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Internet Quote: Using Technology to Avoid Your Scary Paralegal

Or “Oh, No, You Didn’t Just Say That!”

Does this quote from Law Practice Today’s recent article, “Technology Whiz: Don’t Let Technology Overwhelm You” apply to anybody you know?

Neither should you use technology as a crutch for your avoidance behavior. Let’s say you’re scared of one of your tougher paralegals, or you don’t really like your secretary, so you move her cubicle across the office and e-mail everything to her. Risking the potential for misinterpretation of assignments, pretending to be on the phone when she walks by, managing by e-mail … none of those methods solves the problem head on, but instead only exacerbates it.

Uh-oh. If you find yourself mostly in an email relationship with your supervising attorney, does that mean you’re in a dysfunctional work relationship?

I hope not. My boss and I email a lot…

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