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My Hair, Revisited

My Hair, Revisited
Sasha Jane, ticked off velvet accessory stand for my honking rhinestone ring and vintage silver bangles

Until the end of the year, be prepared to be to see some schizo hair lengths; I’ll be sharing a few outfit pics that didn’t get posted when they were actually worn. As I approach my 2014 shopping sabbatical (witty awesome title still not determined, suggestions welcome), it’s a relief to find forgotten photos from before the bone marrow transplant, and be reminded that I do have way too many for one woman to ever wear lots of clothes I love, even though they’ve been worn only once or less this year. One goal of not adding new clothes to my closet is to thoroughly enjoy the ones I do have and to make the most out of re-mixing them.

The Deets: Bow-tie blouse from Indian tailor (Indian flea market stall); 
Maxi skirt (Ross clearance, $7); Impo booties (old)

Another goal for next year is to thoroughly enjoy my hair – once it grows back into a bob. Super short hair is not for me. In the early months of living on a bone marrow transplant unit, it was a great no-maintenance do, but it became surprisingly expensive, because it needed to be cut so frequently. Even though The Teen wouldn’t let me shave my head when she shaved hers, the last time I had it cut in September, I practically scalped myself, hoping I could do an effortless Jamie Lee Curtis style, and be done with hair maintenance forever. Um, no. Instead my thick straw-like locks shot out like an angry hedgehog’s quills, and nothing would do but to start growing it again, so the longer weight will pull my hair down and give it the illusion of softness.

One style lesson I learned this year? Short peeps can look long and lean in maxis.

Of course I know it’s just hair, and with The Teen only beginning to show the barest signs of hair growth post chemotherapy, I’m not obsessed with it. But man, I miss it.
Have you ever regretted a drastic hairstyle change?

24 Responses to My Hair, Revisited

  1. Sasha Jane is such a beauty and so are you.
    I can't imagine that short hair is that easy to maintain. Mine is washed once or twice a week, rarely combed and piled on my head when I can't be bothered with it. Yours looks wonderful in these photos! xxx

  2. Well I just love the colour of your hair at any length. I have had my hair very short and it really was a pain to get it cut all the time but now I'm addicted to getting my hair dyed all the time.

    Hope things are turning around a bit for you and the family now.


  3. You do look long and lean! And your hair looks great; I love the choppiness of the cut.

    I had a haircut once that ended in my looking like Eleanor Roosevelt. Great woman, but not a great hair style.

  4. I have had short hair before. At the time, I loved it. But, there were times I just hated it. Especially if I went to someone new (I was a "broke" college student) and they hacked it to something I hated. I wouldn't call them regrets though…at least I know now! haha

    Best to you!!


  5. I will follow your grow-out with great interest, as I am considering a short-cut myself. And I'll be cheering on your shop-the-closet project! Love this maxi look. xo

  6. I never regreted any hair styles – But i was not totally comfortable with my buzz head – I'm trying to grow my hair a bit for my wedding – i would like a bob –

    Good luck with the no shopping – shop the closet – I could never do this, never, unless i had no choice !



  7. Wait – you're not going to shop for clothes for how long? I think I'm starting to feel faint…
    I'm not a super short hair girl, either. I think my features are far too soft for a close-cropped 'do. Love that skirt on you! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  8. Ooo, love your very soft and very very dangerous accessories stand! Awesome outfit too – great long tie and so graceful.

    When I had to do The Big Chop, I hadn't been to a hairdresser in about 20 years – trimmed my own ends and left it at that. It took 6 months to work out a short hairstyle I didn't hate, and for the very reason of chafing at that new expense and frequent maintenance I soon learned to cut it myself – and back in the shoe budget it went. ๐Ÿ™‚ I only ever get the odd pang over milkmaid braids and Victory rolls, lol.

    You always look beautiful, and you'll find a balance that suits you. Looking forward to your outfits and hairstyles of yore and of the future!

  9. My hair takes SO long to get length – I just can't do it anymore, but yes, getting your hair cut all the time when it's short does get pricey (I could be getting more clothes for that!).

    I have an idea for the title of your sabbatical: Shopt Out. Get it? "shopped out," like "done with this shit" plus "opt out," as in "I am taking a break from this shit." You seriously tempt me to stop shopping for a year…I've done limited shopping challenges before (including a year-long one) and they are HARD when you love to shop.

  10. I shaved my head nearly 13 years ago, and have been "growing it out" ever since. I am too cheap to pay for haircuts- and so butcher my own head, and seemingly I can only cut to the quick, past all the pesky cow-licks. I want longer hair but am so compulsive about snipping it- who knows? Hedgehog hair is in!

    I love your hair short, I love it long, I loved it Bobbed. And good to know you'll be blogging next years. I'll brainstorm some names with youse. XO!

  11. I actually haven't regretted cutting off all my hair. I used to get upset when going short, because I had no clue how to handle my hair type, but I'm actually really pleased with my mohawk/faux hawk cuts.

    I keep thinking about growing it back out into a bob, but haven't been able to get past the awkward stages. Much luck to you on that!!

    Also hello Miss Sasha Jane!! Look at that gorgeous girl.

  12. I like you with the short spunky hair, I think it makes you look younger and a bit edgy. But I know what you mean about the constant maintenance with short hair, when I got a bob, it took me longer each day to "take care" of that than when my hair is longer. I also dig the bob though, it's more versatile for sure and shows off more of your awesome hair hue!

  13. Your humor and ravishingly gorgeous style continue to take center stage, even under the most stressful of situations. I admire you in every way.

    It will be fun to see your hair grow out and I continue to love the color. I prefer short hair, which is cut to wear with hats. But I agree. The maintenance takes more time than I would like.

  14. Short, long, or inbetween, your hair always looks good, and you always look beautiful, Lynne, because you retain your essential Lynne-ness – and that's fabulous! I went short once – never again, my features are too big and solid, I look kinda beefy, and my ears stick out. Painting a picture with words here, aren't I?!
    I like Sheila's Shopt Out slogan, she's clever!
    Sacha Jane is sooooo gorgeous, I want to bury my face in that fur and inhale. Ahem. Perhaps that should remain a private fantasy, sorry! xxxx

  15. I love your short do, however, I will always warn against it if finances are taking strain – a well cut bob can last a good three months! I've done it often – I just trim my fringe on a regular basis. If it weren't for my daughters wedding, I'd not even had trimmed until the end of January.

  16. I've pretty much had short hair for years, and you're right: you have to cut it every six weeks. I'm growing my hair now too. Wish I could manage a bob like you had, but it doesn't suit me. I love your bob cut. Xo

  17. Oh, yeah…I have had many hair regrets. They're most times over cutting too short because I thought it would make me look just like so and so….and SHE looks SOOOO cute. Well, THAT didn't happen. ha!
    I hear you on the shopping sabbatical, but I don't know if I'm ready to commit to that 100%. I do want to drastically cut back on my shopping this year though (only exception being if I need smaller sizes, then I'll celebrate and splurge without guilt). My goal for 2013 was to spend less thrifting than I did in 2012, but I ended up spending more. I'll blame that on weight loss though. 2014 is my year for drastic clothes budgeting measures.
    Love the jewelry and outfit in this post.

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