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More Statsky Links for Paralegals: Evaluating Reliability on the Internet

More Statsky Links for Paralegals:  Evaluating Reliability on the Internet

I know you know this, but it’s worth repeating. Not everything you read on the Internet is true. But some of the information that turns up in a Google search looks pretty darn scholarly at times, so how do you know which sites are reputable sources of information, and which sites are not?

Paralegal author and expert Bill Statsky sent me some of his favorite links for evaluating reliability on the Internet, which are well worth a careful review by any legal professional who uses the Internet for formal or informal research. These articles and pages, created by university librarians, also provide additional helpful links for evaluating and finding reliable information on the web:

“Evaluating Information on the Internet Selected Sources” ~ Marquette University,

“Evaluating Information Found on the Internet” ~ John Hopkins University,

“Evaluating Quality on the Net” ~ Babson College,

Speaking of not everything that’s circulated on the Internet being true, North Carolina Certified Paralegal Patti Clapper features as today’s useful website at her blog, Patti’s Paralegal Page. Whenever someone sends me a missing child email, I head straight to Snopes to see if the child is actually missing – or never existed.

As a case in point, the longest “living” missing child, the mythical Penny Brown, has been the source of enough emails pleading for her return to crash the Internet. Even knowing she’s not missing, I can still drive myself nuts wondering, “This is a picture of someone’s red-headed kid, probably an adult by now. Whose kid is she?”

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One Response to More Statsky Links for Paralegals: Evaluating Reliability on the Internet

  1. It seems paralegal author and expert Bill Statsky thought productively. A lawmaker should evaluate the thing in the legal point of view he/she received. A lawyer should not take anything for granted. He/She should try to find out the sources, from where it came from. We habitually ignore a thing which is most important to us. Thank you for your kind information.

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