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Laid-Off Lawyers May Be Eyeing Paralegal Jobs

It’s no secret that competition for paralegal jobs is stiff in the current economy, but it may surprise some paralegal job seekers that lawyers are submitting applications for the same jobs. Steve Lopez, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, recently interviewed Los Angeles attorney Ellie Trope, who began applying for non-lawyer jobs, including paralegal positions, after she was unable to find permanent work as an attorney.

Ms. Trope, who has 15 years of experience as an attorney, noticed a trend by employers to specifically exclude attorneys in their paralegal job postings. She says, “After a while with the paralegal jobs, the listings said, ‘No attorneys.’ I think it’s because they figured attorneys would leave as soon as they found work as lawyers.”

However, losing your job as a lawyer is no less traumatic than losing your job as a paralegal. Ms. Trope fell behind on her mortgage payments and was forced to apply for unemployment benefits. Despite the strain on her marriage and the financial setbacks, she has found a silver lining:

“I’ve found strength in myself I never thought I had, and the things that were important to me before are now less so. Seeing my kids happy matters more to me than anything, and whatever happens, I think this will be one of the defining experiences of my life.”

See the Los Angeles Times.

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