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Love ’em & Leave ’em

Love ’em & Leave ’em

I know, on Tuesday my new bifocals were the best things since M&Ms were invented, and today, I’m all, “Who is that woman in those thick glasses?”

But I do need them for work, so will wear them when I need to see REAL GOOD, and the rest of the time, I’ll just walk into walls.

Or wear my contacts.

The Deets: Clarks Chris Sydney ankle boots (jcp) | Madison Studio “people” skirt (thrifted gift from the wonderful Megan Mae!) | ZOA cardigan (v. old, pro’bly Marshalls) | mac & jac draped tank (v. old, pro’bly Ross) | multi-chain necklace (v. old, can’t recall)

I’ma save my post about aging feet for next week, but I’ll share with you one of the pairs of shoes I had to buy with a big fat toe bed (because nothing can touch the top of my feet any more apparently) and layers of padding.

One reviewer said you can hike in these shoes, or wear them to the office. Pretty much. Or at least I am. 
Megan sent me a surprise box full of goodies this week (I tweeted simultaneous-opening-package-pics ’cause I’m nice like that, and also pics of my dog ’cause I’m nice like that :P), including this awesome skirt with a people print on it similar to my thrifted David Meister dress
I call this one “Nuh-uh, those aren’t my bifocals; someone must’ve left ’em” pic.
I wish I could dress like this every day, but will need to wear a little more classic and conservative office attire starting next week (so thanks, Megan, for those awesome Willi Smith slacks!). I’m also realizing from my own outfit pics that it’s time to either get some skirts altered to fit better, or take a whack at them myself. Hmmm, the latter sounds more fun.
I may get to meet one of you this weekend! Super-siked!

16 Responses to Love ’em & Leave ’em

  1. Those are great boots! If they're comfortable that is awesome – but they are also stylish! The skirt from Megan looks fantastic too!

    Ooh I wonder who you might get to meet!!

  2. Ooh, Lynne, I like you in a cheeky little flirty skirty, the shorter length looks SO good on you! Lovely outfit, bifocals or no bifocals.
    Hope you poor feet are OK.
    Hurray for blog buddies who send you just the right things! xxxx

  3. Really, you couldn't wear that to the office? My, my what starts happening in a week to change the atmosphere so much? You look terrific in your ensemble and the boots look great. I can't tell you are being de-moted to non-heels.

  4. Ooooooh what a cool skirt that Megan sent you! You should get a close up of the print for us other visionally challenged peeps 😉 I love it with these boots–I can totally see them being comfortable, stylish and practical. This is a very cool outfit on you Lynne!

  5. Funky boots there lady. Between the rocker boots, mini-skirt, all-black and your glasses, you are looking so cool and tough yet chic, today. I love flyaway cradigans, especially if they are black – so versatile. I am wearing a similar one, today.

    Have a Lovely TGIF, Ada. =)

  6. I lovelovelove this outfit. And not only because I bought that skirt for you. But I love the ankle boots, your curled hair and monochrome look. I adore clarks shoes, and see them often at GW – never in our size though. *sadface*

  7. Is that pillar part of your offices? If so, I have major workplace accommodation envy.

    Your shoes are great, I really rate Clarks, partly because they understand flat shoes can really be groovy AND can have a sole that isn't paper thin. Plus they do half sizes.

  8. I love the boots, but can see how they don't quite fit your office style. What does this toe thing mean for your wonderful blue Fluevogs??

    Love the skirt – Megan is such a generous soul.

  9. Your hair looks so cute here! I just saw the photo from your NY meet up. Great fun! So glad you guys could share a few photos from your meet up. This blogging community is amazing really.

  10. This outfit has such a beautiful softness with your wavy hair, gathered top, and riffled-edge cardigan. Glad you found some booties that will work! These work wonderfully to balance out the flowy factor with some edge.

    Lucky-loo for that meet-up, both of you!!!

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