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Menswear for the Ladies

Menswear for the Ladies

Patti at Not Dead Yet Style has been styling menswear shirts in her work wardrobe for years, regularly achieving that effortlessly classic Katherine Hepburn signature look. See her “Visible Monday #73: Crisp White (Man’s) Shirt” post to see a man’s shirt worn by a very beautiful woman. 

Alexander Julian Colours man’s shirt (S 14-14 1/2) – Goodwill
J. Crew ankle pants – Factory outlet uber clearance a few years back
Bandolino flats – Hamricks a few years back

Like Patti, I like the slouch of a man’s shirt. For a small person, I have really broad shoulders, but also like Patti, I can’t borrow my 6’3″ hubby’s shirts. Inspired by Patti, I’m always on the lookout for a crisp (but no-iron) classic man’s shirt. I haven’t had much luck finding a beautiful white one, but the Goodwill Goddess has kindly delivered a lovely pale blue one, and this cool pale lavender man’s shirt into my grateful hands, for less than $4 each.

I tried to add the feminine touch of a purple skinny belt, glittery rhinestone bracelet, and flats with floral accents to stay in touch with my girly side, but you tell me. Do I have the same problem I did as a kid, when peeps often mistook me for a boy?

Love, peace & grace,

8 Responses to Menswear for the Ladies

  1. Thanks so much for your kind comments! And I love this shirt (I have this shirt) – you look crisp and cool and very feminine. Loving your hair too – you're mentioned in my post that goes live tonight, about redheads. xox

  2. Are you kidding? You're as appealingly female and delightfully feminine as any woman I know. You'd look cute in a sanitation worker's uniform. You change the clothes, clothes don't change you.

  3. it only works if you're tiny, like you are. When you're a size 16, with 42DD boobs & a 38" waist, you just look butchy. Not to say I don't HAVE some, but I wear them open, with a close-fitting tank top or tee underneath, and I know it's not a really alluring look on me. And most men I've been with wear a smaller size men's shirt than *I* do! Or at best, as currently, the same size.

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