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Juror No. 103 on Blagojevich Trial Is a Legal Assistant

I don’t know about you, but as a long-time legal staffer, I never get picked for jury duty. Not that trial attorneys are clamoring for paralegal jurors anyway – but it is notable that three of the eighteen jurors seated for Rod Blagojevich’s trial on corruption charges are legal support staffers:

103 — White female. A legal assistant who prepares legal notices. She has a young son and likes to play softball.

123 — White male, about 40. Human relations manager for a law office. He does volunteer work for a family shelter.

153 — White female, middle aged. Legal secretary who likes to knit, cook, read and visit her grandchildren. She is learning to edit movies on her computer.

The trial is anticipated to last four months.

Maybe not ever getting picked for jury duty isn’t such a bad thing after all…

Judge Zagel also banned Blagojevich from tweeting while court is in session, and added that he – or his publicist – can tweet at his own peril outside of court. (I keep telling you some people get paid to tweet.)

Source: Chicago Tribune

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2 Responses to Juror No. 103 on Blagojevich Trial Is a Legal Assistant

  1. This surprises me, to be honest. In my admittedly limited experience (since I don't presently work in an area of law where jury trials ever happen), defense attorneys (and prosecutors) seem not to want anyone with legal knowledge on juries.

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