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Or, Ask Me How Much I Paid for These Shoes

Yes, I’ve been MIA, or not very visible on th’ blog, social media, or anything digital-related. That’s right, I haven’t even checked my email. And I think there’s some snail mail ’round here, like a package from Patti that I saved to open this week. I love prezzies, but I like to savor the anticipation of opening them. 
We received less than a week’s notice of The Teen’s Make-A-Wish trip to San Francisco, so we threw all our cares and woes, along with our fave jeans, into our suitcases and just went. We had no WiFi in the hotel, but we had the most awesome vacation ever. In a weird twist of travel fate, I’m going back to San Francisco this week for a long-planned business conference.
I guess I am a shoe tease.
I think these Aerosoles look like Seychelles and Fluevogs had a love child.

Then last week was the first week of The Teen’s pre-bone marrow transplant workup. It took me several long but unaccepted comments on friends’ blogs to realize the Internet is sketchy at our new home away from home. My laws, it seemed like every doctor in the place looked at everything. The Teen was totally a trooper the entire time. I know getting a scope stuck up my nose, and er, the snot sucked outta me (not a sentence I ever expected to write) would have made me squeal like a big fat sissy.
The Deets: Connected Apparel Abstract Faux Wrap Dress (Amazon with gift card, no longer available); Aerosole pumps (thrifted); plastic beads (Goodwill $1)

I’m in a plastic beads stage, happily hunting for vintage costume necklaces, in, uh, yeah, plastic. It’s a nice inexpensive hobby for my Almost No Shopping Ban a/k/a How Much Trouble Can You Get in for $20 a Month (I’ll explain in another post).

These beads are actually multi-whites but I couldn’t capture the subtleties.
So if you guessed these Aerosole pumps, a brand I’ve always referred to as high-heeled sneakers for the office, were initially $30 at one of our better local consignment shops, but rang up at $5.90, you are right. The cashier and I were both delighted. These guys were barely, if ever, worn.

I’m also joining the stunning fashionistas at Not Dead Yet Style’s weekly feature, Visible Monday. Patti is the best, and it’s always an honor to hang with such inspiring peeps sharing great style for real people.

You really can buy great clothes for work on an extremely limited budget. What’s your fave place to score clothes for work? So far, Goodwill is being really good to me.

30 Responses to MIA

  1. OMGGGGG ARE THEY GREEN!?! You gotta bring those the next time you're in town. I want to try them on! Seriously swooning here.

    Actually now that I'm working, I'm having to yet again revamp my closet. It's good thing I sometimes get paid in clothes. I've kept a lot of core things, but shoes that make the grade for 6+ hours of nonstop standing? That's gotten harder. So my shoe closet has shrunk again, and I'm back on the hunt for even more comfortable shoes.

    As for actual clothes, I'm still hitting the GW. Just looking for different things. I wear more shorts/midi skirts. I wear less sleeves. It's hot where I work. Even with everything blasting, I get hot during the day. Plus I'm now pushing a size six. So I've gifted XS or smaller to our TEENY tiny volunteer, and put some of the best stuff in the store to re-sell.

    I sometimes catch new stuff coming in from consignors and call dibs. But that's few and far between.

  2. Missed you! But so happy you enjoyed your trip to SF with your family, hope your daughter was thoroughly delighted. Sorry about the lousy tests, and yes, what a brave girl she is. You look fab, as per always, and you nearly *stole* those shoes in broad daylight : > Thanks for linking up!

  3. $5.90? Happy dance time. Considering that price, I suspect you can get into a whole lot of trouble at $20 a month. (laugh) They ARE the love child shoes. I'm glad you guys got the best vacation ever. I hope the residue of that fun time can help carry all of you over the intensive probing, especially The Teen!
    I saw you today walking in downtown Vancouver. It must have been your astral self, but if was only you from the back, a mighty fine back it was. When she turned around you must have flown. Hugs.

  4. You are such a great thrift shopper. I've tried. I just don't care for it and I rarely find anything worthwhile. So I stick with the mall, Target, local shops and a bit of online.

    Great shoes! The do remind me of Seychelles Seychelles, Fluevog styles.

  5. *sigh* I can't concentrate on fashion when I think what you and your family are going through. Its gravity supercedes everything else. Hang in there, buddy. We love you.

  6. Oh, wow, those shoes are something. I've been on a bit of a retro shoes kick (not that I can find much in my size, alas) and those are delightful. That they're thrifted only makes them 100X more awesome.

    This vacation sounds like the best reason for unannounced blog silence ever! Still sending my best to the Teen — she sounds like a total champ. 🙂

  7. Those fabulous shoes must have been a gift from the thrifting goddess for your endless humour and ability to cope with all that life throws at you.
    I'm so glad you've been able to enjoy a holiday despite all that hideous probing the Teen's had to endure. xxx

  8. I have been thinking about you and The Teen and the courage and persistence that it takes to go through all of these procedures on your path, and the emotional toll that takes place in the process.

    In the meantime, you are as gorgeous as always in your faux wrap dress and amazing pumps. Love the color. Plastic beads never looked so good! I've begun collecting beads myself and wonder why it took me so long.

  9. I'm glad your family had a great time in San Francisco – and I bet being somewhat unplugged wasn't a bad thing either!

    I will be continuing to think of you and and the Teen and holding you in prayers.

    And now let's talk about how fabulous you look in that dress! Gorgeous lady!!

  10. Awesome you enjoyed San Fran. Perfect time of the year to be there too.

    I'm sure you are stressed about the upcoming operation. I hope all goes well and the marrow does the trick. Will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

    One of my favourite shoes are Aerosoles. You always score on your thrift store hunts. Green is such a great colour for redheads.


  11. My Aerosoles boots have been soooo comfortable, so I think you will get a load of wear out of those fabulous shoes, at such a bargain price! (Oh and I STILL call them Arseholes. I know, so childish…)
    I missed you, Lynne, but I am so pleased you had a wonderful trip. I am always beyond impressed and in awe of the Teen's resilience and fortitude. Please do tell her so.
    Love your dress too. You look elegant and beautiful. xxxxx

  12. I am glad you all had fun in SF. Sending lots of love to all your family.

    So much lovely greenery. Those shoes were a damn steal. And with that dress? You are no. 1 Forest Elf xx

  13. Fabulous shoes – and woo! Green!

    I do well at the Women in Need (WIN) store here, as well as the local hospice store. I'm all thrifted today!

  14. Shop till you drop, and continue to collect these bargains. Not just a bargain, but a lovely purchase. Whatever therapy you want. Your well deserved call.
    So great to be able to keep up with Teen at the site … thanks for the updates. Best, best thoughts to all of you for the coming week and forward till the treatments are successful!

  15. I lurk infrequently here… I always find you through MMD. Anyways, what a great deal on the shoes! Stay strong for the teen. I am praying for ya'll.

  16. Lovely that you could have a holiday
    I loved San Francisco
    Sending all positive vibes to the Teen
    You are all so strong and positive

    As for my work wardrobe, i go pretty well everywhere, thrift shops, retail..ect lots of sales these days so I'm stocking up!


    Have a great weekend


  17. It was good to hear from you Lynn, and you certainly look lovely. How wonderful to get a family vacation right before the big probe medical journey. Wishing you and yours the best all along the way. oxxo

  18. Lynne, I found your blog recently while writing up an Email Etiquette guide for the paralegals and legal assistants (shh, and attorneys) in my office. I read a few of your more serious articles before coming to your home page and seeing your goodwill gems. Thanks for a great blog & best wishes to your daughter!

  19. Oh no! Did my comment get eaten up?
    Love your blog, Lynne.
    I found it a few weeks ago when I was writing an Email Etiquette guide for the paralegals, legal assistants & attorneys at my office. Once I came to your home page and saw your great style posts, I couldn't leave for hours.

    Thanks for the inspiration, and best wishes to your daughter!

  20. Thank you for keeping in touch while you go through a difficult path.
    I wish you all nothing but the very best.
    You are such an example to us all.
    Love and admiration.

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