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Karina Dresses Meets Simply Creative

Karina Dresses Meets Simply Creative

I’m a new Brand Ambassador for Karina Dresses, My Karina Dresses are my absolute faves for simple but chic dressing. I can throw one over my head and consider myself ready for anything.

The Deets: Megan dress (courtesy of Karina Dresses); Mixed media necklace (courtesy of Simply Creative); Impo booties (Ross, old)

Today I’m pairing my 1940s inspired Megan dress from Karina Dresses with a beautiful necklace courtesy of my talented and stylish friend Suzanne Carillo, an artist who creates stunning jewelry and witty printable art, available through her Etsy shop, Simply Creative. I love how Suzanne’s necklace adds a three dimensional sparkle to the rich floral print of the dress. Suzanne also shares her incredible fashion sense at her blog, Style Files.

This necklace, Twilight Sparkle, is a gorgeous eclectic mix of a vintage silver metal rose brooch, handmade satin and fabric flowers with blue faceted beads.

I’ll be wearing this piece a lot with my button front shirts.

Suzanne picked up the vintage brooch from a vintage clothing show about three months ago. It reminded her of the kind her grandmother used to wear on Sundays for church.

 A better view of the blue sparkle.
This dress was made to swirl and twirl with the helicopters. Or go dancing in 🙂
Readers of this blog get a $30 discount off a dress purchase at Karina Dresses, using the code PARA30.  If you purchase a $99 Love Club Membership, not only can you redeem it for a free dress from the online store, but you also get $30 off of all future purchases, each and every one for an unlimited period of time.
Suzanne sent an exquisite fabric flower/feather brooch/hair pin in dark blues and bronzes, with a perfect velvet covered button center, for a BLOGGER GIVEAWAY. Simply check out her website at, and comment below, including the name of an item (jewelry, digital printables) that you’d like to have, for a chance to win the Simply Creative brooch.

I’ll keep this giveaway open for two weeks, and this will be the only post you can comment on to win. The pin is gorgeous, and can be worn in your hair, or on clothing and hats. Shipping to you will be free, even if you live outside the U.S.
I’m also linking up to Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday to hang out with the highly visible beauties of all ages. Patti is wearing a blue dress with booties today. She often wears booties with dresses and is the one who inspired me to wear these long neglected booties with my dress.

22 Responses to Karina Dresses Meets Simply Creative

  1. Wow, we are joined at the fashion head today! Love this Karina dress and yeah, the booties look awesome with it : >
    Suzanne has such talent, and I adore her blog. If I could have any of her pieces, I'd choose the Pink Vintage Beaded Necklace. Please enter me in the Brooch giveaway xoxoxo

    Thanks for linking your fab fashionable self to Visible Monday.

  2. This is so pretty on you, Lynne! Suzanne is so talented – I'd love her Green Silver Cream Blue Rosette Crystal Beaded Statement Necklace (yeah, why not go for the big guns!?). I don't know if I'm eligible (being in Canada), and I never enter these things, but sure, I'd love to try to win her brooch!

  3. So cool to see you wearing the piece Lynne : ) Making a piece is one thing but seeing it on a person showing off their personality is fantastic.

    The colours of the dress and the necklace really suit your hair colour and bring out your blue blue eyes.


  4. I've been seeing quite a few of the Karina dresses lately but this one is by far my favorite. LOVE the floral and you look so great in it.

  5. Beautiful dress, Lynne. I have been stalking Karina dresses thanks to my blogging buds for a while now – I love the Audrey and Lauren styles, and the patterns are just amazing. The blues on yours suit you well. Xo

  6. LOVE the karina dresses…am waiting for a day when i have some "splurge money" so I can get my own 🙂

    also adore Suzanne's pieces. they are STUNNING. if i could have any of them, i'd pick the "Eclectic Fabric Pearls Vintage Inspired Brown" necklace. absolutely GORGEOUS, i'm a sucker for anything chocolate brown.

  7. You look gorgeous, love the photo of you twirling, so cute!
    Suzanne's products are really cute! The one that caught my eye the most was Without You I'd Be Sad Pug Valentine's Day Card, I'm a sucker for little pugs!!!

  8. You look adorable in that dress-great style and print for you!!
    The Twilight necklace is STUNNING!!

    I adore all of the pug stuff on her site!!! Pugs are my 2nd fav dog breed (after chihuahuas) I love the 50's inspired necklace

  9. Oh such a gorgeous dress! I think you're the perfect Karina dresses customer, because all their dresses look magnificent on you. Love the necklace too.

    (PS this comment is not one to enter! I want someone else to win)

  10. Love the dresses! But your friend's Etsy shop is such a fabulous find. I certainly love the jewelry. They remind me of Megan's ^^^^ button flowers which I also love. But can I say O M G to the Travel Style Files Folder! So much time saved if I would just do that. I think I see a purchase in my near future.

  11. Oh she has so many fun statement pieces which are my favorite thing ever! I think I'd get the pink vintage beaded necklace if I had a chance!

    And the dress is gorgeous on you, I'm going to have to check out Karina, I'm impressed with what I've seen so far from you!

  12. How can the combo of you and Suzanne go wrong! You look adorable in dress, necklace and I had to smile at your twirl! Thanks for the cheering-up … needed it today just 'cause I'm being a whiny brat for very little reason.
    You did good.

  13. Congrats on your new job as ambassador. You look adorable in your blue dress with those gray shoes, I must confess. And the surprise necklace that is at first camouflaged and then revealed is a real beaut to complete your ensemble.

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