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My Whole Life Fits in One Striped Bag

My Whole Life Fits in One Striped Bag

In my former, pre-pediatric bone marrow transplant unit resident life, I had a lot of stuff. I think stuff comforted me. I didn’t think anything about picking up a new lippy from the drugstore (ever seeking the perfect shade), adding another scarf to my messy pile, or oddly, buying earrings when my hair was too long to see them. (Of course, my magpie-like behavior was totes enabled by having a job at the time.)

My shiny, sparkly, comforting stuff hung from earring trees and wall hooks, languished in storage boxes under the bed, and crept into my husband’s closet. While I wasn’t a hoarder, I did have at least one problem in common with hoarders: I forgot a lot of what I owned. Which meant it wasn’t getting used or worn either.

Now my personal care items and everyday jewelry fit in one striped bag.

And I love it. My life is simpler. I discovered I don’t need a lot of stuff to comfort or adorn me (and it only took three decades!). It’s been freeing to declutter our house, and get it ready for our autoimmune-compromised teen to come home, hopefully in a few months. It’s been enlightening to re-mix the same clothes and jewelry, and find a much more bold, easy style (which I hope you’ll get to see in the not-too-distant future).

I even pitched all of my hair-styling accessories, because I simplified the do, too. I keep cutting more off. I can’t even use a straightening iron. Awesomes!

The super huge scarf came from a San Francisco Goodwill. 
I’m pretty sure I can’t live without it.

At least peeps can see my earrings now.

Did you notice the blog title and header change? As some doors in my life closed, others opened. I’ll be blathering rather a lot about magical new doors revealing wondrous adventures and places, even after the doors I thought I wanted to enter so badly have been firmly shut and locked.

I’m also blogging at if you want to follow our family’s journey through a curative stem cell transplant for Sickle Cell Disease.

18 Responses to My Whole Life Fits in One Striped Bag

  1. How exciting that you're enjoying the simpler routines of life, while your energy is focused on Really Big Stuff. Love, love your short hair and giant scarf. xoxo

  2. It's very exciting to hear about your changes to reflect this new chapter in your life! I'm definitely looking forward to snapshots of your new wardrobe choices. If your new hair style is any indication, I'll be super thrilled with your new forays!!

  3. Wow, that's a big change to your blog appearance. I've been reading your other blog and appreciate you keeping up up-to-date on your rough situation.

  4. I noticed the new title and layout right away! Awesome! I love that you are finding simplifying so freeing. Love the new hair.

    Thinking of you and your girl!

  5. You are such a superstar, there's so much going on in your life but you manage to not only adapt and continually look fabulous but retain your brilliant sense of humour, too. Love the new header! xxx

  6. LOVE the new blog name, it's perfect. And simplifying is the best feeling ever. I love it, we've been doing it in prep for baby and it feels so good! You look great, I still love your hair. Many loving thoughts to you and the Teen as always!

  7. You are awesome Lynn! I think that when life changing events happen in our lives it really puts things into perspective. Your short hair really suits you and the scarf is fabulous! Take care 🙂


  8. Your new header looks brilliant, Lynne.
    You have so much to think about, to deal with, to feel, and you are being so flexible about your changed circumstances, and embracing it all with a will and an enthusiasm which is truly inspiring. Magical doors indeed.
    I think about you all very often. xxxx

  9. Suzanne is right – you realize what is important, and it's not new clothes or earrings. But a lovely striped bag – that is essential so that you can have some flair while you go about a very challenging stage of your life. And the short hair looks so great on you!

  10. Atta girl, you can really go with the flow. Great new blog title too. So cool you can take the time to share a bit of yourself with us with all that's going on. Best to you and your family.

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