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More Nuggets from the Goodwill Goldmine

More Nuggets from the Goodwill Goldmine

Or I Popped Some [More] Tags

Many of you post pictures from your thrifting, and I really enjoy them. The thrill of shopping vicariously through you guys is almost as great as the thrill of scoring a come-up (see Macklemore) at our local Goodwills and Salvation Armani Army store. I’ve been thinking about spring, what would update my working wardrobe a bit without wrecking our wee budget, and this is what I’ve found so far (over a series of Goodwill and Salvation Army visits). (I’m also following the one out for everything in rule – harder than it sounds!)

 Ann Taylor jacket, size 4 for a close fit

 Wearing said jacket to dinner and school musical last night; earrings a gift from Sheila
 Jones New York jacket, size 2 for a close fit
 I switched out the leather skirt for a Loft skinny black pencil skirt for work.
I’m not sure I’m keeping the leather skirt – it has more curves than I do 😛

 Banana Republic blouse, with side zip for a super tailored look
 Guess Jeans jacket – couldn’t get a great pic, but the broad green and
 thin pale yellow stripes will go with many of my spring clothes
 Express blouse for the watercolor phase I’m in
 Brand new Target turtle neck – had me at the three-quarter sleeves for warmer weather
Target blouse – love the half collar
Calvin Klein dress, beige is not a great color for me but I love the asymmetrical collar and empire waist.
Wondering about dying it but it’s fully lined. Ideas?
Sandra Darren cropped/beaded sweater
Dryel and a light iron will fix this right up.
 Express dress – fully lined, fantastic full skirt
Pièce de résistance – a Ruth (brand carried by Anthropologie) walking dogs dress!
Yes, my family made fun of it.
Plus the Eiffel Tower!
Bonus Sasha Jane in lazy play mode pic.
Popped any tags recently?

24 Responses to More Nuggets from the Goodwill Goldmine

  1. Hello Miss SJ!! Her beautiful eyes look just like Brucey's. You got some major scores. Love that red floral jacket on you. I didn't even realize you were wearing a leather skirt. 😉 A good knee length one is a lot more subtle than people realize.

    As for 'tag poppin', I've been relatively good about not shopping at the GW, but I did just win a pair of orange boots on ebay and am stalking a pair of sandals. It will get warmer eventually don't ya know.

    Oh and as for dyeing the dress.. Depends on what the outside material is made of. I've dyed linen and cotton and 'mixed blend' to varying degrees. I don't like having to remember what I dyed though because setting the dye is nearly impossible. I turned so many things pink in the process. ;_;

  2. Ooooooooh Lynne! What a gold mine you got this round! i love the first two jackets–you look incredible in them too. And those two printed skirts are great!

  3. Lynne….you found some nice things!
    I really love the whimsical print on the black and white piece….and the picture of Sasha Jane in all of her queenly feline glory.

  4. What a great haul! That first jacket looks made for you, and the green cropped sweater and dog-walking skirt are my personal favorites. Imagine them together!

  5. That jacket fits you like Audrey Hepburn in Rome. Wow. Excellent tailoring. We are riding the same psychic vibe, I just dug out a similar jacket I forgot I had. Must wear it! Excellent finds all round. The CK dress, a narrow belt in orange and red with bright tights and shoes…? Or black belt with black tights and shoes…? I want to walk my dogs in Paris too! (except I don't have any dogs)

  6. Fabulous finds!! I would leave the beige dress be. It's a great neutral, and can be "colorized" with accessories, jackets, shirts, etc. any way you want. Dying is not as easy as you might think–especially to get even coverage.

  7. Great finds! I love the jacket in the first picture, it looks like it fits you so well too!

    And hello Miss Sasha Jane!

    I had been on a shopping ban until this weekend, but now I "popped some tags" at a local vintage event.

  8. What a haul! I love the shape of that Calvin Klein dress, maybe a brightly coloured neck scarf and jewel coloured opaques would lift it?
    That leather skirt looks hot and I love the red jacket!
    Sasha Jane is hypnotising me with her beautiful eyes! xxx

  9. first–Yay Sasha Jane CUTENESS!!!!!
    Wow you got some amazing stuff!!!! I ADORE the dog walking skirt–does the Corginator approve??
    I've been getting VERY selctive in my shopping–mostly filling in some holes and looking for specific stuff.
    Which didn't stop me from snagging a teal/lime/aqua argyle Lane Bryant Cardigan to add to my my cardigan obsession hoard!!

  10. I think the leather skirt is very flattering on you. I wouldn't dump it if I were you. 🙂

    Also the Express dress is beautiful. Would love to see what it looks like on you!!

  11. Great finds–great colors on everything. How about teaming the green Sandra Darren cropped/beaded sweater with the beige Calvin Klein dress?

  12. Oh! those are nice finds! I wish sometimes i could be the classic girl! but i can i'm so crazy in my choices!
    Love the red jacket with the leather skirt!
    This is something i could wear at a job interview

    I love the print of the B&W dress isn't sweet! I can just imagine you wearing it, so you!

    Ariane xxx

  13. Great finds, and skirts having more curves than I do is the story of my life! (That is an awesome skirt, though; I'd probably just ignore the fit issues for something that fabulous.)

  14. Love your finds! When I saw you in the leather skirt I thought to myself that I would like to find one like that. And I've never owned a leather skirt. Just saying!

  15. Great haul for Sring! The fitted jackets are great – I like buying blazers on the fitted side too. Love the dog-walking dress and the pretty Banana Republic top. I haven't dyed a piece of clothing since the 90s so I won't go there. I like Melanie and Vix's suggestion to jazz up the dress with colourful accessories. I know you probably want to show off the neckline, but if I buy a thrift piece whose colour doesn't really rock on me, and it's close to my face, I wear a gorg scarf in a hue that's fantastic for me.

  16. Wow – wow – and W.O.W. So lucky you are 0 I'm seriously green with envy at what you scored. Enjoy everyone one of the items.

    I like the leather skirt on you.

  17. Oh yeah, clothes, nice… But look at the CAT! Gorgeous beast!
    OK, back to the Goodwill treasures! You did well, Lynne, you found some excellent stuff. Love the little jackets on you, and hello, leather skirt love! Both dresses are very chic, I think the beige dress will look fine if you liven it up with bright accessories and/or a jacket. And the poodle-walking in Paris print is adorable! xxxx

  18. I love the idea of you in leather- I hope you find one soon that fits! And that last dress- wow wow wow. I can't wait to see the outfit post featuring that fine print.

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