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Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

Life is just a bowl of cherries, don’t take it serious, it’s mysterious.
Life is just a bowl of cherries, so live and laugh and laugh at love, love a laugh, laugh and love.
~ “Big Deal” (1986) by Bob Fosse

And love it and laugh out loud with complete joy when you find an Ann Taylor Loft dress from the 90s with cherries all over it at your local GoodWill. The cherry on top of this dress is the tiny vintage turtle pin I found at a thrift store, and should have taken a close-up pic for you guys. Next time, I promise.

The Deets: Ann Taylor Loft vintage cherry print dress (GoodWill); 
Cropped Loft cardi ($9.99 last year at Loft Outlet sale); rather boring black ballet flats and tights; 
turtle pin!; floral cuff bracelet scored for under $2 via Steinmart clearance earlier this year

It was 70 degrees and raining on Monday when I wore the cherry dress, which made me happy every time I saw the print, but forced me to take indoor outfit pics, which I still struggle with.

Today it was only 49 degrees, and I was so cold that I pulled on a purple cowl-neck sweater I rarely wear – over a long sleeve tee. There will be no pics of me looking like a stuffed purple sausage. I looked like the old me from a couple of years ago, when I went through an extended period of illness, and wore too big pants and shapeless tops to work almost every day, because it took too much effort to try. And, er, sneakers. No, no, there were no pics from this completely style-less and a bit too joyless period of my life. Whew.

Today I also read a thought-provoking post at Already Pretty, “Enhancing Appearances“. I happened to skip my normal light make-up routine as well, because I didn’t feel well. A co-worker, not meaning to make me feel self-conscious, commented on my red nose. I think I owe the world a post on acne and aging, being so close to 50, yet suffering from acne rosacea severe enough to require both topical and oral prescription meds. I do normally use a light foundation to even out my skin tone, and on the rare occasions I don’t wear make-up to the office, usually get some comment about how sick I look.

As much as I’d like to skip make-up altogether, the au naturel look reads half dead on me. Are you able to get away with little to no make-up, or is there a minimal amount of make-up that you find necessary for activities like work or meetings?

P.S. I’m going to leave you with Ben Vereen’s wonderful version of “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries (Reprise)” because it makes me smile. I will find a way to write about acne rosacea and make it funny, because the alternative is obsessing over it, and life’s too short for that.

26 Responses to Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

  1. I love this dress so cute! And I love it that it lead you to this theme…life is a bowl of cherries…occasionally it is a bowl of sour milk, but I chose to believe the first each day rather than the latter…if the woman had commented on my red nose, I would have said, "Thank you, I will try not to drink at work again!!" Some people can be so rude…that is about her and not you!

  2. The cutest dress! I love the print. I have pretty rough skin a lot of the time (which thankfully doesn't show up on camera that much).. I never cover it with make up because it makes my skin worse. That and I don't have the days where I skip the make up and get comments – I just tend to look a bit washed out every day.

    Don't let coworkers get ya down. Just tell them you're early for Christmas. 😉

  3. I couldn't believe the weather change from the last 2 days to today
    it was freezing today and all the wetness just made it feel worse
    isn't funny how we might think makeup doesn't make much of a difference but it really can

  4. I love the cherry dress! So very pin-up!

    I've had days when I don't wear make-up and yeah, I get that "are you sick?" comment. I went through a period about 10 years ago when all I wore was cover-up and eyeliner, but with how I dress now, I feel like I'm not done without my face on.

  5. I am sure you look just as beautiful without makeup. I think you are just a stunning lady! and. that. dresssssss. Miss Lynne. I am oozing with cherry induced goodness over it. I loooove it!

  6. Your cherry dress is such a cutie, you look gorgeous in it, Lynne! I do love black and red, can't help but fall for that combination.
    Tell me about skin woes… Mine is rubbish, difficult, prone to break outs but flakey too, and now has wrinkles to add to the misery. I have spent MANY years hating it, and being self-conscious about it, and like you, have decided (VERY late in the day) that life is indeed too short for fretting constantly about the state of my badly behaved skin… I think mine is hormonal – too much testosterone, I reckon, should have been a man.
    From your photos, I would NEVER have guessed you have any skin issues, you always look smooth and even and beautiful, and your gorgeous smile and amazing eyes are what I notice anyway. xxxxx

  7. What, no comments yet? I guess I'll be first.

    I've never worn a lot of make-up, and I only buy a few expensive things. Otherwise it's the drugstore stuff. My office is pretty casual, so that's not an issue, and my skin is generally pretty good. But I must have concealer on my dark circles, a bit of blush on my pale skin, and some dusky gray eye shadow so it looks like I have eyes. I wear subtle lipstick on my thin lips. If I want to look special I'll even put on mascara!

  8. That dress is fabulous, the print rocks and the fit is perfect, no wonder you laughed out loud when you found it.
    I've never worn foundation, I just wash my face and slap on a cheap drug store own-brand "instant radiance" moisturiser. x

  9. Oh you make me feel joyful seeing you in your beautiful cherry frock – what a find, it was waiting for YOU!! Life isn't fair – I had no skin problems during my teens, but have suffered adult acne for a couple of decades now – oral and topical meds too, but if my hormones decide to behave I can get away with no makeup. I find it very thoughtless that people make such comments to you when you're not "covered" – you're a beautiful woman … always. xoxoxoxo

  10. Thanks for the Ben Vereen clip – he was brilliant on stage. Your cherry dress is sweet! I don't think any of us "need" makeup to be beautiful but I do prefer my face with tinted moisturizer so I don't look blotchy. I know AR can be very frustrating!

  11. The fabulous Ben Vereen–thanks for that!!!

    The cherry dress is ADORABLE!!! How cute will it be come summertime!!!!!

    My skin is crapola, too. Oilier than a Saudi Desert. Breaks out. Patchy roscea. I'll die all wrinkled up wearing Clearisil.

    Funny thing–I wore TONS more make-up before I started this blog a year ago. As i got more comfortable with myself I started wearing less makeup. I guess i was hiding beehind it. Look at my beautifully made up face and not my dumpy body.

    NOW all I wear daily is BB Cream for my face(LOVE), Some Burt's Bees lipgloss and eyebrow pencil (I have mostly none of my own)

  12. Yeay for 70 degree weather! And double Yeay for your super-cute Cherry Dress – very appropriate for this nice weather (unusual for December). I would have grabbed that dress from Goodwill too. I have a Cherry-print skirt which I love, also in a black background. =)

  13. Wow, that an awesome dress! This is absolutely adorable. I think your indoor photo looks just fine 🙂

    I would really like to hear about your routine with the acne and redness. I never had acne problems growing up, but as I have aged I am starting to see red splotches on my skin. Now I have to use a light foundation to cover. Heather

  14. Great dress Lynne, and I am glad you had an outfit 'win' after a day when you didn't feel good. Hate those days.

    Makeup-wise, I have prominent blue circles under my eyes, and teeny eyes. So concealer to brighten and eyeliner are my not-leaving-the-house-without essentials, though I use more products than this daily. I think I look better with a little make up and I enjoy putting it on, so win-win. It's like colleagues that comment when you look ill, or tired, though. Ummm, thank you?

  15. Very cute dress.

    I also suffer from inherited rosecea. Not fun. Everything bothers my face. I have heard that laser therapy is good for this. I want to try it out and maybe get rid of some wrinkles at the same time.

    Beyond rosecea I also have fibromyalgia which makes my eyes extra sensitive so I can't wear mascara for more than an hour or so. I started getting eyelash extensions a few months back and I love them. I have blond lashes and was dying them but that too started to bother my eyes. I'm crossing my fingers I don't have the same issue with my last extensions because they are so easy to care for.

  16. Such a cute red cherry dress on you. I say I don't really wear make-up, but do I? I wear concealer around my eyes cuz I've always had dark circles, even as a teen. Sometimes I'll wear eyeliner and stuff on my eyebrows because they've faded so much with age. That's it. I never wore foundation, can't stand the idea of it. No mascara, lipstick, blush… I don't like stuff that would come off on my clothes (or someone else) easily. weird, huh.

  17. Wow, ever lovely, Lynne! A fantastic score, and perfect with the cropped sweater. You are doing great with your indoor photos, imo.

    I can so relate to your "old me," having had my own desperately unwell years with nothing left over for appearance. And skin situations! I see mine as a drama queen / wailing baby / uneasily slumbering wildebeest which must be constantly appeased through rituals and offerings because it is always ready for an instant freak-out. I only ever wear lipstick, and (very rarely) pressed powder.

    I'd read Sal's post, but when you linked back to it I went and had a look at the comments. I've been thinking and thinking on what I want to say ever since (which is why it's taken me so long to comment here, sorry!) and I still don't know. That thread left me feeling really, really, throat-closing sad, with woman after woman very matter-of-factly writing not "I colour my hair" but "I cover my grey" – we have so internalized that grey=old=BAD, in addition to how it is accepted / expected that we feel about our naturally ripply shapes and skins. What weight we carry.

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