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It’s A Wrap

It’s A Wrap

As I typed the title of this post, I realized that not only did it describe this Maggy London wrap dress from the Manhattan Goodwill, but it also describes the ending of a very long chapter in my life. After decades of working in private law firms, I will first be a full-time caregiver, and then…a different kind of professional, one I haven’t quite defined yet.

The Deets: Maggy London wrap dress (Goodwill); Liz Claiburne Mary Janes ($20 jcp last year); 
Necklace (old, initial investment likely $4)

I’ll let you know when I do, but I’m giving myself permission not to worry about it too much right now. I’m giving myself permission to focus on our family’s major health crisis, the one we’re all going through together, even though The Teen is the only one receiving healthy new cells in the hope that they will find a home deep inside her bone marrow and flourish. “Grow, cells, grow,” that’s the narrow mantra that circles my thoughts these days – even though she hasn’t received them yet. I feel a little like an expectant mother hen (thanks, Amber), waiting and warming magical eggs, so full of new life and promise.

On a more frivolous note, one of my 50+ Style Blogger Bucket List items was to shop at the Manhattan Goodwill. I know, that’s like the Mac Daddy of fashion aspirations, yeah? Haute Goodwill all the way, that’s what I say, peeps. I paid a whopping $9 for this wrap dress. It almost killed me, you betcha.

What’s left on my 50+ Style Blogger Bucket List? A tattoo (but I haven’t picked it out yet). A pinup worthy photo shoot, like Curtise’s. A chance to start and/or wear The Traveling Red Dress (I’m always on the lookout in secondhand stores for THE ONE, that with a few fat clips can be adjusted for lots of sizes). A MAC mineral compact for worsening acne rosacea (can anyone say stress?) I get all my make-up from the drug store; I’m afraid they’ll laugh at me.

Maybe those silly style musings will have to wait until age 51. But maybe life and bucket lists are never a wrap, just an ever-changing journey, facing the things that go bump in our nights but sometimes turn out to bring the greatest joy.
Want to keep up with The Teen? Her CaringBridge site is We’d love to hear from you during the long battle that will be the coming year.

19 Responses to It’s A Wrap

  1. First of all, you look amazing in this dress…what a great find for your bucket list! I know this is a fearful time, but try your best to just live it one day at a time…focus on the joy each day brings. It keeps away the fearful worries of tomorrow. Living one day at a time was liberating for me when my husband was without work for three years. I have prayed for your daughter every morning since I found out about her. My faith is strong and I certainly believe God hears. I will also pray for direction for you as you begin a new phase of life!!

  2. So much on your plate of life! You seem to be bearing the changes so gracefully on your slim shoulders. We are all pulling for the Teen ("grow, cells, grow" is a great song). Thinking of you all, xoxoxo

    PS: My style bucket list just got an addition – I want to go platinum, wheee! Oh, and your dress is fab.

  3. I'm a big believer in prayer…and in miracles. Be sure the teen is now on my prayer list. And, hmm, I think I need to start a bucket list myself. I had to laugh at Patti's comment as going platinum is something I've often thought about myself.

  4. Awesome dress on you, Lynne, especially with your hair colour. Good luck with your bucket list. You are just steps away from your pinup photo shoot already. And I had never heard of the red dress, it's like the freakish yellow skirt. I love it, spreading fabulosity around the world. I know you'll find your red dress or get the real deal. Now we're all chanting, grow, cells, grow!

  5. Ohmygoodness!! How fantastic is that dress!

    I'll offer like I do to all my friends – I'll totally go with you to get your tattoo! I'm already anxious for my next one.

    Lots of love and prayers to the Teen and your family.

  6. Tattoos are like real estate–it's all about location.
    I've enjoyed reading your adventures in law and in style.
    Will keep your daughter in my prayers for strength and healing.

  7. Tattoos are like real estate-it's all about location.
    I've enjoyed reading your adventures in law and style.
    You and your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. "Grow, cells, grow," indeed. Every time I get down about internet nastiness, I remember that we also make connections we'd never have made without it, and it's far more important that people from all over the world, who never would've become acquainted otherwise, can care so much about each other, and each other's families. In other words, your kid is getting good vibes from my part of the world. 🙂

    That is a fantastic dress, and a great way to cross one off the style bucket list! I love the print so much. (The very first thing I do, on holiday, is find all the local charity shops.) My own style bucket list also includes a tattoo, and doing something weird to my hair.

  9. It seems kind of bonkers to be thinking about your dress, given the massive personal change and challenges faced by you and your daughter, indeed your whole family. That said, it IS a great frock on you, Lynne, and you look lovely. And there is comfort to be found in dressing up and being creative and looking lovely. That's why I need the odd, crazy wig and/or false eyelashes moment, keeps me sane. (Thanks for the mention!)
    So yes, do what makes you feel good and powerful and makes you laugh – whatever you need. And keep sharing it with us!
    I don't do prayers but I am hopeful, and wishing most profoundly for good health for the Teen and happiness for you both. Good luck, my gorgeous friend. xxxx

  10. First-great score on the dress!! Adorable

    Will definitely be sending up extra prayers for KeeCee in the next few weeks–and plenty for your family.

    Those new bone marrow cells are going to be the most awesomest, fastest growing, premium grade cells of all time!!!!

  11. Is it acceptable if some of us sing "grow, cells, grow" to the tune of "Blow, Gabriel, Blow"? Because I think that might help.

  12. Wow! You are such a good and dedicated mother. The Teen is so lucky to have you and AP. Good for you! It must be hard though. I, for one, kind of can't wait to not be in family law anymore. I do hope those little cells grow, grow, grow!

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