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Karina Dresses: My Style

Karina Dresses: My Style

My style. It continues to challenge me, but I like exploring it via my blog. There are days I can tell what it isn’t by the outfit pictures you don’t see, or those days I don’t feel quite right in my clothes – and therefore maybe not quite right in my skin.

The Deets: Gala Wrap Ladybug (courtesy of Karina Dresses); Fergalicious sandals (discounted to $20 on Amazon); Vintage silver bracelets (including two gifted from Jean)
My style. Sometimes I see my style shining true and clear through the better photos, and the feeling of total relaxation I have when I know my clothes express who I am and are appropriate for the occasion – and I feel absolutely natural and comfortable in my skin. Like I do in this easy and pretty Karina Dress.
My style. It isn’t captured by fancy cameras with gorgeous backgrounds. It isn’t purchased in fast fashion, or even most retail stores these days. That’s both by choice and by a greatly reduced budget after a hard year, with harder challenges still yet to face.
My style is sleepy in the a.m. on the way to work.
My style. It’s mostly secondhand, mostly photographed in a parking lot, or the spot I cleaned off on the front porch, on the way to work, or after sitting all day.
My style. It’s becoming more simplified, less accessorized, more body conscious, as I count the positives of my middle-aged body: nice legs, pretty hair, slim figure.
My style. It’s accepting the emerging varicose veins in my legs, the fading waistline, and that funny wiry hair that insists on adorning my chin, no matter how often it’s busted and plucked.
My style. I’m sharing it at Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday, surrounded by style bloggers who inspire me, and make me thankful for other real women sharing and exploring their style via their blogs, too.

35 Responses to Karina Dresses: My Style

  1. Wonderful. I love this post, you are always so *you*. And this Karina Gala dress is YOU, too – so graceful on you, feminine and pretty, without being floofy. Perfect! Thanks for coming over to Visible Monday with the fab.

  2. I have so many of the same quandries about style in my own middle-age. And now that I'm retired…it is hard to imagine. I think I need to keep blogging so I don't fade away entirely. These Karina dresses are wondrous, aren't they?

  3. What a lovely post, so sincere. My style is quite similar, and there are days when I just don't feel like documenting with photos. I love your Karina dress! You look great!

  4. This look is so lovely! A fantastic mix of edgy details, with a feminine shape. I'd wear this in a heartbeat. Your hair is so cool.

    Never doubt your awesomeness, Lynne.

  5. I love your style. It's beautiful and genuine…just like you are. Blogging sure has been a good way to learn about my style…and I'm still learning all the time. It's fun to put more thought into my look than the old days of throwing on work the routine workday scrubs (old job) or at home sweats (which I'm not saying doesn't still happen on occasion). ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. There's no one like you. You are the perfect Lynne. Beautiful, smart, ferociously loving, and hilarious. You look amazing in your Karinas, as does Bella. I had to smile at your comment about those funny hairs. The morning of my 40th birthday (20 years ago!!) I looked in the mirror and there the damn things were. Seriously. That is the truth. Don't worry, that's why tweezers were invented, or shavers, or just let them grow!! What ever floats YOUR boat, as a young friend of mine proclaims. You are beautiful and I'm happy the bracelets are with you. XXOO

  7. I'm leaving you a George.
    I'm about alleyways and stairwells mostly these days. I trawl the dregs of other people's closets – and LOVE it!! You look fantastic and your message of acceptance is most welcome.

  8. Lynne, this post really made me smile, but it's made me a little thoughtful too. There are days when what I wear feels easy and right, and others where I'm tweaking and fussing and it isn't right at all and the photos look awful. I don't know if that's because I'm still learning about my style(s) or because of my mad hormones… I blame them for my pesky little chin hair too, the one that matches yours!
    Anyway, I LOVE the down-to-earth and honest description of your style, I LOVE your hair, and the dress is pretty but not as pretty as you! xxxx

  9. I'm finding much the same since I stopped insisting on daily photos of my outfits for the blog. I'm not throwing on piles of layers of three or four bright, contrasting colours. I'm sticking with clothes that fit and feel great, often on their own. I do feel that I've lost the uniqueness to my personal style, but I also feel I'm wearing my clothes, they're not wearing me. You have so many beautiful dresses that let you shine — I'm glad you're able to have a style that supports you!

  10. I love your style. Great style does not have to be edgy or over the top. Great style is about fit, and finding pieces that accentuate your best parts. Great style is about never giving up.

    I think that dress is perfect on you!
    Chic on the Cheap

  11. I wish I had just A chin hair these days…..

    I love your style–I've pointed you out (well, your blog) to my daughter who works in a conservative environment and is on a BUDGET!!

    The dress is adorable on you–great color–and again-LOVE the new 'do!!

  12. I love love love this post Lynne – outfit aside, of course this dress is perfectly perfect on you – but I love when people let us behind the veil.

    Tomorrow my dd has her immigrant visa medical – she's a little down this evening as her move is now becoming so real – consulate visit scheduled for 11 June!! I sobbed in the shower last night and of course, that has nothing to do with 'style blogging' so I keep it behind the veil – along with the shapewear to help smooth the lumps on my hiney and thighs (although that is kinda part of style blogging right?) and my spreading waist that used to so tiny and the fact that I am now considering waxing along my jawline due to the hormonal fuzz that's started growing … things happen and change and challenge us and as long as we keep a hand on 'us' we'll make it through .. and you always make me giggle and you come across as being upbeat and positive and that is not always easy to do. But you wear it all so well and you always inspire me and for that I thank you. Tomorrow we'll face tomorrow with a smile.

    Hugs dear Lynne …

  13. Spot on, Lynne. Blogging can't just be the crease-free pose. I feel freshest first thing, but my end-of-day photos reflect how I really looked. And no matter how creased, we need to train ourselves to realise the good stuff and not bother about the small irritations.

    You are amazing xx

  14. I'm always glad when you share your style journey with us, Lynne, whether you feel that it's not-quite-right or a slam dunk–we're all learning, and reading your posts makes me want to be the best Mia with the best Mia Style that I can be.

  15. Best post by anybody on the subject in quite a while. Everyone reading this will get it. You, though, are looking particularly fetching while pondering these mysteries, and look more youthful than you might see. That might not be your goal, but it can't hurt!
    Thank you so much for the thoughtful and inspiring post.

  16. Lynne, the dress looks awesome! It's funny how many times you describe how I feel — probably how many of us feel. I have ditched outfits before once I see them "on film."

    One of these days we're gonna meet!

    Lynn Dylan

  17. You are looking so sweet in this dress! Great color and design. I agree with what you said, acceptance of changes and highlighting the positives!

    blue hue wonderland

  18. I adore your style, how it's evolving and how you express yourself with honesty, humor and empathy. The Karina dress fits you like a glove and these photos are totally you. Which is why I love them so much

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