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Karina Dresses

Karina Dresses

Or Best Dress Evah

I will admit it. I am heavily influenced by other style bloggers, especially the ones who always seem to get it right every time, like Bella and Patti. Both of them own Karina Dresses, which I have admired from afar for a long time. This is not a brand I’m likely to stumble upon secondhand. I know, I tried.

The structure and line of this dress speak for themselves, so I decided not to accessorize much today.
The Deets: Lauren dress (Karina Dresses); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon); 
Vintage silver bracelets (eBay); Grey net tights (no idea)

Owning a Karina dress was one of the items on my 50+ Style Blogger Bucket List. I’m a frequent visitor to the Karina Dresses online catalog, and what I really longed for was a polka dot print. But sometimes there aren’t any available, and there weren’t any when I shopped the recent sale.

This dress has a vintage 50s vibe that I love.

I ordered an Ava (not currently available) but it was too big. I returned it with a note asking to exchange it for one of the other sale styles available at that time, the Megan in a green brown diamond print, or if a Lauren in a small had been returned (there were none available online at the time of the return), I’d prefer the Bateau neckline.

When I opened the package with the exchange dress, I was gobsmacked by the generosity of the Style Fairy and Karina Dresses, who bestowed a Lauren upon me – in a navy print with pale purple polka dots. I’m pretty sure Karina Dresses is staffed with off-season elves turned dressmakers who magically know what naughty and nice ladies want.

This print is exactly what I never knew I wanted (crazy about purple polka dots now).

I also bought a polka dot maxi skirt on sale from Karina Dresses, and have been running around in it instead of jeans. It’s so comfortable. Neither the dress or skirt wrinkles, no matter what you do, and the fabric is soft but has a nice weight to it.

Bella sent me this beautiful Cynthia Rowley shirt. 
It is tinier than me and The Teen, but makes a great jacket.
You know I don’t pattern mix much, so please go easy on me 🙂 I’ll tuck in the tank next time.
Tank top (Plato’s Closet); Riding boots (Target clearance); Sweater clip (Bella)

Karina Dresses, I am a big fan. I’m fantasizing about my next Karina Dress, with complete confidence that y’all get me.

I’m also showing off the magical dress at Not Dead Yet Style. I hope you’ll go and check out the many cool and real peeps showing off great style – at any age.

39 Responses to Karina Dresses

  1. Those dresses are magical, definitely!! Every one I've seen looks great. I love this one on you. The color and proportion are perfect, and I love the neckline, too. I'll bet you can layer it in exciting ways and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Kudos on the pattern mixing too!! I've never noticed that you tend not to, and with this example, I hardly think you're a beginner. 🙂

  2. Hooray for you and Karina dresses (and yes, their generosity is mind-blowing) — you look gorgeous, Lynn! Both the dress and the skirt are so "you" (love those riding boots too). Thanks for linking up!

  3. Man, you got lucky! I think I would've bought a Karina dress by now if I liked any of the prints, but I would do polka dots. It looks great on you, very girlish and pretty.

  4. Oh those shoes. The dress is great, but the shoes…oh my. I meant to comment on your last post that I'm happy that the teen is feeling better. She's a very pretty girl.

  5. That dress is absolutely beautiful on you, the shape accentuates your fabulous slim figure and the slash neck is rather sexy!
    Bella's blouse looks great as a jacket adn the maxi skirt is a darling! x

  6. You won the polka dot bonanza with those two polka dot pieces, which both look great on you. The dress with your pumps and tight against your chose background are magazine cover material. You've got me checking out the Karina website!

  7. OOOOh. Mah. GAWWWD! You and that dress were born to be together- you look like Audrey Hepburn for the 21st Century! Awesome! I can't believe how great that dress fits you.

    Sorry the top was to small- that's how tiny you look in my eyes!

  8. The dress looks like it was custom made for you. It looks beautiful on you. The whole outfit looks like you were photographed for a fashion magazine. Love the second outfit too. In my opinion it would look best with the tank untucked, but that is just my opinion!

  9. The more I see of Karina dresses, the more impressed I am. That bateau neck polka dot one is amazing, and I'm so happy you lucked into it! (I have a Thing for bateau necklines. And polka dots.) You look so beautiful and radiant in it!

  10. That dress suits you perfectly, Lynne – the polka dots the colour, the neckline, the 50s-style shape, it's all working! I can tell you love it too!
    Great pattern mixing as well, the skirt/shirt/top combination is lovely. xxxx

  11. AWESOME! Dress. The fit is so perfect on you, very ooh-la-la hourglass. And how serendipitous about the print. I've heard such very good things about the Karina dresses.

  12. Wow, fantastic! I love that little polka dot dress on you, Lynne. It is just perfect, isn't it?! And the stockings and shoes. What a great story too. And the long skirt is the cutest too with your pattern mixing. Way to go, girl.

  13. Fantastic dress and perfect styling! Those shoes are just too cute! The colour is gorgeous with your hair colour – I think you're right about magic being part of this.

    The skirt outfit is lovely too, and I don't think you have to tuck in anything! The pattern mix is very beautiful, and definitely advanced mixer's level!

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