed out to dinner wearing just my adult acne and flip-flops, plus my $4 thrifted denim jacket ’cause I was cold. My mom urged me to get a picture of the dress anyway, so we found a very glamorous blue boat trailer to stand in front of instead of the blue ocean.

Photo credit: My mom who reads this blog and will be so pleasantly surprised!

To my fave style bloggers, thank you for inspiring me to step outside of my quiet little comfort zone every once in a while, even if I do chicken out and run right back in. Still, those exciting moments on the bright and beautiful side feel amazing.

This one is definitely going into Not Yet Dead Style’s  weekly feature for ageless, stylish peeps,Visible Monday.

29 Responses to Inspired by Curtise

  1. You're so cute! I love the bracelets staying in the pic because they'd gotten caught on your sleeve! Made me smile. Seriously, the style you write with is very engaging and I love your look here. This dress looks fun to wear!

  2. Right on, Lynne! You indeed are shining like a princess in this maxi. I love the denim jacket with it. Curtise is a wonderful inspiration to many of us. Your mom looks beautiful in that photo too. Glad you had a good time.

  3. I think you look gorgeous. Orange has definitely been the color of 2012, and it shows no sign of going away. Glad you snapped a picture and got to enjoy some relaxing time.

  4. That dress if freeken amazing!!!! I had one so similar to it in the 70's – my college days and the movie "Love Story" come to mind. hahahaha.

  5. How surprised am I to see my name in your post title?! Not to mention delighted! And you know, of course, that I would wear that fabulous dress in a heartbeat, it's stunning, and so are you in it! Love the colour and print, love the relaxed vibe, love the little denim jacket.
    It sounds as though you had a really relaxing break, Lynne, and you thoroughly deserved it.
    My blog friends are my biggest inspiration too, not just in terms of style but in so many other ways. Keep popping over to the wild side now and again, Lynne, you suit the dress code over here! xxxxxx

  6. Oh it's so lovely to see you look all chillaxed and in a floaty maxi – yes to the maxi, Curtise is the maxi queen isn't she? You're not wearing makeup and your hair is dirty? No way … you're so gorgeous – more maxi's please! xoxo

  7. Lynne, what an excellent look! My favourite parts are your open, relaxed posture and joyful expression. This fabulous dress is wonderful with the jean jacket, and perfectly proportional on you – you carry off the colour, print, and length like a superstar. You are a vision.

    Your mom, besides being totally lovely, is a wise lady! So glad you scored this dress and this photo. πŸ™‚

  8. This is a fabulous dress! So glad you were able to get out of your comfort zone a little bit, because this color is gorgeous on you. The denim jacket is the icing on the cake. Your mom is adorable too πŸ™‚

  9. Adorable! And orange, yes!! Love this color on you!! And it looks fab with the jean jacket, all around a win! I hope you had a relaxing time away.

    In case you didn't see my tweet – THANK YOU so much for the awesome box of goodies. Just got back into town myself so I'll have to go through and play dress up now! πŸ™‚

    • Beth, I got so behind on everything, but I did see the tweet, and am glad you got the package. It was fun to put together. I just wish I knew more peeps' sizes. Everyone looks really tall to me in their blog pics πŸ˜›

  10. Say hi, to your beautiful mama. So glad you two got away for a couple of days.
    Love the orange patterned maxi. It looks great on you!

  11. This is hands down, your best outfit Lynne! You look gorgeous and carefree. That dress was meant for you. I hope you wear it again and again.
    Glad you got some time away with your mom.

  12. You look amazing-let me repeat- AMAZING. That dress is so pretty and the jacket is perfect with it. I love Curtise and am so happy she recently got to hang out with Vix and the other blogging buddies. Maybe we should try to orchestrate a South Eastern US version. I think you're in that region? Anyway, you look beautiful in your maxi.

  13. LOVE that dress paired with your jean jacket!! I have a few maxi dresses that I find boring by themselves. Wonder if I would like them better with a jean jacket thrown on with them? Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. First of all, you did the right thing getting this dress Lynne! It is a great pattern and the color is very lovely on you! LOL, yeah, I am pretty lucky to work where I work and where I can wear what I can wear. Allllllllwwaaaaays better to err on the side of caution in the wind. Trust.

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