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Lawyers and Staff Share Some Sutherland Comfort

Lawyers and Staff Share Some Sutherland Comfort

On Thursday, June 24, 2010, the seventh annual “Battle of Law Firm Bands” took place at the Black Cat in Washington, DC to raise money for Gifts for the Homeless, Inc., a non-profit corporation comprised of area law firms and staff.

At one point during the contest, a guest performer was introduced by a band as “paralegal – 12th floor.” The Washington Post article doesn’t identify the band or the 12th floor employee, but I’m wondering if it was paralegal Amanda Hubert, who joined the winning band, Sutherland Comfort, as a back-up singer during “Crazy in Love.” Other legal staffers who joined the band included Rachel Saltzman, a recruiting assistant, and Christopher Lewis.

Sutherland Comfort is comprised entirely of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP lawyers and employees from its DC office. According to its website, the firm has seven major practice areas, corporate, energy and environmental, financial services, intellectual property, litigation, real estate and tax. According to LinkedIn, Hubert is a financial services paralegal and has a masters degree in public policy from George Mason University.

As part of its efforts to win this year’s competition, the firm pulled out all the stops, including re-naming its band after hosting a firm-wide contest. Supporting a rock-and-roll competition, whether it’s being part of the band, donating money, volunteering to deliver donations, or wearing “Sutherland Comfort” t-shirts in the audience sounds like a great way to bring a large law firm together and help the community.

In addition to allowing legal professionals to be rock stars for a night, the event raised more than $130,000 for Gifts for the Homeless. According to its website, 100% of the proceeds will be used to help the homeless in the DC metro area.

Sources: BLT; Washington Post; Sutherland

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