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Legal Assistant Charged with Witchcraft

Legal Assistant Charged with Witchcraft

When my supervising attorney says, “Wow, I can’t believe that you got that project done so quickly – you must have magical powers!” – I take it as a compliment.

But Toronto legal assistant Vishwantee Persuad isn’t getting compliments for allegedly possessing magical powers. She’s been charged with practicing witchcraft.

The woman allegedly gained the confidence of long-time criminal lawyer Noel Daley, who told the Law Times he gave the woman nearly $150,000 in salary as a legal assistant, for business ventures that never materialized and cancer treatments.

Persaud also faces two fraud charges in connection with some of those ventures, but the witchcraft charge stemmed from an incident in which she allegedly read Tarot cards for Daley and told him she was the embodiment of his dead sister, the report said.

According to the Toronto Star, Daley met Persaud in January 2009. She claimed to be a financially-strained law student, and he gave her a job working in his law firm.

But something in the working relationship went badly awry when she allegedly told Daley that she was a “good witch”, started doing Tarot card readings for him, and convinced him she was channeling his dead sister, “whose spirit would guide him to financial success.”

It looks like Persaud was the only one that enjoyed financial success, if only briefly.

At least we no longer burn witches at the stake.

If you’re tired of the same old boring legal tomes, click on the link to the photo above to check out Good Witch Bad Witch, a “beguiling set of 52 cards” which will help you “revel in delicious devilment against your enemies, or weave good white magic against you and your loved ones…All you need is this charming kit and a little hocus-pocus.”

Sounds like this might be useful stuff in a legal environment…

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