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The Newest Virtual Paralegal on the Block: Cathy Ribble

The Newest Virtual Paralegal on the Block: Cathy Ribble

I was very excited to see my friend Cathy Ribble’s official press release today, announcing the launch of her new business Digital Paralegal Services, LLC in Oklahoma. I know this project has been in the works for her for months, and that she has invested a great deal of research, planning and work to get her new business off the ground.

I first met Cathy (@CathyRibble) on Twitter, where she regularly tweets information of interest to paralegals and is a terrific supporter of the paralegal profession. Cathy also has the wonderful distinction of earning her NALA certification not only once early in her career, but a second time in 2009, after she had let the certification lapse following a career hiatus. For those of you who might be a little intimidated by the thought of taking a national certification exam, Cathy is proof that it can be done – twice.

Cathy also has a new blog at Digital Paralegal Services, which provides frequent “Paralegal Tidbits” of information that we can all use, such as adding your favorite blogs to a RSS feed so that you don’t miss anything! I’ve added Digital Paralegal Services’ blog to Practical Paralegalism’s Blog Roll.

Cathy is one smart paralegal cookie, so be sure and follow her on Twitter and in the blogosphere.

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  1. It is great to see that paralegals have been taken in a new way. Due to the current economic depression in all over the world, people are looking for the most effective way to solve the matter. In this way it will not only minimize cost effectiveness but save the time and labor also. With the development of our society we should have to take the advantage of it. Cathy Ribble proved that it could be possible.

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