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Is that a Dog Pin on Your Cat Sweater?

Is that a Dog Pin on Your Cat Sweater?

Yep. A vintage mink dog pin. Which makes it totally okay.

Pin via Etsy last year
The cat sweater itself is one of the rare new clothing purchases I made when I was still gainfully employed. Animal graphic sweaters bring me to my knees, and I’ve never seen a single one, other than those that fall into the Ugly Sweaters category, in our local thrift stores. I scored this Loft cardi for under $20 during a flash sale. It has pink cats all over it. I would’ve paid more. Because I want critters on my sweaters, dammit.
The Deets: Loft cardi (flash sale); Vintage pants (thrifted); 
Dog pin (Etsy); Booties (old); Assorted bracelets; Earrings I’ve had since the 80s
And let’s talk about these vintage pants for a minute. I paid $7 for them; the thrift store was going out of business, or nobody would be caught dead in these pants. You pick. They are a peculiar paisley-ish, and a hello-kinda-bite-me orange. The first time I wore them on the blog, they were boot cut, and the entire outfit was one of the worst I’d ever posted. Heh, which is why there is no back link. I did ask readers if I should alter them, and most said NO! But man, they were tough to work with, because they mostly said BITE ME. They even spent some time in the donate bag. I skinny’d them instead, and now they play nice with my wardrobe.

These skinnies make me happy.
Before I started blogging and reading other style blogs, I would have never worn patterns together, or even these pants. Certainly no pink cats. Sartorially, I was deep inside the box, and it was mostly black. Inspired by bloggers who are much bolder, creative, and original than me, I finally have one paisley-ish leg mostly outside of the box – and I like it.
What is better than one mink dog pin? Le sigh….
Bling. Breathing. Equally important, yes?
So where do you stand on the animal graphic sweater trend? Team Totes Amazeballs, or Team Only 4 Year Old Kids Wear Animals on Their Clothes?

The pink cats are joining the party at Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday – where mature style bloggers share their ageless beauty and original style. 

19 Responses to Is that a Dog Pin on Your Cat Sweater?

  1. Personally I love animal graphic sweaters. They are polarizing though which I found out when I wore my poodle graphic sweater and someone wrote to tell me that I was far too old to be wearing it. Oh yeah.

    I think it is hilarious that you are wearing a dog pin on your cat sweater.

    Good save on the pants. Now they look like wild retro pants.


  2. Oh yes, I am a sucker for animals on my shirts, sweaters, home decor, anything (and I am not just talking about their random fur). Love, love this sweater, the pin, and the bite-me pants! You are beautifully outside the box. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xox

  3. That's a fab outfit, so glad you didn't mess with those trousers, they are such a good look on you.
    I buy and sell on loads of animal print jumpers, they are so popular with everyone. I have a 1950s horse tank top Helga sent me which I really should dig out. I'm not keen on being encased in wool but without sleeves is bearable! xxxx

  4. A mink pin?! I'd never heard of such a thing before now. I'm utterly charmed.

    Great job on skinnifying your trousers. They look very modern!

    Also, am I crashing the +40 crowd party? No one has said anything of course, and everyone's been welcoming and lovely, which is why I wanted to party with the cool kids in the first place, but I'm starting to wonder if I should come back in a few years.

  5. Ha, just chuckling at Aya's comment about the +40s – who'd have thought we're the cool kids?! Anyone's welcome, no need to wait!

    Back to you, Lynne – I loved those trousers when you posted them before, and I love them skinnified, I'm so pleased you didn't give up on them! The colour and print are awesome. Not so fussed about all the animal print sweaters there are around at the moment – nothing to do with age, and the prints are nice enough, they are just a bit ubiquitous. But I'm with you on the inspiration to be found among fellow bloggers, and the joy of pattern and print, and bursting, clothed in colour and beauty, out of the box! xxxx

  6. I love the pants made skinny–they just needed a rad kitty print sweater to go with them!!

    I had one of those pins as a kid. A white POODLE mink pin. I'd kill for one now!!

    • Tamera, sometimes I get sad when I think of the awesome costume jewelry I owned when I was very young and didn't appreciate nearly enough. I do still have a charm bracelet that my grandmother started for me when I was 6 years old, so loaded with charms that I can't fasten it without help!

  7. Hi Lynne,
    Megan sent me over here because she wanted me to see your cat sweater and your dog pin, which she said she would like to kill you for. I think if she succeeds in that endeavor, I shall have to kill her in return and steal your sweater and pin from her because they are amazing. Your whole outfit looks beautiful on you and I really really love that pin. That is so cool!
    <3 – Meghan

  8. First, I must comment: LOOK AT KEECEE!!!!!! Yesssss. Isn't she a beautiful sight!
    Brilliant you for narrowing those pants. Just what they wanted, whether they knew it or not. See how happy they are? Just cool. Sweet ending for what could have been a pant tragedy.
    I go on about how cardis can age oldsters like me, but this adorable sweater makes me a big, fat liar. What values, and totally cute together.

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