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New Paralegal Voice Podcast: Paralegal Hiring Trends

The listener metrics are in, and The Paralegal Voice podcast had over 10,000 listens in March 2012. I just want to say a huge thank-you to all of you who have listened to the only monthly paralegal podcast currently available. We really appreciate you spreading the word, and supporting not only our podcast, but the other great podcasts offered by Legal Talk Network,, as well. You guys are the best!


Are you ready to search for a paralegal job? On the latest episode of the The Paralegal Voice Kim Wierzel, Esq., a reformed litigator and Placement Director with Special Counsel, joins my co-host Vicki Voisin and me to talk about everything you need to know regarding the paralegal job market.
Our discussion includes current paralegal hiring trends, educational and certification requirements, tips for paralegals just entering the job market, and the top three areas paralegal job seekers most need to improve to be more marketable.

Kim also addresses a current “hot button” issue for the paralegal profession, i.e. whether employers are seeking inexperienced new attorneys instead of experienced paralegals

Also in this episode:

  • The most in-demand specialty areas for legal support staffers
  • The most in-demand computer and software proficiencies
  • The amount of experience typical legal employers require
  • Requirements for education and certification
  • Tips for paralegals just entering the job market
  • Traits of successful paralegal job applicants
  • How social media is used in the placement process
  • Tips for maintaining your LinkedIn profile
Internet resources and links mentioned during the podcast:
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One Response to New Paralegal Voice Podcast: Paralegal Hiring Trends

  1. I don't think I tell you this often enough. I really enjoy your podcasts and have them automatically download onto my iPhone so I can hear them on my very long 2 hour commute to the office. This is one of my favorites (I have a few) and very time appropriate.

    Keep up the great work. You are my inspiration.


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