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Many, Many Balloons – and Thank You

Many, Many Balloons – and Thank You

We had so many wonderful family, friends, and hospital staffers help celebrate the end of The Teen’s two-week hospitalization, that what could have been a rotten 16th birthday was super cool instead. But I did have trouble stuffing all of her birthday balloons in the car (not all of them are in these pictures.)

Fish Lips. Finally a style blogger pose I’m good at. This wasn’t the best outfit pic, but it was the best pic πŸ™‚
Loft and/or Loft Outlet everything, super on sale, except for the Charming Charlie accessories
By the time this post is published, I’m hoping that she’ll have had a great day at school – and that I’ll be sipping a glass of wine at the beach with my mom. My mom and I made plans for a quick trip when The Absent-Minded Professor (AMP) was off for a week (kicked off campus by the Democratic National Convention along with all the other faculty, staff, and students), but then I cancelled the reservations last week because The Teen still hadn’t come home.
I’ve signed up for style blogger posing lessons from the Red-Headed Teen.
Both AMP and my mom insisted we try to get our reservation back, which we did. Luckily, the beaches are not far from where we live, and I can get home quickly if I need to. I think they both think I’m close to sitting in a corner and having a quiet wee break with reality if I don’t have a change of scenery.
We did not actually let the balloons go because that would be pollution.
The gorgeous and super stylish Amber at Butane Anvil wondered if her readers are interested in what she wears when she’s not at work, and of course, we are all. I thought I’d share these pictures so you can see what I run around in for a trip to the Big Gawdy Mall (I hate it) to give The Teen a 16th birthday shopping trip. Actually, AMP and I went to see Premium Rush while they shopped. That Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so adorable he could have ridden a tricycle for an hour and that would have been fine by me, but the NYC bicycle action sequences are wild and crazy (I got kinda motion sick) and worth the price of the film.
The Teen made the owl in the hospital. That metal purse is a family heirloom from the late 19th century.
I hope you guys have a great week. I really appreciate all your warm and supportive comments and emails the last several weeks. Your blogs, Twitter updates, and Facebook statuses also entertain and inspire me, especially during tough times.
Finally, I leave you with a picture of The Corginator, because you get more hits when you use the word “dog” in your posts πŸ˜›

11 Responses to Many, Many Balloons – and Thank You

  1. Aww so happy that she had a good 16th bday after all. You all look like you're having a fun photo shoot together.

    Enjoy your getaway. Sounds like you need one.

    Your pup had the happiest face ever. Full of so much soul and personality. <3

  2. I'm thrilled for the Birthday Teen feeling better, and for your change of scenery. These scenes from your life are marvellous, fierce poses and fish faces!

    Thank you for the shout-out! And you're right – I am just as glad to see a range of outfits from my favourite bloggers too. (I'm amazed by having "readers" myself)

    Together with the dog and the heirloom and the treasured owl and how great you look in raspberry, I don't even know how to handle all these good feelings in just one post. πŸ™‚

  3. I'm so happy the Teen managed to have a good 16th birthday in spite of everything! Hope she is still on the up and up!

    And you enjoy that getaway lady, you deserve a break. Relax. Breathe.

    Love the doggie!!

  4. Love the photos! So pleased the Teen's 16th was good after all, and that you have had the chance of a break. Being by the sea with wine in hand sounds VERY therapeutic to me!
    Cute Corginator. Do you have connections with the British Royal family?! xxx

  5. I am sooooooo glad that the Teen is back in action and hopefully stays well! I loooooove all of these photos Lynne–they are so adorable. LOL at your "that would be pollution" comment. Also how cool that AMP is at the DNC!!!! I went four years ago when it was in Denver. It was so outrageous, especially for our small city.

    Thanks again so much for joining my e-party. You looked gorgeous (as always) and I really appreciate you taking the time in all that you were going through.

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