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Manhattan Goodwill

Manhattan Goodwill

Whenever I travel I have to visit the best Goodwill in the city. I know, some peeps who visit NYC go see the Statue of Liberty.

Lands End dress ~ Goodwill (Manhattan)
Belt ~ 75% off at local consignment store
Miz Mooz Tillman pumps ~ Amazon (heh, google them and my feet show up in images :o)

Me, I go visit the Manhattan Goodwill, even after accidentally taking the wrong train to Brooklyn.

Cuff ~ Gift from Megan Mae

Because it takes more than a two-hour detour to get between me and my Big City Goodwill.

Love, peace & grace,

15 Responses to Manhattan Goodwill

  1. Oh boy, which one? I love the GW in Greenwich Village, near NYU, but I don't want to miss any : >

    You look beauteous and your fab shoes are famous! xo

  2. LOL Here here! I would definitely have a long list of sight seeing to do in NYC, but Goodwill and various other thrift stores would for sure be a must! I love your black dress with this belt Lynne!

  3. I would love to do some secondhand shopping in NYC – blogger meet-up, anyone?
    Looking very elegant and gorgeous, Lynne, great dress and love the shoes! xxx

  4. Lynn, I had missed the ending of the problems with the Teen. So I went back on your blogs and checked it out. There is no better news than her recovery. It made my day. And I'm glad to be seeing more of you now.

  5. Every once in a while I check my bookmark for your page, hoping that you're back. What a pleasant surprise to find that you are! No one could blame you for focusing on more important things in life (as you have been), but it's great that you still take the time to blog about your finds and your life for your many loyal fans. These shoes reminded me that you introduced me to Miz Mooz shoes, and even though they're very well made, I wore out my Miz Mooz in about a year because I wore them constantly! Anyway . . . happy to see that your life seems to be getting back on track and that KeeCee is much healthier!

  6. That dress is gorgeous. I can't remember when that one came out and I have been a fan of Lands End for years. I also love that belt. Goodwill shopping can be so much fun.
    Have a great day,

  7. Ha ha! Whoops! : ( But everyone likes to spend extra time on crowded smelly trains when visiting The Big Apple right?

    I need to visit more thrift stores the next time in NYC. This is a real score.


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