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Introducing the Staff of Practical Paralegalism, A Blog for Paralegals

Introducing the Staff of Practical Paralegalism, A Blog for Paralegals

Sometimes people ask me if maintaining a blog for paralegals and co-hosting The Paralegal Voice at Legal Talk Network with The Paralegal Mentor, Vicki Voisin, are my jobs. I wish they were, because they are the most fun unpaid gigs ever. But I have a mortgage and hungry teenagers, so I have a full-time job as a paralegal for a plaintiffs’ civil litigation firm, Elliot Pishko Morgan P.A.

But I’m most flattered when readers ask me about my staff at Practical Paralegalism, like I couldn’t possibly do all this by myself. And I can’t – so thank you, readers and contributors! I thought it was time to introduce you to my administrative assistant, Phoebe DeVenny-Craig who makes more than me.

Employer: Practical Paralegalism

Job Title: Administrative Assistant/Floater/

Salary: Milk Bones and whatever you’re eating

Years of Paralegal Experience: None, unless sleeping in the same bed as a paralegal counts. Then it’s 7.

Specialty Areas: I’m a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. As a member of a herding dog breed that is a favorite of the Queen of England, I’m genetically programmed to boss other critters, including people, around.

Computer Skills: Reclining on top of the laptop keyboard when it’s in a lap I want to sit in.

Career Highlight: That time the teen left her Subway sandwich on the coffee table for 90 seconds, and I ate the whole thing before she realized I was alone with it.

Paralegal Practice Tip: You know how your co-workers put their lunches in the kitchen fridge and expect other people not to eat them? This is an odd, and for me, meaningless human nicety. If you’re hungry, you should eat all of them. Then when you get busted, look all fluffy and puppy-eyed, and say, “You can’t punish me, because I don’t remember what I’m being punished for.”

Favorite Internet Resource: The Daily Puppy

Fun Fact: I have aspirations to star in kibble commercials, and have several song and dance routines. Not only do I do a very popular version of “Little Bunny Foo-Foo” (the human kids make me do it over and over and over – look for it on YouTube in the near future), but I also have an original rap song, “I’m Bossy”. Here are the lyrics:

I’m bossy and I cannot lie
I will come in your crib
And take your pie
It’s gonna make you cry
Don’t tell me what to do
Don’t try

I’m bossy, yeah, yeah,

Do you Twitter?: No, because I can’t type and DragonDictate doesn’t have a Woof language program yet, but I like to read tweets by Sockington, the cat with over a million followers.

Favorite Quote: Give me what you’re eating. ~ Me

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Contact Info:

Lynne J. DeVenny, N.C. State Bar Certified Paralegal

Owner & Virtual Paralegal, DeVenny Paralegal Services

Email: lynne.devenny[at]

Telephone: 336-582-0003

Inquiries are welcome, with free quotes available.

Meet Lynne:

Lynne DeVenny is a North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal with over 27 years of experience working on complex litigation cases, including medical malpractice, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and Social Security disability.

Disclosure: I am not a lawyer and cannot provide legal representation or legal advice.

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