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It’s Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

It’s Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Or, I Was So Crushed When I Found Out

When? 4:42 p.m.

Here’s my corroborating tweet:

Seriously, what did your employer do today or this week to celebrate your administrative professional awesomeness?

P.S. One of my co-workers pointed out we celebrate a lot at our firm, which is very true. And my boss buys me a lot of Jimmy John’s subs. Which is a cool fringe benefit, since no one at my house even likes Jimmy John’s, and I do. I even know my number.

5 Responses to It’s Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

  1. Without fail, my co-worker (also female) and I would get our boss a gift for Bosses Day every year, and then something at Christmas too – EVERY YEAR. And even though we were not admins, we were still in administrative positions… and were never recognized on this day, not once, ever. Ugh. Makes me kind of glad to be unemployed this year! Ha! Happy Admin Professionals Day, Lynne!

  2. The attorneys here completely ignored the holiday…until all the paralegals and secretaries left for lunch one day at the same time. After they realized the potential tax write-off, the attorneys decided to join us, but expect us to make their reservations. However they "usually" pay for lunch; the first time we did this with the attorneys, one lawyer just paid for his meal and left his secretary to pay for hers.

    However the attorney I work for does say thank you on a regular basis, so I don't mind that I don't get a card or flowers.

  3. Every year the managing partners of my firm gifts gift cards to one of the local restaurants to all of the legal support staff. I guess it is supposed to encourage us to go out for lunch as a group, but that rarely happens. I am looking forward to using mine though. Wood-N-Tap here I come!

  4. I am mortified that I just now learned about this. It means that I forgot to remember the department secretary who makes my life so much easier.

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