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Nancy W. Kappes (Paralegal) Rocks BlogHer

I am not alone in thinking I’d die happy if I got to meet Nancy W. Kappes (Paralegal), whose emails to The Bloggess created a legion of Internet fans eager for more posts featuring Nancy’s no-holds-barred thoughts on dysfunctional families and do-it-yourself anesthetization, and generated rabid rock-star-groupie interest among The Bloggess’ readers regarding Nancy’s much ballyhooed attendance at the July 2009 BlogHer conference in Chicago. Would she come? Was she a figment of Jenny’s imagination? Would she look like an axe-wielding Grandma Moses?

Likely no one got more satisfaction than Jenny did when she proudly announced that Nancy is real and she has witnesses from BlogHer. And Nancy doesn’t look like an axe-wielding Grandma Moses, but more like she should be playing Miley Cyrus’ hot aunt in an episode of Hannah Montana – although she was wielding trucker hats, which when worn side-by-side, say “Raised by Wolverines, Jesus Christ.” Those that were privileged to lay eyes on her and have her lay hands on them wasted no time blogging about the experience, including George G. Smith, Jr., a social media specialist at Crocs, Inc., who crowed that she not only got frisky with him but inspired him to love his blog again, and Anna Viele, who scored Nancy’s “bidness card”.

So imagine me being utterly gobsmacked, when after looking at Nancy’s picture with Jenny for about the 167th time, I get an email from HER, which I don’t say anything about to anyone for a while, because I think it might be a figment of MY imagination, partly because she started it “Paralegal Queen Lynne”, which was kind of mind-altering in itself. She said she admired my “sneaky, tenacious and tiresome efforts to track [her] ass down” which I thought was just good unpaid journalism – or maybe it indicates an unseemly degree of nosiness, like I should get a real hobby.

I know, this is the part where I’m supposed to share some of Nancy’s emails – except I’m not. It’s not that I’m going to keep my figment all to myself while quietly taking my meds, but more that I like her pragmatism, her earthiness and her perspective, both paralegal and personal. (My other figments aren’t nearly as chatty.) She’s got a comedic flair and certainly a talent for an unusual turn of a phrase, plus she may be the most googled paralegal on the planet as of this post, but she’s also just plain ol’ Nancy W. Kappes (Paralegal) who’s inspired me over the past several months (even before the figment email) to push the envelope a little further in my own writing and see where it takes me.

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2 Responses to Nancy W. Kappes (Paralegal) Rocks BlogHer

  1. Nancy W. Kappes is kind of a magical cult hero figure at this point. Like Puff the Magic Dragon, only with a b-y-o vodka policy.

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