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Most Visible Monday of 2012

Most Visible Monday of 2012

Heh. I’ve been holding these November 2012 pictures back for just the right moment. I think they say, “I am paralegal. Hear me ROAR.” This is the only article of animal print clothing I even own, but I say, “Go big or go home.”

If this post seems short on words or just generally clueless, The Teen went back to the hospital about six hours after our flight home from New York City, with an extremely severe pain event. I’m getting ready to go relieve The Absent-Minded Professor, but I really, really wanted to quickly embrace my beloved blogging community, and participate in Patti’s Visible Monday. So, short on words, but big on love for y’all.

Today I dunno the deets – sorry! (But all old, except for $20 Mary Janes from jcp).

It was a frigid morning, tho’.

Look at the sacrifices I make for you guys. That smile is frozen on.
The Devil made me do it.
Just in case I don’t have enough animal on.
Fave pic taken by Absent-Minded Professor. Unfortunately, the Corginator moved 🙁
Wishing you love, peace, and happiness in 2013.

40 Responses to Most Visible Monday of 2012

  1. You are gorgeous – the last picture of you and the Corgi shows off 1) her sassitude and 2) your stunning baby blues. Love all the animal themes today!
    I'm so sorry about the Teen's severe pain incident. How tough this must be for her, and for you all. Healing thoughts are sent your way. xoxoxo

  2. Oh Lynne, big on love for you right back! Keeping The Teen and y'all in my heart with wishes for things to ease ASAP.

    This outfit and the photos are really lovely – wonderful colours, shapes, and proportions, and it makes me silly-happy that your tights match your buttons. You are ROARing fabulous, my friend!

  3. I know I said on FB too, but I'm so sorry the Teen is back in the hospital. I'm praying this visit is short and she gets some relief very soon.

    Can I just say though that this dress is amazing on you? Wow. Va va voom. Seriously. Amazing.

    Hugs to you strong lady, you'll be in my thoughts!

  4. Great outfit, Lynne. The dress is so flattering and the jacket is really pretty. I wouldn't have considered pairing burgundy tights with that dress…but it really WORKS! Love the shoes too. All around perfection. Happy New Year!

  5. Oh Lynne I'm so sorry to hear that the teen is sick again! Sending you and your family thoughts, prayers and hugs. I love your dress and the last photo is adorable. Happy new year sweetie.

  6. I hope everything is better at this point with your family, Lynne…you selected such a great dress for your New year's post…love it and I am living in love with gray, black, and brown lately…my go to colors. See you this new year for some more fashion fun!

  7. My heart flies to you and your family. I hope The Teen finds relief very quickly!!!
    But at least you have such spirit and animal prints to give you strength wherever you go. You look gorgeous in this dress. And I'm with Patti on the last photo – your blue eyes shine, shine, shine!!! Love, peace, happiness to you as well. Happy New Year, Lynne.

  8. I've really missed you Lynne, good to hear from you – though I am sorry to hear of the Teen's pain. Wishing her and your family strength in 2013. If you could convert your ROAR and general awesomeness in this outfit to strength, I think you would jet into space… xx

  9. I hope the Teen will be home soon and feeling better. And I'm glad you shared this lovely post – how could you hold it back? The jacket is wonderful, the shoes sublime, and you look great!

  10. You look great — that is some awesome animal print you're working!

    So sorry to hear the Teen's feeling poorly again, and I hope she's up and about again soon.

    Happy, pain-free 2013 to you and yours.

  11. Totally gorgeous Lynne! That dress is vavavoom and oohlala at the same time. It looks amazing on you. So sorry you guys wound up at the hospital, but I hope they've gotten the Teen's pain under control and have good news for you. Lots of hugs and prayers winging your way.

  12. Hey Lynne! Sorry to hear about the teen's pain crisis. Poor dear. And knowing what's going on the the blood cells under the microscope in that, I think it's hard for any us to imagine just what the pain would be like! Now, about that animal print! I love it! And I agree about that last picture — you have got gorgeous eyes! Thanks for dropping by and your comment about the print! So sweet of you. Makes me cringe that I am so horribly slow in doing things. I have not yet added the bluebird print to the shop! Yikes. But I am working on more of everything! 🙂 I hope the teen is all better soon!


  13. You look just stunning in that dress, and love the jacket and shoes. Corginator is awesome.

    Hope the teen is feeling better soon!

    I'm beginning to wonder what happened to the package I sent you about 3 weeks ago!

  14. Sounds like you were all able to go on that planned trip though. So very hard to deal with a loved one's pain, can't even talk about it really. But you look powerful as a mother bobcat/tiger/wild animal in that dress, that's for sure. Nothing's going to hold you back from taking care.

  15. Even though I know you're in the midst of a stressful time, you look radiant in your animal print and colored tights. Hope your daughter's pain is resolved soon and you and your family can enjoy the new year. Take good care!

  16. Lynne, you look just fabulous in leopard print! I CAN hear you roar! It's a perfect fit too – woo hoo, sexy!
    So sorry the Teen is back in hospital, what a tough time she is having of it at the moment. Sending lots of love to you all. xxxx

  17. Very sorry to hear about the teen, I truly hope she makes a speedy recovery. You, on the other hand look phenomenal, the colour of the tights, the flowy jacket and of course the piece de resistance, the animal print dress, meow! Plus I think that tigress photo of you needs to be framed, adorable!

  18. WOW you look gorgeous. What a Great Animal Print Dress. I love it paired with burgundy tights. I am going to keep that in mind: Leopard w/ Oxblood or Burgundy. That 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan, the Mary Jane Shoes & your hair look Fabulous too. The Most Visible Monday of all, for sure. This would make a great New Year's Eve outfit, too. Definitely dressy & pretty.

  19. Lynne,
    Your true colors of humor,courage and strength always shine through whether you're wearing stripes, spots or floral prints. Praying for strength and healing for your teen.

  20. That dress fits you fantastically! Thank you for braving the cold so you could share it with us. I'm sending you all some gobs of good vibes, put up your receptors to see if you can feel them…

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